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  1. salfordlad

    Bookies post lockdown

    Brilliant I would have taken the same gamble to see what would happen. Did it pay?
  2. salfordlad

    Bookies post lockdown

    What happens if I hit a bonus on a slot at the 14 min mark do I get kicked out before the bonus ends? Stupid rule that is not logical. What are their reasons for the rule?
  3. salfordlad

    Two cute little wins

    Nice hits @crazyrightmeow good to see Jack paying after Hypa emptied it.
  4. salfordlad

    Bookies post lockdown

    That 15 min rule is stupid. I intend to head in the bookies tomorrow and if they enforce that rule I wont be going back again until that rule is gone.
  5. salfordlad

    Bookies post lockdown

    bet thats not the first time you have ended up on one lol
  6. salfordlad

    Bookies post lockdown

    Sounds a rough end to a night out
  7. salfordlad

    Bookies post lockdown

    Here is me thinking the TGC community would be hitting the bookies not Primark @MrUKHackz The social distancing stuff is just bollocks now. My first pint in a while was fantastic but Ineed to get my first bookies bet on tofeel life if getting back to normal. Any tips for tomorrow TGC?
  8. salfordlad

    Bookies post lockdown

    How I want details ha. Liking the beard btw
  9. salfordlad

    Explorer line

    If only I did. I really miss that real strong BO hit when an enthusiastic gambler decides to bet zero
  10. salfordlad

    Explorer line

    RTP on any slot feels shit but I feel less screwed over after playing a proper slot in a casino that has the sounds and proper terminal etc. Plus I get drinks delivered to me as opposed to being at home betting online whilst taking a dump.
  11. salfordlad

    Bookies post lockdown

    So has anyone been in the bookies since they opened this week? Are they full of degens finally getting a fix and are the FOBTs having a post lockdown munch? Was tempted to go in after having my first few pints in a long time at the pub this evening but thought the FOBTs could be rinsing and also that there could be a strange post lockdown mood to the bookies.
  12. salfordlad

    Collectible Old fruit machines

    Crazy fruits from back in the day would be a machine I would like to own.
  13. salfordlad

    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Mystery Box Big Win

    Nice hit @cheetah
  14. salfordlad

    The fudging pubs are fudging open fudgers!

    Have my first pub trip planned for tomorrow cannot wait just hope it does not decide to snow. And @Gkell727 do you often sit watching kids whilst drinking lol
  15. salfordlad

    RIP Prince Phillip

    We just read the daily mail? You have just outed yourself as I do not read the daily mail