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Found 10 results

  1. MrUKHackz

    Blackjack Professional

    Lots of you are probably already familiar with this guy but for those who aren't I would like to inform you so you don't get involved or scammed! Unfortunately I still see the odd person mention his channel in a positive light so I think it's worth posting this for that small majority of viewers. He claims to be the best blackjack player in the world but in reality he has no clue, he actually made an admission one night on facebook that it is all a scam but then deleted the post, his latest scam was setting up a just giving page for kids who cant afford book bags, watch the video below to see how low this guy stoops.
  2. MrUKHackz

    Blackjack Sidebet Action

    All from last night Trips and Coloured Pair Perfect Pair Straight Flush Trips and Coloured Pair Straight Flush
  3. yaking

    Blackjack sidebet yolo

    Hey everyone, So I was playing some blackjack today it's been a while so I had a real good time after a good winning streak and some cashouts I decided to play a little bit with some remaining cash and actually managhed to get a pretty nice sidebet hit 50 euro on the pp and 50 euro on 21+3 check this shit out!
  4. MrUKHackz

    Blackjack Dealer Falls Asleep

    So I think this is a first to my knowledge!!! I won £20 on some no deposit freespin's and they don't have wagering so I thought I'll stick it on blackjack, went to there own table and the dealer is fast asleep, I sit down at 2 spots and place my bets and the pitboss has to come over after a couple of minutes and wake him up!!! To be fair he did apologise and said sorry I must of fell asleep, poor sod!
  5. Playing £40 hands on blackjack, with £1 on the progressive - first hand, hit the major jackpot for 14.9k.
  6. Okay guys, I had a massively successful, lucky session last night. Disclaimer; I have been degen gambling the past 2 years and it has only got worse the past 6 months that I was earning a full time salary. Basically I was -£3000 on Student Overdrafts and around £1500 in debt to pay day loans. I am writing this story to this forum because I don’t really have any where else to share it because nobody knows about the financial problem. What I done was stupid but I honestly felt I had no other option and got extremely lucky and don’t recommend this to anyone. I have been spending every months salary in one night to try and run up enough on BJ to clear off the debts and most of the time I peaked at a decent amount that I would have been comfortable with and then eventually lost it all. I got paid on Friday and lost my full salary playing on a shitty casino that I only played on because i want fully verified on the new casino I planned to play on. I normally play big stakes on live casinos because I suspect computer BJ to be rigged and just highly volatile. Anyway I had £800 student loan payment in last night, I planned to deposit £200, £300, £300 to benefit from the parachute bonuses. I ended up busting the first two deposits quickly on computer BJ because live wasn’t working. My final £300 was deposited and it was my last chance to get out of this hole. Span it up nicely to £1200 . Went back and quickly got to £1500 and thought okay great I can use this balance tomorrow after work and properly play on live BJ. Couldn’t sleep so went back and decided to play some slots just for a few spins played some random Bulls4you slot and after 7 £2 spins I £1000 rolled in! I was instantly up to that comfortable mark that would pay off pay day loans and have enough until next month. I played slow and steady on computer BJ again and just had the same pattern of multiple wins, 1 loss, multiple wins. I was playing around £75-£120 bets. Before I knew it I was at £4,000 and was in the sweet spot. But it didn’t end there I kept playing in this steady pattern and knew my balance wasn’t at risk because I didn’t have any bad runs of losses. When I got to around £6k I was just amazed that I could clear all debts. But kept going at the steady pace. I was say, get to £7.5k and before I knew it a BJ or double paid off and I was past £8k. I played at that level for a bit and when I fell back to just below £7k I did up the stakes to around £150 and sometimes £200 and risked a bit. But got back to £8.5k and was feeling here I may not be invincible so once I got past £9k I stopped and the balance is currently withdrawn stage. Okay I know this is pure degen but it was the financial situation that kept me gambling. I am finally free and also have an insane extra cash that I would never have dreamed I could achieve atm. Time to make up for time lost gambling and relationships I allowed to diminish. I got lucky and I count this as a blessing. I am sorry for long post just had to tell people this epic story. If you are struggling I don’t suggest doing this I get lucky and it will not happen 99%. D
  7. Guest

    Blackjack, Better Odds?

    Let me start by saying blackjack has never been my game and ive rarely even played it before. Just a quick question that I was thinking about earlier when ive seen Paul play blackjack, If you sat at all the seats on the table, so no-one else could sit down, would it increase your odds of winning? The thinking being, that other people wont play or know the 'book' blackjack strategies/plays Like when someone else sits on the table and they don't play like they should (like standing on a soft 16 and getting rolla mad! ) I know the cards will be whatever they will be anyway, and in effect its trying to second guess what cards are coming, but the blackjack guides for correct play are obviously there for a reason. im just intrigued to know exactly how much of an impact it would have
  8. Have a look at this teaser folks, for anyone who is a fan of computerised table games these look absolutely stunning. Iv said it before and I'll say it again, these graphic's look fit for the latest animated blockbuster, theres so much attention to detail, however aren't animated blockbusters for children?! Watching this video I was waiting for Buzz Lightyear to pop up with a deck of cards or Moana to spin the roulette wheel!
  9. Rachyleww

    Breaking your limit.

    Hello! Does everyone remeber when they first spent to much and you felt the worse guilt you’ve ever felt, and now you spend that amount with ease? I’m interested to know everyone’s moments when the value of money disappeared for you, mine was I blew £150 in one sitting on some shitty bingo site playing them awful Tetris block games were they have like different amounts in the blocks. Now I can piss double or triple that and not even feel 10% of the guilt I did then. Let me know ?
  10. Was playing with a 1k deposit last night and had great momentum. Doubled the bankroll and play a bit of High Voltage for a while on £3 stake. Had 2 bonuses, both less that 30x. Then I went back to blackjack and had great run and got to 2,800. Stupidly want back to high voltage and then moved to £6 spins. Had one feature when went down to £1500 but wa only for £250. Eventually my bankroll dropped to £500 and I lost the remaining on blackjack. So annoying but sure