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Found 4 results

  1. PieGamble

    FOBT - Fortune spins.

    This was discussed on another thread so rather than derail I thought I'd start another thread. I have a few questions about fortune spins on fobts. 1.) What's the general opinion on these? My personal opinion is that they are incredibly bad for just about everyone except the bookies. They churn through balance in a fraction of the time compared to normal slots and the outcomes rarely justify the means. I also feel the structure of the simplified boards are designed to induce tilt due to the fact you are almost always 'so close' to hitting a winning line. Problem gamblers nightmare / bookies dream. 2.) Are they really compensated? It was mentioned on another thread that fortune spins are compensated which was a complete shock to me. A compensated game used to seed a random game must sit in some legislative grey zone surely? Or is the old 'random' part of the game claimed to be compensated as well now even though it probably isn't? What a cluster fuck. If they really are compensated though then I wonder what advantage play opportunities arrive? Because there will definitely be good times to play them vs bad. I wonder what the range is for the compensated element? It must be tight otherwise you could get absolutely smashed if it's in take mode. Someone mentioned £256 to get a winning spin which paid nothing. Imagine that. The only reason I can think of why these would be compensated would be to try and flatten out the dead spins to try and get as close to the old big bets as possible. But if they are indeed compensated then why not simply use some form of token build up to literally guarantee it will 99.9% of the time land that winning spin once every 1 in 25 spins or whatever it happens to be. I guess that probably doesn't serve the bookies interests. I was playing a game called Himalaya by barcrest and was doing fortune spins. It plays out a pie gamble where you have a 33% chance of winning which then plays out an enhanced spin. In one £100 session I once missed the 33% winning part of the pie for 9 consecutive spins (approximately approximately 2% chance) three times. Where as I never once hit a winning section more than two consecutive spins (approximately 3% chance). The odds of hitting those losing streaks in such a small sample size are so long that it left me feeling that the machine couldn't possibly be fair. If it was compensated that would certainly clear things up. Anyway, ramble over, would love to hear your thoughts?
  2. MillionPoundChallenge-Mr K

    Gambling Commission-Fobts

    The Gambling Commission has just released its long-awaited report into Paul's favourite subject-FOBTS If you would like to read the 97-page report you can do so here >–-formal-advice.pdf or alternatively, watch my vlog which explains everything >
  3. I play the BJ poker side bets on the FOBTs@ BetFred. As a member the top price he'll give you is 100/1 for 3 matching suits. (80/1 as a non-member). I had a great run upto xmas last year and a bit quiet so far this year. Anyone else play this fucker?...
  4. High stake sessions should require some sort of vetting system and membership before being able to spend a shit load of money. I have self excluded myself from the Ladbrokes near to where I work twice via gamble aware and by filling in the self exclusion form yet I walk in just last week a blow 2.5k! But Im told it’s a voluntary exclusion - what the fuck does that even mean! Am I being dumb or should the bookies treat customer the same as in a casino by having a registration to be allowed in? Fuck the fobts Tom