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  1. kirsty0312

    Verified Streamer .com

    Probably a really stupid question, Why don't streamers have to follow the same advertising laws as other "influencers" and clearly state if they are being paid by that casino. Whether payment is in gifted funds or earned income from their streams, Because I'm pretty sure affliates are included in that law. I've nothing against people earning from affliates, I'm just curious.
  2. kirsty0312

    Feeling helpless

    Bless him, i hope once the shock wears off, you learn to give yourself a break. In no time at all, he will be telling all his friends the story. With loads of exaggerations added and how he got to go in an air ambulance. It is so hard not being able to be there with him, but his biggest problem will be choosing the colour of his cast. To ease the feeling of being helpless, maybe do some things you can control like get some sharpies so his friends can write all over it, find some activities, games etc to do indoors or the garden whilst he isn't as mobile. You can also get some cool slip designs online to make the cast waterproof for showers etc.
  3. kirsty0312

    Why do you gamble?

    Because I have an addictive personality with a logical mind. So for me anything I do that's addictive needs to be controlled not abstained from. I can do that easily with gambling, whilst still taking risks and getting the highs and lows I need. Also the casino is a fun night out.
  4. kirsty0312

    Nolimit City Competition!!!

    I'm more surprised noone has commented on the fact, there are prizes for the top 4! I thought people here only supported 1st place and that taking part doesn't count I do want to win that cup though!
  5. kirsty0312

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    Some of the comments and videos I've seen are abhorrent. Attack the way they played, slag off their talents and decisions all you want. But the second you bring the colour of someone's skin into your rants. You are simply scum. I hope they're all caught and held accountable. But sadly, I don't think that will be done. It so shameful.
  6. kirsty0312

    Is it coming home?

    Bbq and street party starts at 3pm! It's coming home.
  7. kirsty0312

    Crypto Streamers

    In fairness that's all that's actually needed. It's bullshit simple.
  8. kirsty0312

    Congrats on new baby Rolla

    Congratulations on baby tier.
  9. kirsty0312

    TGC Charities June 2021

    Sands are an amazing charity, much love to anyone who they have ever helped. ❤
  10. kirsty0312

    Free Book - Favour

    Done, is this the only place to buy the paperback, or do they get a better commission if I buy it from it different site?
  11. kirsty0312

    TGC Hits 250k Posts

    Great achievement
  12. kirsty0312

    TGC Charities May 2021

    I know it really is, thank fuck for decent rescues. The little lady is now sleeping away content. Picture of the princess when I picked her up.
  13. kirsty0312

    TGC Charities May 2021

    Blacko, is the kneecapping available to pricks who keep dogs in sheds just to breed from and sell their pups for stupid money? I've just picked up the sweetest little girlie , who is in a sorry state and has sores all over her body from living outside and fancy some back up kneecaping the previous owners.
  14. kirsty0312


    Most diets work if you have the motivation and willpower. But realistically a lot of people don't have that long term. As someone said the best way to lose weight is through a calorie deficit. Use a tdee calculator to work out how many calories you can have a day, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised. I'm a self confessed sugar addict, I know I should cut it down but I don't want to so just calculate it into my daily calories. Also try not drink your calories so switching drinks to diet version's works like mentioned too. Volume eating helps, so eating larger portions of low calories food. I.e stir-frys. My friend who lost over 10stone used to follow an exercise routine she found on YouTube. It's someone who basically suggests using your own body weight as the resistance, I believe one of exercises, was as simple of sitting down on the floor and getting back up 10X walking up and down the stairs 10X and another was pushing away from the wall instead of normal push ups. All helps building fitness for when you may be ready to take on more. I'll link it once I remember who it was. In addition they started setting a daily step limit of 5k and gradually working it up. Most phones have step counters. Remember weight fluctuates daily, so using a measuring tape may be a good way to track progress.
  15. kirsty0312


    Do you know what type of beans? Asking for a friend.