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  1. salfordlad

    Shittiest Slot.

    Starclusters absolute shite game and I have never seen a big win on it.
  2. salfordlad

    Breeders Cup Competition

    Well done @Kev40 and thanks for another great comp @1pstaker
  3. salfordlad

    Breeders Cup Competition

    7:05pm: Edgeway 50 win 50 show 7:40pm: Gear Jockey 80 win 20 show 8:19pm: Silver state 100 win 8:59pm: Rougir 60 win 40 show 9:38pm: Jackies Warrior 100 win 10:20pm: Mother earth 100 win 11:00pm: Private mission 50 win 50 show 11:40pm: Tarnawa 100 win 12:40am: Max player 60 win 40 show Best of luck everyone.
  4. salfordlad

    Breeders Cup Competition

    9.50 One timer 100 win 10.30 Echo Zulu 100 win 11.10 Haughty 50 win 50 show 11.50 Jasper great 30 win 70 show 12.30 Dakota gold 100 win Best of luck everyone
  5. salfordlad

    FOBT rage

    OK I have had a few hours to calm down now but this afternoon I spent a few hours playing eye of horus original on 50p stake in the bookies. Went in with 50 cash knowing I would be fine with losing that after a bit of game play. Well that 50 went fast with the biggest base game win being 2x so loaded another 100 via my card. Long story short I went over 1000 spins with no bonus and at around 300 in got a bonus finally. First spin retrigger and I am thinking it rinsed me as it knew a big bonus was incoming. 26 spins later I win 4.5x. I actually snapped my vape pen in my hands as my slip was printing to collect my 4 quid. I clenched my fist to punch the machine then realised this is what they want. It was money I could afford to lose but the effect it had on me was not normal. I wanted to destroy that machine. Am I losing the plot? I needed to vent.
  6. salfordlad

    Breeders Cup Competition

    I'm in
  7. salfordlad

    FOBT rage

    Thanks for all the responses I have calmed down now but felt a pang of anger when buying a new vape pen. I just have the odd decent FOBT hit that keeps me coming back for more I have had 2500x on horus a few times, 20p stake and 500 max win but generally it is shite but addictive. I generally enjoy an hours play for an amount of money I do not mind losing if getting a few bonuses etc but that session yesterday was a piss take.
  8. salfordlad

    hope everyone is ok

    Hope everything is ok @DEVIL4POSTER
  9. salfordlad

    BTG : No, bonus guarantee = bad math.

    You are not a tnuc you are just misunderstood by some. I genuinely think you keep a lot of the threads ticking over with humour which flies over some peoples heads.
  10. salfordlad

    Currently Listening to...

    Once a talent always a talent
  11. salfordlad

    Premier league golden boot

    So who do the TGC think will get the golden boot this season? I lumped on Ronaldo the minute he signed and things are looking good but Lukaku is a threat. I honestly cannot see it being anyone but Ronaldo given his record and the service he is getting. Opinions?
  12. salfordlad

    1875x Queen of Riches

    Very nice hit @logansan69 hope you cashed some out.
  13. salfordlad

    Invaders Megaways 1758x

    Very nice hit @Jok3st3r
  14. salfordlad

    RIP Sean Lock

    A comedy genius he was wasted on 8 out of 10. One of my favourite bits of his
  15. salfordlad

    Pie gambles

    So I thought I would ask the TGC's opinions on pie gambles. I personally love/hate them. I have recently found myself playing pub blueprints just for the pie gamble feature when I could pop across the road to play a bookies FOBT with a better RTP etc yet no pie gamble. Is there anyone else here who loves a pie gamble?
  16. salfordlad

    Solarios Premiership Goals Comp ⚽️⚽️⚽️

    Total number of Goals - 1086 Team to score the most goals - Man City Team to concede the most goals in a single match - Brentford
  17. salfordlad

    TGC Summer Cup - Final Event - The Olympics

    Happy being just outside of the top ten. Thanks again @1pstaker and well done to all the winners.
  18. salfordlad

    Richie and Laterz Tinkering on some Thor game

    Congratulations shame I missed this on the stream @RichieFC I assume this won the comp?
  19. salfordlad

    TGC Summer Cup - Final Event - The Olympics

    Congratulations @Fudge and thanks a lot @1pstakerfor all the time and effort you put into this summer event it has been great fun.
  20. salfordlad

    Feeling helpless

    Horrible to hear and I hope he gets better ASAP. Just remember good parents are the ones who let their children experience the outdoors and live a real life which has inherent risk sadly. So many parents would have been happy for their children to be indoors gaming online or on social media spending their time that way but you took your son out to experience the real world. I know for a fact when has grown up and has an appreciation of the outdoors borne out of you showing him it he will thank you inspite of this incident. Hope he gets better soon.
  21. salfordlad

    Goodwood Festival Comp 2021

    Count me in