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  1. Fuck me you should get yourself checked at the quacks you sound like your not well at all most angriest person I’ve ever come across as someone else has said when it’s not what you want to hear you piss and moan like a child #jekyllandhyde
  2. Davina

    Race casino

    Tell me about it saying as it’s their error very poor! Ah well I’ve got two other casinos I play at so race just takes a back burner doesn’t look great for other people to see how they get treated
  3. Davina

    Race casino

    Yea tried that the bonus round has gone like I said it was only a pound stake but was more the principle of it as it’s there error
  4. Davina

    Race casino

    Yeah I’ve tried that it’s gone they have wiped it they said
  5. Davina

    Race casino

    Hi thanks for the reply free games triggered 0 in game free spins remaining 0 what does that mean surely that shows the bonus round was never completed and was simply wiped and they are saying it payed nothing which I do find hard to believe….
  6. Davina

    Race casino

    Afternoon ladies and gents recently deposited on race casino and played a new monopoly big event wonder 500. Won the bonus but would crash when it was loading up spoke with live help who said it would be investigated and I would hear something in 4/5 days which I did. The email I got was that the game had been cleared and I could now play the game again the bonus had been cleared and I hadn’t won anything in the bonus round. I asked them if a compensation would be paid or at least a bonus as a good will gesture but they have said no and had no further replys from them. In the grand scheme of things it’s a not a big thing but was more the principle anyone had anything like this and had a better outcome? Cheers
  7. He wasn’t just opening extra accounts I read somewhere he was betting on various accounts and when the bet lost he was claiming it then to be fraud and getting his money back so in theory he literally couldn’t lose that’s what I’ve read somewhere else.
  8. The few casino I play on are race , grosvenor and will hill they all pay me within 24hrs I was recently watching hypalynx and he mentioned merkur slots and he read there withdrawal terms and said they were very quick anyhow thought I’d open an account last night easy peasy deposit 100 quid got it up to 600 withdrew 200 on withdrawal it said in 80% of withdrawals it will be with you in under a minute and you know what it was I opened my banking and it was nearly fell of my chair withdrew another 200 in my account instantly very impressed it does say though if you do start depositing large amounts and playing excessively you will be asked for sow weather they will ever ask if you do the odd deposit I’m not sure
  9. Same when I play absolutely dreadful return if we had bonus buys I would probably buy them on low stake that’s the only way to do it as normal bonus are few and far between
  10. Chips a cretin and that other fella is no better couple of whoppers the only streamers I give time of day is rolla and hypa no bullshit no forcing sign ups etc when ever you watch. use to watch Kim but since hampus has come in find him unbearable to watch maybe I’m getting old
  11. Davina


    Cheers hackz bit of a weird one as I have had an email in the last hour saying my money is on its way and is now in my bank account but a bit weary of re deposit going forward and having to go through kyc etc could the email to me of been a mistake I will contact them and see what they say
  12. Davina


    Been verified on race casino for months had all documents approved made deposits withdrawal etc last night deposited 100 withdrew 300 got an email from race that I’ve got to start my kyc journey anyone with any contacts at race really not keen on supplying documents again and tbh if I get the withdrawal I’ll probably just shut the account as I hate when places start doing cheers
  13. Totally agree the sow came after quite a few decent cashouts way more than deposited running a balance up on roulette and few decent hits on slots does make you wonder
  14. Yeah there loss I was lucky with money I had in my account I was expecting them to hold it till they had documents but got it the next day and informed them off me shutting account that night
  15. Exactly what I’ve done told them it was way to intrusive and left it at that got one more casino to play at and then that will be it for me just the acca on the football at weekend on its ass the gambling in the uk
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