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  1. stressfree

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Wow,thanks. I would have added a few winners to my selections today. Congrats on this weeks win and thank you
  2. stressfree

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    I have decided to go by the name of Sharon on Saturdays and that is when I like to don my prosthetics
  3. stressfree

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Meh, I've been too busty today and forgot about this
  4. stressfree

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Cheers Chrissie 1405 Acotango 1440 Export Angel 1515 Striking Star
  5. stressfree

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    NEWBURY 13:50 Noble Style 14:25 Old harovian 15:00 Bertinelli NAP 15:35 Laurel NB NEWMARKET 14:05 Oops 14:40 Acotango 15:15 Escort Angel GL all
  6. stressfree

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    LINGFIELD PARK 13:50 - Legal Reform 14:25 - Queen Aminatu 15:00 - Sunset Point 15:35 - Inquiring Minds NB ASCOT 13:30 - High Fibre 14:05 - Timeless Melody 14:40 - Rainbow Fire EW HAYDOCK PARK 15:15 - Brentford Hope NAP Gl all
  7. stressfree


    Camilla allows him to pot the black so I hear
  8. stressfree

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Ithink that I got lucky there. Many of my selections are based on my each way betting which I prefer. Congrats to the runners up and cheers @1pstaker
  9. stressfree

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    NEWMARKET 14:15 Makarova 14:50 Probe 15:25 Titian NB 16:00 live the dream 16:40 Chaldean Nap GOODWOOD 15:05 Aussie Banker THIRSK 15:40 BillyB Gl all
  10. stressfree

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Congrats everyone of the winners and cheers @1pstaker
  11. stressfree

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    SANDOWN PARK 13:05 Celtic art 13:40 Jonbon 14:15 Moroda Nap 14.50 Black Jerry 15:25 Gloire Dathon LEICESTER 15:05 Wobwobwob HAYDOCK PARK 13:45 Rainbow Fire NB GL all
  12. stressfree

    New Legislation

    The Casino's will be breathing a lot easier given that the changes will mostly effect the player and not the casino operations. But my guess is that in the future what the player is allowed to spend will determine the future of most casinos. Sportsbetting will probably get an easier ride in future due to lobbying and the fact so many depend on sports as their income,such as racing.
  13. stressfree

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Congrats to the top 3 and cheers @1pstaker @Chrissy_M could you please send me your bank details and I will sort it right away
  14. stressfree

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Ayr 115 Frere darmes 150 City chief 225 salsada nb 335 man of the people nap Newbury 130 mojo star 205 bridestoned 240 theory of everything 315 alrehb Gl all
  15. stressfree

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    To keep things simple the winner of this weekends tipping comp will get a £50 prize from me. If im lucky enough to win it then the prize will go to the runner up. GL