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  1. kirsty0312

    Happy Birthday Blacko 🥳 🥳 🥳

    Happy birthday
  2. kirsty0312

    Banger on Millionaire

    Amazing hit and on 4 scatters! Hope you treat yourself and put the heating on for a hr!
  3. kirsty0312

    The Ukraine situation

    I think if they do, it will go in stages. We'll hear about them moving them around to cause fear, then they may *test* near open waters to instill more fear. If they can't get the western world to back off doing that, the next step would be nuclear on a rural areas with minimal casualties to show they will. Then.. maybe. But alot will happen between then. Just my 2ps worth. I'm closely watching the China/Taiwan situation too.
  4. kirsty0312


    I read the other day they are now setting up warm banks. Places for people to go to get warm. It actually broke my heart. The budget was an absolute joke and disgusted me. I honestly can't get my head around why they thought this would work. I will always judge by how they treat the most vulnerable.
  5. kirsty0312


    Hope the luck continues!
  6. kirsty0312

    Giveaway Ideas

    Also maybe the top 3/5 prizes have the option to either take the prize or be entered into a final draw, where one of them will win a percentage of a bonus hunt stream.
  7. kirsty0312

    Tinkering on Villalad

    Congrats! Hope you're well
  8. kirsty0312

    Tinkering on Mystery museum 20p

    Amazing win, you're on fire!
  9. kirsty0312

    DoA2 - 2191x

  10. kirsty0312

    DoA2 - 2191x

    That's just showing off with those kind of skills!
  11. kirsty0312

    DoA2 - 2191x

    Amazing hit! Honestly the £50 deposit is such fun!
  12. kirsty0312

    Double Glazing costs

    Stick to independent fitters or buy trade and find a window fitter.
  13. kirsty0312


    I've been having a bit of fun with £50 deposit and seeing what it'll turn into. 2nd attempt after cashing out 1.5k first time Nice little base hit on dragonfall.
  14. kirsty0312

    LIVE Big Bonus Hunt!!!

    Fuck me!!! I just can't get my head around the mentality. Instant reactions yeah, but to get 100 razor blades and then write on each one. To what think they can spread fear? No, they've just become a laughing stock, imagine giving someone they don't know have that much head space. That's genuinely nuts, I've had some dickhead send a few dms on twitter over hypes. There is definitely some obsessed people out there.
  15. kirsty0312

    LIVE Big Bonus Hunt!!!

    When is rolla streaming next. I need to see this. Twice the entertainment!