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    TGC Giveaways

    Ah ok thanks, I was finding this forum a little tricky to navigate and thought perhaps if missed it. Cheers
  2. Gazg1984

    TGC Giveaways

    Hi, what happened with the latest giveaways from casino sign ups I think from last weekend? I didn’t see a draw or anything did I miss it?? Cheers
  3. Best of luck!! Guesses are 850 X stake win £17,200 total!!! fingers crossed for a monster!!
  4. Wow, shocked that they have gone to such lengths rather than just fell back to the “any malfunction voids game”. Good on them, although the negativity it would have caused perhaps helped given what a popular streamer you are. It also must put to bed any nonsense about you not playing with real cash. Great result! Shame about kingmaker though I like that one! Best of luck!
  5. Brighton 3 vs Blackpool 0
  6. Great giveaway, very generous! Predictions are Aston Villa 2 Newcastle 0 Aberdeen 2 Motherwell 1 Manchester Utd 2 Liverpool 0 Livingston 0 St Mirren 1 Bournemouth 4 Crawley town 0
  7. Gazg1984

    BTG & KFC Free Giveaway!!

    Best of luck. Guess is £17500 and 450X cheeky chocolates be great to see!!