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Found 3 results

  1. MrUKHackz

    Razor Shark Review

    Click here to read The Razor Shark Review!
  2. Casumo Andy

    Casumo Andy

    Hello to the Gambling Community, My name is Andy and I work in the Ambassador team for Casumo Please feel free to ask any questions about Casumo, I obviously can not discuss account specific details but I can help with general enquiries, news about what is going on here at Casumo. I will be sharing some insider news and articles from our blog and generally getting involved in the discussions about the slots that we all love "or hate" to play Feel free to reach out if I can help with anything ?
  3. MrUKHackz

    Casumo Rant

    After reading Rocknrollas thread on the dangers of live roulette it reminded me of an issue I had with Immersive Roulette some weeks ago and so I got onto customer support yesterday for an answer, let me run you through what happened first! I'm on the Immersive Roulette table and I have a balance of £100, I make a bet of £100 only to be greeted with a message saying some sort of error instead of 'bets accepted', the message wasn't 'bets rejected' either it was in a grey bar as I remember, anyway one of my numbers hits with £5 on and instead of getting the £180, my balance goes back to £100, I hit repeat, the bet is accepted this time and as you can guess I didn't hit a winning number! So I go to customer support and explain what happened, the agent has a look and agrees he can see the bet was placed and will get in touch with the provider and email me a response, this was several weeks ago and after reading Pauls thread we can fast forward to yesterday when I got in touch again to ask whats the score! I get through to Emille on live chat and he keeps me on hold while he has a look, he then comes back and says we have reached a conclusion let me see what we are going to do for you, 5 or 10 mins later he comes back to me and says what happened was I had a balance of £80, made the bet of £100 which was rejected to me having a lack of funds, he said I then went and re deposited and made the spin that lost! Claiming all the time he has proof of this his end and basically I'm owed nothing! This is not what happened and my point to him was how on earth do you place £100 of chips on the Immersive Roulette table when you have a balance of £80, unless I'm missing something this is physically impossible, you can only place chips to the value of your balance!! He said it can be done and this is what I done! My next point was, how did I click repeat for the very next spin and lose £100 if I only had £80, he said I re deposited in between the 2 spins!!! Now this may only be the difference of £180 or in fact what would of been only £80 profit as I lost my £100 after the rejected spin but he made me feel like a liar and I know Im 100% correct with my version of events, his parting comment was 'this is how it is' and I will not be continuing this conversation is there anything else I can do for you! Just to put into perspective how rude this is, I will attach below my Net Deposits so you can see the magnitude of an £80 dispute!