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  1. JackTheBruton

    Bookies quickspins?

    The footage is sped up... it's a common thing he does in his videos instead of doing a jump cut the footage is sped up until the 3 bags/bonus drop in. Those spins each take about 5-8 seconds. (Still ludicrous but they are not going super quick as implied in the video)
  2. JackTheBruton

    TGC Hits 250k Posts

    Get in lads and ladies, here's to another 250k!
  3. 1. 783x 2. £13,842 Good luck my man!
  4. JackTheBruton

    5000x+ Win on Chaos Crew!

    Just had this absolute gem! GTFIT!
  5. JackTheBruton

    BTG & KFC Free Giveaway!!

    1. £13,934 2. 1231x Good luck all!
  6. JackTheBruton

    Aztec Gold hit.. 4000+

    Amazing hit!
  7. JackTheBruton


    Hi Mate, That machine you linked will be enough for watching general videos and streams but if you were to try and play games, run dual monitors or do anything a little more strenuous it would struggle. No graphics card will really penalise you especially if you want to use multiple monitors As crazyrightmeow has said you can get much better value for money building one yourself. If your not too techie i'd be more than happy to help you out or help you find a pre-built one in your price range that will be best value for you. Hope this helps mate!
  8. JackTheBruton

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

  9. JackTheBruton

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    I think so mate judging from Hackz's message
  10. JackTheBruton

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    What time is the stream? So much negativity in here if it is going to be the last joint bullet! Been looking forward to it all day.
  11. JackTheBruton

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    Agreed, no point low rolling or it will never get the momentum going. If we can make slot requests I'd like to see some punk rocker.
  12. JackTheBruton

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    I don't mind how far people want to go, not really interested in break even though go big or go home!
  13. JackTheBruton

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    Awesome, looking forward to it!