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  1. CherryPi

    What a stream tonight!

    Every degens dream. Nice one
  2. CherryPi

    Todays Stream

    Looks like got down by youtube? I don't see twitch stream neither... Davos must be involved spamming report button
  3. CherryPi

    Bandits loss

    I'm gonna see it. I'm sure is Fake loss the one that does not matter but is enjoyable seeing him suffer even tho he acts too much. He makes it entertaining
  4. CherryPi

    Proof is easily faked ?

  5. Deep Fake is next big thing... Dangerous technology..
  6. CherryPi

    Jon Snow apology video (hilarious)

    Deep Fake is becoming very dangerous.. Next big thing?
  7. Quick before it's shut down
  8. CherryPi


    Very true. Also rolla won't risk going there and vanishing in desert
  9. CherryPi

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    You think rolla is using real hard earned money?
  10. Hmm...very interesting sir you got my brain working. I'll try to be smart and clever and calculate it. Will post my result later.
  11. CherryPi

    Greed or Addiction?

    This is what happens everytime with everyone who start small and win big. An analogy would be a car. A car driving with low speed slowly accelerates and reaches 200km/h from 10km/h ... Then the driver inside gets adrenaline rush. Then full brakes on (cashing out big) and car continues with 40km/h... But driver inside is not in calm position. He is still feeling that 200km/h experience and body/mind wants it again. Therefore you force it with remaining ballance and you lose quick as you didn't had that big luck as before. You just lost big amount that usually casino will take from you in days play, weeks, month of deposits. But you gain 0 fun. Only frustration. Conclusion. After winning big you continue or you stop full for days or week without play
  12. CherryPi

    Game of Thrones

    For me it was whatever. I long ago lost any affection, last time I watched with interest was season 6 battle of bastards 3y wgo. That was soo good. Since then is just meh.. Red wedding, purple wedding, character development (Jamie) joffrey as bad guy then Ramsay was amazing, mountain vs red viper, sansa with moon door scene in season 4, arya hound vs briene, season 5 white walkers big battle, and more was just outstanding show... In season 7 we got only hound with John tortmund battle beyond wall which wasn't super good and thats it.
  13. CherryPi

    Everything is lost again : I'm lost!!

    Thx Antonin, wise words. but my BD is within 2 weeks I think is inevitable. Making excuses to gamble oh I see now where this is going, next time I'll be oh look clouds on sky, its a gambling day then! Yeah, I'm tough I won't do it. Oh my oh my, some random gambler in my reccomnedation list on yt did just what I described 2 post above... Now I'm thinking maybe I have gambled in wrong way... Maybe I can do much better than my last failed attempts.. Jesus.. No no no its wrong even if you win is wrooong.. But is free money how is wrong.. Will see will see.. Someone quick handle me few dozen losing videos,  well at least I'm in good mood
  14. CherryPi

    Everything is lost again : I'm lost!!

    My way would be I would do whatever I did 2y ago when gambling didn't exist on me since I only started 2y ago. But now that I know is difficult, just bad memories for a reminder need to be brought back I guess