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Found 52 results

  1. Solario333

    Tinkering on Pimped 75p stake

    After taking a beating at Cheltenham , and a glass of brandy , or two , I played Pimped . In for £150 and just scraped away with a decent bonus. ...
  2. Solario333

    Tinkering on Rise of Merlin £1

    Just completing my Cheltenham selections today .... meanwhile in for £100 . I played rise of Merlin £1 , bonus after about 70 spins.... 257.60 withdrawn and 30 left in for more bets on the horses !!
  3. Solario333

    Tinkering on Fruit warp --£1

    felt like a little tinker after my curry .......... in for £50. Pattayas !!!
  4. Solario333

    Rises of Merlin Tinkering .

    so I am in for 150.00 today ----- cashed out 250. Then played BOD for 50p ..... and here is a base hit on BOD --cashed out further 150....
  5. Solario333

    Tinkering on Multifly £1 stake

    so I had 50 pounds left in Unibet and played Multifly. .....
  6. I've been taking whatever the Prize Drop gives me if anything, today it paid £2.36. I spent that playing Razor Shark and this happened...10p stake 800x win. then I played at 20p stake didn't do much on that stake and stopped at £66 then went over to roulette for a splurge, I played a negative progression to begin with then a positive progression ...£210 end balance all withdrawn. 9 straight ups each spin, 20 spins 7 wins, 15 mins played, £144 profit playing roulette.
  7. So deposited 50.00 in Unibet and played Pink elephants then Sword and the Grail then.. fruit warp....!!! Withdrew 550.00 !! Left the rest for later.
  8. So I played Riders of the storm .....£1 stake , after no winners on racing yesterday !! ... and then went to WH and played Rainbow Jackpots .. £2 a flutter ....
  9. decided to have a little tinker on the grail again.... It seems to be my lucky slot !!
  10. So I have been very busy today and needed a few minutes of relaxation played Sword and the Grail for £1 . Deposit £75. 1st Bonus hit ....£ played for another.... Hit the 100x again !!!
  11. So I am back to the 20p stakes after yesterdays decent hit on Eye of Horus at £1 -- I had £13 left in Unibet so played Sword and the Grail ...20p ...and this base hit happened ....
  12. So had a nice morning out in nature , came back ,had a good dinner and settled down to play the Captain with the £30 - I deposited today . 50p stakes ......... Obviously withdrawn and now relaxing .....time to have a nap.
  13. So I have done a forecast at Wincanton, --- it lost -- £7 left so played fruit warp for 20p .... after about 15 spins...
  14. ballyy95

    Royal Mint Finally pays 6800x

    It started off with going for a quick bonus on royal mint... . After a few base game hits and many teases I was well and truly suckered into chasing the heart stopper bonus. Surprisingly the big win came from the standard bonus, which was one bar away from triggering the heart stopper. Then this rolled in so I thought I would share! Also the heartstopper paid 20x.... after a 2.5 hour grind!
  15. So whilst picking my horses last night I had a little flutter on The Captain...and this morning I had a tinker on DRIVE .... So money withdrawn and £25 left in for later ....horses etc.!!
  16. So have just finished a period of work ...and am now going to relax a bit.... after no joy at 20p -- raised to 50p et voila !!
  17. Solario333

    60p Tinkering on Multifly .....

    Having finished a large volume of work late last night I woke up early and had breakfast and then decided to put £40 on Unibet and play Bonanza..... Bonanza yielded £60 and then I played Pimped which took the total to £140 . I took the total to multifly and after a good 120 spins @60p ..... so I've cashed £200 and will play later or another day ....
  18. So today it was raining for a while so left the beach and had a flutter on bonanza.... and so I turned the 150 into this -----------------------Prawn Cocktail , Brandy and Chablis .................and ..........Steak frites.................and .............Ice ~cream... Money well spent !!!!
  19. So I had 40p left in my Betfair Account , so before depositing, I played 10p Fishing frenzy, and 4th spin 4scatters and 15 spin bonus. Bonus paid £10.60 . Took the £10.60 to bonanza and played 20p , then it reached £20.00 so I raised the stake to 40p......then this happened .....all from 40p !!!!! Cashed out £175 since I am off on Holiday at the end of this week !!
  20. Solario333

    Tinkering on Multifly

    So I had £20 leftover on Unibet from last week and decided to play Multifly @20p , after seeing it on a stream ..recently . So after about 30 spins I got this bonus ..
  21. Solario333

    Tinkering on Bonanza 40p stakes !!

    My last £20 on Unibet was lost in record time so I deposited £40 on WH and played Bonanza @40p. After about 25 spins a Bonus happened and it was +5 so .....Happy Days !! £150 withdrawn....£25 for another day ...
  22. Solario333

    Tinkering on Genie Megaways !!

    Had a good break last week and now my first day back ....£1 units , 70 spins in ....
  23. Ive had a string of mini bonuses today all 50x plus but less than 100x ...this one just qualifies ...all in all a good day , and small profit taken .... save the money for York meeting next week !!!