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  1. I think that I have messaged you but I am not able to see my in/outbox for some reason
  2. Congrats to the fellow winners and thanks to @rockandrollax69 @david1111 and @Jok3st3r
  3. Good luck all. My money is on Noble Yeates and Meeting Of The Waters EW
  4. One of my last posts was holding a comp with a reasonable giveaway. Your post is hardly conductive to help build up a very quiet forum. Like a child who wants to protect his exclusive gang.
  5. Do one you prat. The site was not even online for a while and has been dead ages.
  6. And he is some kind of lawyer. It just shows tht education means very little.
  7. I googled "Spicy Victorian Erotica" and ended up here I quite fancy Noble Yeats to do it again and I think that Meetingofthewaters must be in with a good shout. Nice comp. Can I join please?
  8. I missed the cut but just for shits and giggles here are my selections. I had Salva each way in the first. 210 Magical Zoe 250 Readin Tommy Wrong 330 Galloping De Champs and Jungle Boogie EW 410 Billaway 450 Dinoblue 530 Waterford Whispers Goos luck all
  9. I near forgot. 130 Iroko 210 Cuthbert Dibble 250 Banbridge 330 Crambo 410 Saint Felicien 450 Brighterdaysahead 530 Where It All Began Good luck
  10. 410 Coco beach is now a non runner so can I replace with Minella Indo pls?
  11. Mine for today. 130 Handstands 210. Fact To File 250 Built By Ballymore 330 El Fabiolo 410 Coco Beach 450 Liberty Hunter 530 Billy Joyce Good luck with your punts all
  12. One of your selections has just limped in last
  13. These are my choices for tomorrows first day. I suspect it will be a very good week for anyone with Mullins as a sirname. 130 Jerico Du Reponet 210 Il Etait Temps 250 Meeting Of The Waters 450 Liari Good luck all
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