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Found 1 result

  1. MrUKHackz

    Online Slots A-Z

    This thread is for any questions you may have about online slots that you want to know more about, if you have any questions fire away below and I'll do my best to explain to you! I'll start the thread off with some commonly asked questions What is RTP? RTP is an abbreviation for "Return To Player". You'll see RTP used with a percentage for example 97% RTP, this means that the slot will over time return £97 to the players for every £100 that is played through it. This calculation is made with millions of spins so bear in mind you could quite easily get £5 back for your £100 worth of play or £1000's and that is due to variance. What is Variance? Slots come in all sorts of variance's, in general low, medium or high. A slot with low variance will pay very often but not very much and will have quite a low maximum win potential, this means your bankroll will in general last longer as you're recycling your wins over and over so you get more playtime, however the max win you could potentially win will be a lot lower than a high variance game to compensate for that. Example Slot: Bloodsuckers A High variance slot is the opposite, you will have the chance to win huge amounts but as a trade off you may also encounter very "cold" spells where the slot may pay very little for a huge amount of spins, that's the trade off you make for the win potential! Example Slot: Danger High Voltage Medium is somewhere in between, sometimes it plays like low variance and sometimes it feels like high variance, the wins won't be as big as the true high variance slots but better than the low variance! Example Slot: Spinata Grande What is Bonus Wagering? A common question to streamer's is, how much wagering do you have left? Wagering refers to turning over a bonus that the player has received from the casino, as a new player you'll often see welcome bonuses of say 100% or 200% at various casino's, this is how much the casino will match your cash with to play slot's. So if you deposit £100 and the bonus is 100% you would have £200 to play with, £100 cash and £100 bonus money. Now wagering refers to how many times you have to turn that bonus money over to release any winnings, obviously if there wasn't any wagering people could withdraw straight away and you would of doubled or tripled your deposit for nothing! So lets say the wagering is 35x, that means on a £100 bonus you would have to wager £3500 to release the bonus. You could do that with 3500 x £1 spins on various slots for example. So when you hear a streamer say Im 50% through the wagering you now know he/she is half way through and based on the above example would have completed £1750 worth of spins! We can also refer back to the different variances when talking about bonuses as for example I used to start my play with a high variance game, try to hit a big win and then I would switch to a low or medium variance game to churn through the wagering without winning or losing too much as I was happy with the initial big win! This may be frowned upon by some casino's however as long as you don't play a restricted game then it is completely above board. What is a Sticky or Non-Sticky Bonus? A sticky bonus is where your cash deposit is locked to the bonus amount, you must complete wagering to withdraw anything, if you don't beat the wagering your deposit is lost, there's no getting out of it once you accept the bonus. These can be rather frustrating if you happen to hit a huge win in the first few spins as you may not get to see that money if your luck doesn't hold up for the wagering. A non sticky bonus is where you play with your cash first, if you happen to win before dipping into the bonus funds then you can cancel the bonus and take your cash and win, these are by far the best bonuses available on the market and they are essentially a "free" second chance if you're unlucky with your own cash. I'll update this list as and when any new questions are posted