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Found 16 results

  1. Solario333

    Tinkering on Primal 40p ...

    After the England win I coudn't sleep so I played primal for 40p . Deposit £50 , as always .... and after a while the bonus came ..... cash withdrawn and off to sleep !!
  2. As per the last 2 years I am again sponsoring the ' How Many Goals scored in the Premiership '' competition , and a second Prize for which team scores the most Goals , and a third Prize for which team concedes the most goals in a single match... 1st Prize £50 cash 2nd Prize £25 cash 3 rd prize £25 cash Please have your entries in by September 12 .10 am . Good Luck to all !!
  3. Crunchie

    TGC FA Cup 2019/20

    HERE WE GO !! Time for the 2nd ever TGC FA CUP.... All depends on the numbers that want to enter, but the prelim round will either take place on the 9th of November and/or 30th November 2019. So the knockout competition can start properly in January 2020, as with the real thing. The usual footy related version of 'IM IN' will guarantee entry to the comp. I don't know if our current champ HOTSHOTS will turn up and at least bring the trophy back? He won a £100 white rabbit feature buy last season, so its well worth taking part. Good Luck Everyone
  4. TGC CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (STYLE) FOOTBALL COMP 2020 We have had our mid season break, with the FA Cup being the focus of our attention its time to get back to the bread and butter of our season. The Premiership is shortly having its mid season break, so Part 3 of the seasons comp will start when their break is over in 3 weeks, around the 22nd February. Little experiment for this will be exactly like Champions League format as much as i can make it. I hope to get 8 groups of 4. Everyone plays each other twice. Top 2 go through to the 2 leg knockout stages. Whereby the 8 group winners will be randomly drawn against the 8 group runners up. Then random draws will take place until the Final We normally had around 40 playing in parts 1 and 2 so I hope getting 32 will be easy?? I don't exclude anyone so if there are 35 players some groups will contain 5 players and we will have to have midweek fixtures in those groups, just to keep everyone on their toes. The usual 'Im In' or variety of plus associated footy funny will suffice to book your place. STC The winner will get a spin on the big prize wheel, and at least the runner up getting a small wheel spin, as will the highest individual scorer in any one game week, during the group stages. Cheers everyone. As usual any comments are welcome as I always look for ways to improve the comps.
  5. Wheeeeeey! welcome to the TGC FOOTBALL COMP 2019/20 Part Deux @Rocknrolla, @RichieFC, @Finbastard, @Mad Slasher McGurk, @Blampy, @Lighty45, @Luke_B_123, @Hacko 1, @jollyman77, @Chdl1990, @Fredthedog1, @justnathanx, @4houghts, @brizman, @Jessr, @Solario333, @Kinkerbells, @philinvicta, @therealwintersoldier, @Crunchienut, @Roger_aka_Roger, @david1111, @Cheryl T, @1pstaker, @slots4fun777, @crazyrightmeow, @Markymark, @VillaLad, @Jok3st3r, @Sgt_bilk0, @adamuk, @MrUKHackz, @Kev40 @Dlight10, @CuriousCow @RB91 @Douvan, and @spursman I know this may sound early to you but I need to be prepared....but Im opening the second part of this seasons TGC Football Comp for registration. Thus new players like @Brownman24 have a chance to enter, and anyone who wants to jump ship, can. Its free to play and the prizes are excellent, so no excuses.... As you guys know were on week 8, and week 9 is the last week of normal fixtures. On week 10 (12th Oct) not only those good enough will fight it out for the prizes, but also I will do the draw for Part 2, which will start on 19th October....New players, new groups, everything. Hopefully given similar sized fields the next FINALS day will be on the 21st December. Before our Xmas break. So again, some humorous footy version of IM IN will be good enough. I only have one, maybe 2 horsey comps planned before the new year, plus the start of the Winter Heptathlon, so plenty of time to do the footy. Cheers everyone for playing, and i won't be offended if you drop out. Much Love, Crunchie
  6. Rocknrolla

    Time for a lump bet??

    I was just going through some odds and noticed you can get 8/11 on Arsenal at home to beat Wolves! There's no sure thing in football but 8/11 seems pretty generous and as I won good profit in Malta I was thinking of lumping a load of it on Arsenal. I've been fairly smart and transferred most of the profit from Malta to the missus but left myself some playable funds and as I doubt I will be streaming again this month was thinking of whacking the lot on it. What do you guys think as I just can't see Arsenal losing??
  7. Crunchie


    HEY YOU GUUUUUYYYS !!! Its only 2 weeks until Kick off for the new Premier League Season . As I wanted to make sure there was little activity as possible over Christmas as people will be busy. I'm gonna break up the comp into 2 parts. For the first part of the season..... Im gonna try something different...depending on the level of interest. so that potentially every game has meaning. There are enough weeks to do this twice before Christmas (if guys like the idea) It will be more like a Champions League format. Smaller leagues of say 6 or 8 then the winners play off in Knockout to decide the overall Champion. But its all about the numbers. And if you don't like it, we can go back to bigger leagues after Christmas. There are benefits to this as players will be able to join or leave every 8 or 9 weeks, so no one is having the wheel pick for them for months on end like last season. It will be the same format as last year as guessing the scores of 5 random fixtures, as that seemed to cause less fuss when we have absentees. a simple 'BACK OF THE NET' or variant of will be good enough to join. As ever comments are much appreciated.....well, non abusive comments anyway..... Cheers, Crunchie I will leave this open until next Sunday morning for entries.
  8. Welcome to TGC's top man DAVID'S 'WOMENS FOOTBALL WORLD CUP COMPETITON' All you have to do is guess the total number of goals in the competition. There are 52 games in the tournament to give people a clue. All goals will be included except those scored in a penalty shoot out. Closest wins a spin on Paul's little prize wheel. Easy Peasy. I would appreciate a quick scan of the previous answers so there is no duplication, as the person who guessed first will win if there is a tie. Competition starts at 8pm on the 7th June.... so get your guesses in before then. My guess is 139
  9. @Rocknrolla has won the TGC How many Goals Competition for 2019 He hit the number on the nose 1072 !!! @Crunchienut is second 1066 and @VillaLad is third . Congratulations to all who took part ... it was really close in the end !!!
  10. The Competition is nearing its climax now.... only a couple of weeks to go.... 1011 goals so far .... Here is a reminder of how many goals you chose: The Competition is now closed. Here are the details of WHO bet what.... Name Goals Solario 333 1099 David 1111 1125 Blampy 1204 4Thoughts 999 The real winter soldier 1126 Villa Lad 1050 Mr UKHackz 1337 000Ryan000 1251 1pstaker 1144 RockNrolla 1072 Player 1173 1044 Crunchienut 1066 Poker 997 kinkerbells 1234 Finbastard 1027 MadSlasherMcgurk 1038 So good luck to you all ..... the Prize is confirmed as : The Winner will recieve a £50.00 contribution towards a Sunday Lunch of his/her choice paid behind the Bar on the day...... or a Take away Meal to the same value,on a Saturday Night--- your choice. The second will recieve a £25.00 cash prize. The third will receive a £10.00 cash prize. cash prize will be paid through Paypal, or by private arrangement with the winners. Sunday evening may 12 should see the final game so I will let the winners know after the final match . 1
  11. lucy_tgc

    Celtic is a t**t

    As i stated in the title Celtic is a t**t I just want to point out that the Scottish premiership is a walk in the park for the like's of Celtic as it would be for any English league 1 quality team. Playing teams such as Hearts, St Mirren and Dundee week in week out is not exactly competitive even for a team that is constantly made up of premier league/championship rejects. But for the like's of Celtic they become legends engraved into society as people to look up to. Just like there manager the ginger haired racist div that was booted out of Leicester city for being s**t and having 2 left feet But that's ok i remember him scoring screamers against teams such as Cowdenb'th away in the cup ??? They have made so many rejects into legends but to name a few such as John Hartson, Chris Sutton and Jackie Mcnamara <------ WHO THE F**K IS THAT GUY Paul Lambert, Aiden Mcgreedy, Gary Caldwell, Andreas Hinkel the s**t list is endless. Celtic have literally only ever had one half decent player in there entire history and that was Henrik Larsson, he hated playing for them so much he refused to retire as a Celtic player. So he joined the dirty scummy Manchester untied as a last resort just to get away from that s**teole of a ground Celtic park which is so s**t they named it after the team. The current team is just made up of s**te players aswell Such as the ball greedy spoon footed Odsonne Edouard and Jamie Forrest who couldn't hit a barn door with his massive f**king forehead. You've got Scott Brown who literally looks like Spud from trainspotting thinking he's hard by starting trouble with Rangers fairy's, Felp Benkovic and Leigh Griffits HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Anyway all i'm trying to say is Celtic is s**te and always will be there quality of football resembles the likes of the national league with teams such as Bromley and Harrogate Town. And on that note i'm going Tunisia for a week ceeya x
  12. Thought it would be a good idea to have a match predictor leage for the upcoming football World Cup in Russia. What you think peeps? Points allocation... Correct World cup winner 5 points Correct match result 1 point Correct match score 3 points
  13. MrUKHackz

    Tonights Football Double

    Cheeky double for tonight
  14. MrUKHackz

    England To Win Vs Holland!

    Iv had a cheeky bet on England tonight purely out of patriotism, anyone else backing the 3 lions tonight?
  15. Germany to beat Spain England to beat Holland Portugal to beat egypt Stuck £30 on it for £331 returns