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  1. Stokie1993

    Fantasy Football League

    Anyone interested in a fantasy football mini league for the new premier league season? Paid or not? Let me know and we will see what we can do!
  2. Stokie1993


    Hi All Looking for abit of advise. Recently started investing on but not sure if this is a decent app to use. Can anyone recommend what to use? And maybe the best investment to make atm?
  3. Stokie1993

    He did it! He finally fudging did it!

    Wow Jesus Christ that’s madness! Happy day man well done!!
  4. Stokie1993

    TGC Charities February 2021

    Absolute legend! Any charity that turns away money especially in times like theses are a bit silly!! But thanks man!
  5. Stokie1993

    TGC Charities January 2021

    Could I throw a local charity to me in the mix. The Donnalouise hospice care for children & young people. I know they do a lot for younger less advantages kids in my area, and I know any help would be greatly appreciated right now. My partners little niece has had a lot of help from them over past few years as she’s battled illness and I know it would mean a lot to them. Thanks for reading this!
  6. Hi All So I’m relatively new round here! Watched Rolla for a couple of years but not used this site much! Anyways less of the small talk, I’ve wanted to try something like this at work but it’s never been allowed due to gambling etc on work premises. I’m sure some of you have heard about the TalkSPORT Selactor where each week you pick a team from the premier league and if they win you go through to the next round (lose your out) but you can only use that team selection once (unless it hits 20 rounds). So my ramble is to see if anyone here would be interested and how we could do it. Feel free to comment either way and let me know what you think.
  7. Stokie1993

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Anyone fancying united to come back and win this game second half! Imagine that Sheffield will just sit back for 45 minutes!
  8. Get in! Well atleast I think I’ve won something
  9. 2-1 Bournemouth... NO MORE GOALS PLEASE Knowing my luck it’s going to be 3-1
  10. 1. Aston Villa vs Newcastle United 2-0 2. Brighton vs Blackpool 2-1 3. Aberdeen vs Motherwell 3-1 4. Manchester vs Liverpool 2-2 5. Livingston vs St Mirren 2-0  6. Bournemouth vs Crawley Town 2-1
  11. Stokie1993

    BTG & KFC Free Giveaway!!

    Good luck and my guesses are £8844 232x