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    New evolution game

    What do you think it will be girls and guys?
  2. Ok so I don't play a lot of roulette but I recently played some lightning roulette. And I did great, couple of 200x But thing is I bet 25 number whole I explain my question : So there is 37 numbers total I have a win % of around 66% and a lose percent of 34% If I bet 1$ per number it's 30 per win and 25 per loose 30 x 66 = 1980 25 x 34 = 850 Total bet of 2500 per 100 spin And you also can win lightning numbers... So it's a profitable game? I know there is no 100 % winning game in casino so where I'm wrong? Explain it to me please
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    I would appreciate your opinion...

    If you feel that you don't have enough recognition in your actual job, negotiate. If they disagree with your term leave. You say that you are doing great at your job, so you are an asset for them. Always ask for better or leave for better if you truly deserve it. The old days where you could spent your full working life in a company and being the boss at the end are done. Plus you would have more time with your family which is way more valuable than money to me, but that depend on you. You can still have a mortgage a little bit later but you won't be able to spent this time with your kids for ever.
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    5000x+ Win on Chaos Crew!

    Wow congratz ! I like this slot it can really pop !
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    Can someone explain where I'm wrong?

    Yeah that's why I'm asking about, because I'm not stupid, but I know my thinking was wrong. You can't beat the casino I know that for sure
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    Hello there

    Hi everyone ! Happy new year to everyone ! I hope this will be a better year than 2020 I'm Bumi, French guy 24 years old, soon to be 25 on the 6 of January ! I used to play poker (cash NL 50 x6 ) and also won few tournament for some good money, I wanted to be pro for a while. But I prefered to focus on my studies and I only play for fun or little amounts now ! I play some slots, and I'm a HUUUUGE fan of the Monopoly wheel ! Hope you will all have huge win this year !
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    Hello there

    Thanks everyone, what a cheerful welcome
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    Hello there

    Thanks everyone !
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    Hello there

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    FREE Money again from The Bonus Drop

    Good job ! Enough to have plenty fun
  11. Well done guys, don't lose everything on gambling ahah