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  1. And now! Happy new year to all of you, even to the girls who cried over the link in the signature, lol.
  2. You're so angry. I saw that i can put a link in a signature, so I put it in. Why was it removed, I do not know, apparently some bug, otherwise why there is such a possibility. If you think that there was a fake link, then it's your problem. But I think this is the best online casino, that's all. Well it' not allowed, so it's not allowed, okay. The moderators removed the signature, okay. Relax, take it easy ) Bra size is just 2 )
  3. Hi all. I am Christina from Canada. I like to vent my emotions playing my favorite slots )). Although 2020 was not the easiest, but for me personally it was successful )) In the New Year I wish you a lot of Epic Wins and More Sex )) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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