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  1. CherryPi

    THE KING IS Back

    So what happened? You had bet on 4 horses to finish 1st or 2nd with low chance, but they all did in 4 different races... And you had 30£ total for all 4? Ye I know everything about horse racing.
  2. CherryPi

    Robo smash slot review

    It's rigged. Love the slot but it's obvious when puts 3 different same symbols in middle so nothing is linked evrytime... Every bonus, every spin.. By isoftbet provider.
  3. CherryPi

    Any sound editors?

    I'll give to you bunch of short clips, that you have to extract audio, cut unwanted parts, save few seconds of it then mix it with others in right way. If you can might add proper background music. The end result will be hilarious in my view. It will sound like one of ours fav gambling streamers is getting f**ked and it enjoys it and begs for more.
  4. CherryPi

    Flame busters 450x 0.20€

    I have seen huge wins below 3rd level so nothing is guaranteed, most of time nothing,
  5. CherryPi

    Flame busters 450x 0.20€

    I felt its gunna do it by symbols dropped at beginning, so I raised from 0. 1 to 0. 2 gtfin there
  6. CherryPi

    Flame busters 450x 0.20€

    15 spins in, 4 scatters, 5 levels, didn't go crazy, like couple huge wins, but rather plenty average wins. but that's close enough.
  7. CherryPi

    PLEASE explain Bonanza slot someone!!

    It's okay mate first time I have seen slots I shout out on streams Look you, you had 3 same symbols on 2 3rd 4th reel and didn't pay you... I still count it as a win, but no slots does it...
  8. CherryPi

    I bend her over

    Now is time for my fav slot...
  9. CherryPi

    I bend her over

    She insisted receiving BJ ofcourse but I'll give it to her when she is that kind...
  10. CherryPi

    What a troll...

    So I launched a random game, crappy one, to test the luck I set 20 autoplay spins on 0.20 and pressed start. I noticed I didn't hit stop if bonus is won or on big wins etc I just let it spin.. Anyway I went to get a snack in other room for couple minutes.. And when I returned I saw my ballance 1k up... Wait what.. How.. I saw its 243 ways so I must hit jackpot symbol or something.. That's 5 000x...but I don't know what I hit.. I went settings see history but there was no history.. I went to homepage account history and oh I'm looged out?.. Had a bad feeling, logged in and my ballance was the same when I left.. Wtf.. Where did cash go.. Did I played it on demo mode.. No way.. Did it logged me out during the game what just happened..
  11. CherryPi

    f a i l

    Hm.. Maybe not much 150x or smth.. I noticed not always and not every slot but when it does tricks on you teases and stuff, lower stake and mostly imidiately it will land big win or bonus...
  12. CherryPi

    f a i l

    Dont know how much but probably would be one of my biggest hits on a slot. I'm sure this is intentional.
  13. CherryPi

    4 BJ in a row

    I think we, online gamblers, are different than land based ones. There whole new level of gambling experience online. In comfort of our homes, nobody to bother us, with pressing few clicks we are in this magical world that there is no limit to our tilt, no limit of our deposits if not set in advance... And plenty of casinos to choose and welcome bonuses and stuff.. This is far more dangerous to addiction to those flashy fruit machines and slots... When I hear slot making bonus noise like the ones on novomatic/btg in my head I'm like oh shut the f up... While the lady sitting in chair will be clapping her hands..
  14. CherryPi

    4 BJ in a row

    Lower more limits, if we can't turn 200e in one session/day to the grand or idk 500 then is not worth it, cuz is absolutely possible... Then next step is to realise even if we do is going back to casino at some point so... Pack your things we are going to leave titanic very soon.