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  1. 1. What the biggest bonus multiplier will be? 290x 2. What will the final balance after the last bonus played out will be? £11,225
  2. 1. Aston Villa 2 - 0 Newcastle United 2. Brighton 1 - 0 Blackpool 3. Aberdeen 1 - 0 Motherwell 4. Manchester 3 - 0 Liverpool 5. Livingston 0 - 1 St Mirren 6. Bournemouth 2 - 0 Crawley Town
  3. Don Corleone

    BTG & KFC Free Giveaway!!

    My Guess Is 1. Final Balance: £13,050 2. Biggest Multiplier: 480x
  4. Question 1. What will be the biggest feature multiplier in X of the evening (ie 112x). For clarification the result will be what the game says the feature pays, some slots include the trigger amount, some don't. 220x multiplier biggest win And biggest win £1650 Question 2.
  5. Don Corleone

    Who Won The Giveaway Prizes?

    Did i win by any chance? :P
  6. Don Corleone

    Please Sign This!!!

    Please share as much as you can! It takes seconds to sign it! Agreement in numbers is the only way we will be heard. Thanks
  7. FOBT addict support charity :)
  8. Don Corleone

    Please Sign This!!!

    I have created a petition for anyone to sign in which i will forward on to MP's and the government to change the shitty FOBT's stakes to £2. Take a minute to have a look. Please sign if you agree and to support the movement. Link below Thanks to everyone in advance! Peace!
  9. Don Corleone

    My Picks

    Heres is my picks lads 13:45 Aintree Not started 7 Debece 14:25 Aintree Not started 4 Black Op 15:00 Aintree Not started 4 Petit Mouchoir 15:40 Aintree Not started 7 Thomas Patrick 16:20 Aintree Not started 2 Identity Thief 17:15 Aintree Not started 2 Blaklion 18:20 Aintree Not started 7 Michael's Mount
  10. Don Corleone

    £2 max bet @ FOBT's...

    They should make it 2quid on the first spin and then if you win you can wager whatever the winnings from that is on the next spin and so on for a 500 jackpot. Therefore more playing time with the 2quid. Theres a machine called hi roller roulette like this in them cashino slot places. Slower losses but people will just stick there for longer. More needs to be done for problem gamblers instead
  11. Don Corleone

    Gambling and Paydays

    Me included mate lol im ex gambler myself
  12. Don Corleone

    I've Quit Gambling Yesterday!

    When it gets to payday, that when it becomes difficult. Everyone quits gambling when they are broke as they cant gamble anyway! Best thing to do is set up a expenditure and if u have spare cash put that in a jar - stare at that jar getting bigger every payday and try not to tilt. Call it the gambling jar lol
  13. Don Corleone

    Gambling and Paydays

    Some mad convo here. Anyone with any type of problem with gambling needs to stay away from anything gambling related! Problem is gambling takes away the pleasures of life so you dont enjoy nothing but a bet or spin on a wheel, fact! You can do it guys! I find gym useful.. any hobby to keep your mind off it is good. Think about it, no matter what you win you will always go back and gamble as a gambler and the odds of you hitting a massive jackpot are worse than playing the lotto. You just need to give in and accept defeat and calculate how much you can actually save up without having to gamble. Good luck
  14. Don Corleone

    Tell Me or Whover

    Interpretation? Listen, us gamblers know that gambling is bad but we still do it! The thing is we are here in Paul's forum battering on about it which i find so bad but cant be nothing but a good thing?! As for the subject name i havn't got a danny. Deffinately on the bubble mate haha