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  1. Journcas

    Canadian Girl

    And now! Happy new year to all of you, even to the girls who cried over the link in the signature, lol.
  2. Journcas

    Canadian Girl

    You're so angry. I saw that i can put a link in a signature, so I put it in. Why was it removed, I do not know, apparently some bug, otherwise why there is such a possibility. If you think that there was a fake link, then it's your problem. But I think this is the best online casino, that's all. Well it' not allowed, so it's not allowed, okay. The moderators removed the signature, okay. Relax, take it easy ) Bra size is just 2 )
  3. Journcas

    Canadian Girl

    Hi all. I am Christina from Canada. I like to vent my emotions playing my favorite slots )). Although 2020 was not the easiest, but for me personally it was successful )) In the New Year I wish you a lot of Epic Wins and More Sex )) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!