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  1. Bloody hell-thanks! It took me ages to search for your inbox and it was there all along.. Bloody luddite that I am!
  2. They were the 2 main ones I watched-Rolla and Bandit. But yeah, it was strange how Bandit suddenly disappeared after setting up 2 channels and posting daily.
  3. @Gkell727 Ha ha-no wonder it's hard to contact him...he seems to be in demand!
  4. @MrUKHackz Thanks-I appreciate it. Wow, I didn't realise he was in demand so much. Where should I send it to?-I couldn't find your inbox. Do you have an e-mail I can send it to? Sorry, I thought my tech skills were better than that..
  5. Yep, you're probably right. Even if I don't sell many/any it will still be an achievement to complete it, and it's been quite therapeutic writing it. I do like reading gambling books myself though-Patrick Veitch's enemy number 1, Harry Findlay, Steve Palmer and Gary Wiltshire's autobiographies etc. so there must be a market out there of some sort?
  6. Thanks for all the responses. That's fair enough; I can't say that I've been very active here, so I don't think I would have been a worthy winner : ) I have been trying to contact Rocknrolla though about something else, and I hope you don't mind that I post in here...I'm in the middle of writing my memoirs about my gambling experiences. There are 4 parts to the book, and I've nearly finished part 1. Because Rolla was a big part of my gambling journey, especially when I took some time out from it (I watched his vids to help with my gambling abstinence) I'd like to include him in the book. All I'm looking to do is ask if he minds being mentioned-I plan on including him in a chapter about on-line gambling streamers in part 4. (I have sent a few e-mails from the link here but not sure if they're getting through). Also, if he/Rolla (if you're reading this) is interested and wouldn't mind, I'd be keen to interview you at some point and use a few of your anecdotes in my book, although I have some of my own also from watching your streams. I'm not sure how it's going to be packaged at the moment-I've had advice that only famous people sell memoirs, so maybe I'll have to sell it as literature, and say it's based on real events or something. But, it's all true, so I wouldn't want to give the illusion that I've bent the truth. I'm hoping to be able to sell it on Amazon next year, but again-I'm not sure how I'm going to publish it yet. Some of my non-gambling friends have read bits of it and I've had feedback from them. I haven't really shared it with any "gamblers" though, so if anyone is interested, I'd be happy to send you the first few chapters for your feedback. (There are 10 chapters just in part 1 so it's becoming a big project...) Many thanks : )
  7. Ha ha! Did I miss something in the small print? : )
  8. Thank you @MrUKHackz and all involved with this. Sorry I'm a bit late to the party, but it seems that I was a winner in the March comp. "belated cheer"! Maybe I missed an e-mail with the good news... So, I was just wondering if I'm still able to claim the prize? Thanks, and well done to all the other winners.
  9. Christian 44

    After 3 painful years, I'm debt free today

    Hi Essorance and all, Good post, and well done mate paying back all the loans. I just wanted to share my story; it may resonate with a few of you, and also offer some advice to some who still have payday loans. I got into the same trap a year and a half ago, I had £15,000 in debt-all pay day loans. I'd been in a dark place, and gambling was my only escape at the time. Anyhow, I had counselling with Gamcare which helped. I also contacted Step-change and have set up a debt management plan. The other thing I did was try and get some of the money back from the payday loans. I went via a financial claim specialist, but you can just do it yourself-there's a template you can use. Lots of payday loan providers have gone under now, but I got a fair chunk back from: Sunny, My Jar, Mr lender, Ferratum, and Lantern Debt. Peachy has just gone under-I owed them £800 which was written off, otherwise I would have only received 2% of what I was owed, so in some ways it's good that I hadn't paid it all off. I was offered £700 from Loans 2 Go, but the company I'm with think I should be able to get about £1,500 back from them, so it's currently sitting with the Ombudsman. The company I'm with get 25% of what I get in return which is why I recommend anyone approaches these payday loans providers yourselves. There was a lot of unscrupulous behaviour going on with these loan providers, i.e. not doing proper checks; loaning when I and others couldn't afford it and were still gambling etc. and they are now getting found out. Hence, all these pay-outs and some going into administration. My Gamstop reg finished a few months ago, and I dabbled but started losing again, so I've now banned myself from any betting sites I had again. It's all or nothing with me. Oh, and I now owe around £2,500 and that includes 2 credit card companies and 2 pay-day loan providers. The other thing is that Step-change will help you freeze all payments to these providers once you have contact them. It's well worth it. It affects your credit rating for 6 years, but it's a small price to pay and any connections to Debt management plans will be wiped off after that. Sorry for hijacking your thread.