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  1. Hi all thanks for the ongoing support. Things are going really well, I've handed full control of my bank account over to a close friend, I had my new card in the post and didn't even open the envelope so I have no idea what the card number is. The urge to gamble is reduced massively and instead of losing massive amounts each month on casino games I'm investing the money in myself by starting driving lessons. Dale
  2. Daleg1989

    TGC Tipping Competition Aintree 2018 *RESULT!!!*

    12/4 16:40 - DoItForTheVillage (NAP) 13/4 13:45 - Ivanovich Gorbatov E/W 14/4 17:15 - Shantou Flyer E/W
  3. Things are going great pal, thank you for asking
  4. Daleg1989

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Kelso 13:50 - Teddy Tee 14:25 - Taxmeifyoucan NAP 15:00 - Chic Name 15:35 - Western Rules Kempton 14:05 - Tarboosh 14:40 - Tropics NB 15:15 - La Figlia
  5. It's going good Paul. Great stream last night and cracking hit on Dead Or Alive. 1000x at last ????????.
  6. Hi guys all is good here, waiting for my new bank card to come so haven't gambled since I posted on here. At the moment it's easy due to not having the funds available. The tough part starts on the 20th when I get paid but I'm feeling very confident. Dale
  7. Daleg1989

    Saturday Tipster Competition

    1:50 Musselburgh - Imperial State 2:05 Haydock - Crievehill 2:25 Musselburgh - Caspian Prince 2:40 Haydock - Joke Dancer (NAP) 3:00 Musselburgh - Fake News 3:15 Haydock - Behind Time 3:35 Musselburgh - American Gigalo Good Luck All.
  8. First time I've opened up to anyone about the severity of my addiction so I'd personally like to thank you for creating this website Paul. I would also like to thank those who've commented with advice it means a lot. Now is the time to stop. I've never felt so strongly about giving up. I tried gamban but for some reason I can't seem to get it to work on my phone. I have spent the last hour or so self excluding myself from all known online casinos. I also reported my card lost so a new one is on its way. I have spoken to somebody I trust to look after the new card and take control of my finances. I will do this!!
  9. Anything mate, but my big losses come on roulette and other casino games. My stake is small on football bets and horses compared to casino games. I'd happily spin a £50 bet on roulette but can't seem to stick more than £10 on a horse, it's weird.
  10. It's not that easy, fuck me if it was I wouldn't be here seeking advice!! I know at the end of the day the only person who can stop this addiction is myself, however this is a forum designed to talk about problems like this. When you've hit rock bottom and have no one to turn to what's wrong with sharing my issues with "The Gambling Community"
  11. Being a gambler I've secluded myself from the world, kind of living in my own bubble. Due to blowing my money I don't go out socialising with friends so we just drift apart. It's quite sad really thinking about it. I hope to prove you wrong and get the help from this community because I truly believe there's people on here who can help.
  12. Great advice thank you. Yes I've been doing this shit long enough now it's time to sort myself out!! I've got a great job in a very good organisation and I've worked my way up from the bottom. I just wish I could use that motivation to be successful and use it to kick the addiction. I've tried for so long now but the same thing keeps happening!! Dale
  13. I've tried transferring a chunk to my mother who lives away. I end up making excuses like I'm going on a night out so need some back. End up not going out, depositing online then losing once again.
  14. No I would really like Paul's help. I've been watching his videos for almost a year but I'm sort of in the background never commenting etc... when this website came out I thought great finally a place where maybe people going through what I am can offer me support. It's taken me a few months to build up the courage to post but I feel great just getting it off my chest because I keep it all to myself.
  15. Cheers mate I appreciate the reply. I've closed my accounts on the major online sites but then I search for new online casinos and suddenly I'm back to my reckless self and joining sites I don't even know are safe!! Unfortunately I've not got a close family around me, my dad loved a trip to the bookies and that's how I got involved. Sadly he passed away 5 years ago and that's when I kind of spiralled out of control. I feel embarrassed to tell my friends because they have no idea how bad my problem is. When bandit did the Gamban video I emailed straight away but I was too late and there were no more left. Dale