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Found 1 result

  1. MrUKHackz

    The Joys of Motoring

    Rewind to last Tuesday, I had to go to the dentist about 20 miles away for a filling, I make the trip there no problem, tooth fixed and I'm half way home where there is a stretch of fresh dual carriageway and about 4 mini roundabouts every 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile. I don't know what it is about this stretch of road but I transform into a better looking Ken Block every time I encounter it, theres something about cornering fast in a rear wheel drive car that I never tire of, the balance is perfect, anyway by the time roundabout 4 has been taken the power steering pump has been completely starved of fluid and it starts to emit a horrible sound, I remember grimacing to myself in fear and thinking good lad its not your fault By the time I get home the pump is what is known in mechanical terms as "wankered". I book a mobile mechanic after Jake suggested it and 2 days ago I had the pump replaced and the car was instantly back to its normal happy self or so I thought. Fast forward to yesterday, Im exiting McDonalds onto a dual carriageway, I mean the gym not McDonalds, anyway I accelerate hard up the hill and at about 70 mph I hear this hideous bang, then a knock, then the wing mirror glass is shaking, then another crunch, then something metal hitting the bottom of the car, its wrote off, the pistons have exploded, the engine is on fire, the wheel is hanging off, something is terribly wrong I get off the dual carriageway and nurse the car home and it takes me a few miles to realise the car is still driving, the temps are normal and the tyre sensors havn't gone off so it must still have 4 wheels, I pull over and get under the front of the car and the mechanic has not put the undertray on securely and it has fallen down on one corner and lost a screw that holds it. Basically a piece of plastic about 2ft square has made all those noises and within about 5 mins the car is fixed!! Just thought I'd share this as I felt like Id won the lottery when it sunk in there was nothing wrong, I honestly thought Paul was going to have to buy me a new car Thanks for reading!