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  1. CherryPi

    Is Evolution gaming really fair ?

    The absolute proof would be some alien technology or ship to land here or dealer to upload video explaining when and how they cheat exposing them etc.
  2. CherryPi

    Is Evolution gaming really fair ?

    As Neil degrasse Tyson would probably say.... Yes, it's there. I see it, you see it. You have recordered it. Everybody sees it. And it's not fake. And it happens again and again. Nobody denies it. But it's not enough. It's the same as UFOs. Something is there on that video... Could be Venus, balloon or alien ship. No scientist can say for sure what it was as is super unnatural. People even claim they have been adopted by aliens. And they are joking you not. Are there aliens.. Nobody knows.. Could be... What are the chances for you to see real one or one to visit Earth right now. .. Probably very low. Same as online roulette.
  3. CherryPi

    Please help

    No worries... As they sing in a song... Oh, my, God Becky, look at her butt It is so big, she looks like One of those rap guys' girlfriends. But, ya know, who understands those rap guys? They only talk to her, because, She looks like a total prostitute, 'kay? I mean, her butt, is just so big I can't believe it's just so round, it's like out there I mean gross, look... ..... I like big butts and I can not lie You other brothers can't deny That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist And a round thing in your face You get sprung, want to pull up tough 'Cause you notice that butt was stuffed Deep in the jeans she's wearing I'm hooked and I can't stop staring Oh baby, I want to get wit'cha...
  4. CherryPi

    Please help

    Gambling is powerful drug but it can be overcome. You are addicted to something on screen. Find something else on screen that will occupy your time that much you won't think about gambling. If you can blow 2.5k, then you can have lots of free time. What works for me is : - Find a streamer that streams a lot something you like. Might be a game, outdoor activity or just is interesting for chat et. - Play online multiple games where it's 1 on 1 or competition of any kind. Like CS. Where your concentration and energy is focused on winning a round. - movie therapy. There unlimited movies out there waiting to be downloaded for free. TV shows, YouTube clips... Anything. 100% guranteed you will find something interesting enough. For example I can't stop watching Police activity videos where cam is on their chest or car and often there are shots fired et.. -music therapy. You have to be cool down a bit for this, but music can cure for sure. Search for some specific type compilation and remixes you like and you will be listening for hours and days. If all this doesn't work do something crazy.. Something you haven't done... Example I went to semi nude beach and showed my willy there and ass. Go to somewhere where there is attention to you, like massage saloon, strip club,..
  5. CherryPi

    On gamstop but allowed to deposit

    Hmm.. In my lowest gambling moment.. I remember the pain.. But I also remember how much I won minutes before losing it like an idiot... So in my head is that thought.. Maybe I can be back there back high and withdraw this time.... But I know I won't cash out
  6. CherryPi

    Is Evolution gaming really fair ?

    Yo... Been observing and playing lots of blackjack lately. Have seen shit beyond imagination. There is zero cheating there. For sure. Yet shit happens way too much and often. So... If shit happens without cheating then probably happens on roulette too
  7. CherryPi

    New Game Coming Tomorrow

    Had to wait for a optimization patch. I remember playing elder scrolls oblivion on 6600GT overclocked with 20 fps all maxed, it wasn't a problem in beginning.
  8. CherryPi

    New Game Coming Tomorrow

    Forest look as impressive as the one from 2015 beta version of kingdom come deliverance or star wars game, I'm sure it will provide enough fun in exploration too.
  9. CherryPi

    Promoting Responsible Gambling. Then not.

    I have never liked these ones. What's the point. First you get dizy quite fast. Maybe that's why? Then is quite dangerous to fell off and harm yourself... Then as kid pretty much everybody had bicycle or rollers so...
  10. CherryPi

    Promoting Responsible Gambling. Then not.

    I agree with the OP but I have to give one time credit to bandit and rocknrolla. One time two years ago when I just started to gamble, I commented on bandit video typing : you say you can't win don't gamble etc, but then you post these big wins, thousands etc on which he replied that he is overall down from gambling and has massive loses which might protected me from gambling to extend. I was surprised he actually replied to a stranger on yt. Same goes for rolla I have seen him replying helping some lost souls on yt.
  11. CherryPi

    Land based casino etiquette

    I think splitting 5s vs 6 instead of doubling is because the player is greedy, expecting low card so he can double or re-split then double again etc.
  12. CherryPi

    Land based casino etiquette

    I have seen a player paying the (small) stake of other players only to make them play as he wants and not ruin his big stake hand. I'll be pissed too if I see someone hits 14 vs 5 and screw my big bet hand. There is a VIdeo stream where Kim gets screwed over by next player splitting tens haha, and he can't do nothing.
  13. CherryPi

    What a stream tonight!

    Every degens dream. Nice one
  14. CherryPi

    Todays Stream

    Looks like got down by youtube? I don't see twitch stream neither... Davos must be involved spamming report button ?
  15. CherryPi

    Bandits loss

    I'm gonna see it. I'm sure is Fake loss the one that does not matter but is enjoyable seeing him suffer even tho he acts too much. He makes it entertaining