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  1. salfordlad

    jimbo casino recent it what i think?

    Generally on board with you but the tucking people over comment makes me sad.
  2. salfordlad

    jimbo casino recent it what i think?

    He always irritated me but to actively promote such a dangerous way of gambling is greed in its lowest form.
  3. salfordlad

    Cheltenham Festival Comp

    Huge thanks to @1pstaker for the scoring a superb job as always. Congratulations to the winners and a great fun comp as always thanks to the TGC community here.
  4. salfordlad

    Cheltenham Festival Comp

    Right result for me on Day 3 in the 3.30. Day 4 picks 1.30 blood destiny 10 win 2.10 pembroke 20 win 2.50 sandor clegane 10 win 3.30 conflated 20 win 4.10 billaway 10 win 4.50 pink legend 10 win 5.30 cool survivor 20 win Best of luck everyone.
  5. salfordlad

    Cheltenham Festival Comp

    Well done everyone, shocking day 2 for me. Day 3 picks 1.30 Banbridge 10 win 2.10 The bosses Oscar 20 win 2.50 Blue Lord 10 win 3.30 Sire du berlais 20 win 4.10 So Scottish 10 win 4.50 lot of joy 10 win 5.30 musical slave 20 win
  6. salfordlad

    Cheltenham Festival Comp

    Some great results there on day one. Best of luck to everyone on day 2. My selections. 1.30 Hermes Allen 20 win 2.10 Ramillies 10 win 2.50 Watch house cross 10 win 3.30 Greaneteen 20 win 4.10 Deise aba 10 win 4.50 Dads lad 10 win 5.30 Westport cove 20 win
  7. salfordlad

    Cheltenham Festival Comp

    Day 1 1.30 High definition 10 win 2.10 Jonbon 10 win 2.50 into overdrive 10 win 3.30 state man 10 win 4.10 Honeysuckle 30 win 4.50 sir Allen 20 win 5.30 chemical energy 10 win
  8. salfordlad

    Cheltenham Festival Comp

    I am in good luck everyone.
  9. salfordlad

    Favorite Streamers and why?

    I get the video above hence me recommending hypalinx as a legit streamer to watch. If you enjoy proper gambling streams then hypalinx is as genuine as it gets. If you enjoy watching gambling content online then he is one of the few that is legit AND more importantly he is in my opinion great fun to watch.
  10. salfordlad

    Favorite Streamers and why?

    If anyone wants to watch a video by a legit proper streamer who puts out enjoyable entertaining content then check out Hypalinx. Proper streamer and his latest cooking video is hilarious. I genuinely thought he was trolling and he may have been!? Seems a really nice guy who likes a gamble and is entertaining which is all I want from a streamer.
  11. salfordlad


    The usual Hypa stream @Rocknrolla fun, too many drinks and some shit slot choices. He is still one of the best streamers to watch though.
  12. salfordlad

    Gone to the dogs

    I was recently thinking how I always used to enjoy betting on the dogs and really got into gambling at the bookies on the dogs. Also used to have some great night's out at the track so ended up watching this on YouTube and it felt nostalgic and I thought it a good watch. Sad that many tracks have now gone as nothing better than a few pints and a tenner RFC per race.
  13. salfordlad

    Easy money

    Classic and well worth it. Me and my brother were once told about an alarm on a 2p pusher that went off if it was bumped yet also told how to stop it going off. We cleaned up but the arcade got it all back in pacman etc
  14. salfordlad

    Walk Of Shame Review

    So which character are you then fella? I have you with the sheep
  15. salfordlad

    Walk Of Shame Review

    Why is it I image @Blacko has done the walk of shame many times....