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    Crazy af wood stock 94
  2. AureaOli

    Have you seen this?

    There are a lot of problems when it comes to betting and gaming but there are just some aspects that people do not take into account. There are just some aspects of it that should be treated well because of the fact that there are so many aspects of the industry that is still not finalized properly. I know that there are some people who will have better trends within the industry but I believe that there are just some aspects that we will not see again. I know that there are some markets that have capitalized on some trends but I believe that there will be better trends in the future that will also draw in some mainstream attention.
  3. AureaOli

    Birthday deposit bonuses

    I didn't know such bonus existed. Then again, I think casinos don't do them anymore because of the bonus abusers.
  4. AureaOli

    Assistance Needed!

    It is nice for casino to allow that to happen. After all, good business is about keeping customers happy.
  5. AureaOli

    All in one : My story from the start!!

    Thank you for sharing your story. I, too, was also having trouble with gambling. I used to be so excited with but I hated myself when I feel like I'm not really doing anything productive. I still play to kill time but I no longer look forward to it. I now have a hobby and a community about it whose population I have befriended.
  6. AureaOli

    Monopoly Megaways Review

    How does this compare to Completely different games?
  7. AureaOli

    Currently Watching

    I haven't been watching anytthing recently because these past few months have been too eventful. Just browsing for recommendations if you don't mind. Thank you.
  8. AureaOli

    Give me your business ideas!

    A pub! Not sure what kind or what to include. I'm going to need more expert advise for that but I do want to own a pub
  9. AureaOli


    I'm not actually a fan of Play'n GO and I often prefer Yggdrasil which sadly they do not have. However, it is true that they have good RTP for most games.
  10. AureaOli

    Magical Merlin!

    This is great! Hopefully, you keep going as this is really fun. I also like the design of the slot game itself with the color blue and some variants present. The art itself was done really well especially with the detail on the faces. Overall, I like the slot game and it seems that it is fun based on your experience.
  11. AureaOli

    TV Licence

    I have not really watched TV for a long time. I might turn it on for some sports but I can just catch it online or when I'm not really interested, I just look at the scoreline after the game. It is not really that effective of a platform anymore especially with the rise of computers every single day.
  12. AureaOli

    TGC Celebrity Death Pool

    Is this legit? lol I 'm not really comfortable with this but you do you. I know that people really take a kick out of this but I feel uncomfortable while reading this and some comments on the thread. Have a good day and I hope none of this happens.
  13. AureaOli


    Agreed, It was even higher a few days ago which has really hurt the thrill. I do know that his opponent is an absoluite athlete which really hampers some of the momentum. Now that the fight has ended with Usyk as the victor, it just goes to show that you have to trust your analysis more rather than some odds.
  14. AureaOli

    Sunday Night Quiz

    Where are the quizzes!? Did I miss the game or did it move? Is it over a month ago?
  15. AureaOli


    You guys can recommend me some sportsbook to bet outrights? The ones I know are pretty quiet. No games no futures. None