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  1. Tom pritchard

    jimbo casino recent it what i think?

    Mate please don't do it. I gambled online for 12 years it not even about how much money I lost its everything else with it my house,friendships,jobs,relationships and my mental health. I signed upto gamstop for 5 years just before Xmas, I haven't gambled a single penny since. Before this I never managed to make a weekly or monthly wage last not even close. I am now almost debt free, saving for a mortgage and actually enjoying life with the money I earn. There are times I get a massive urge to gamble but I'm still going strong. I know it will be very tempting but you and I both know what's going to happen to your deposit and the one after that and after that and so on. Just keep strong and don't get tempted in. I still watch certain streamers but now I just laugh making money back or profit in 90% of the videos I don't believe it for one minute and it/they definitely don't show the true reality of playing online slots. Wish you all the best mate
  2. Tom pritchard

    Big weekend hits, finished off with a nice little acca

    Thanks mate . Yeah I've booked myself onto a crash course get my driving done quicker. Have deposit limits anyway so would take an age to put it all back. Yeah I do like unibet RTP is decent on majority of the slots, instant payout and never had an issue with a withdrawal. Think they have every provider aswell
  3. Tom pritchard

    Banger on Millionaire

    Get in chair nice win and decent cash out. Guessing you stuck to alot of wagering games to keep your balance at a reasonable level
  4. 500x fish 1st spin into the bonus on golden catch, didn't even know that existed. Typical gambler was thinking to myself why couldn't that happen on a multiplier. Later that morning I got the massive win on Outlaws, multiplier got upto 350x and throw loads of wilds in. Pretty much all cashed out and in the bank left some in for £20 worth of footie bets and got a decent win from one of them aswell cashed out £150 of it.
  5. Tom pritchard

    Das x boot monster hit

    Chucked a quick £30 on my break and was torn between golden catch,millionaire rush or das x boot. Definitely made the right choice. Even when the set up was landing I never thought It was going for that much. Cashed out £900 left the £87 in. I hid the net position as soon as I opened the game, hate that you can see if its a win or not befire it even spins properly. So many games doing the same now
  6. Tom pritchard

    Royal Ascot annual competition

    14:30 - alzahir - 15 win 15:05 - audience - 10 E/W 15:40 - solid stone - 10 win 16:20 - sacred - 10 win 17:00 - silver samurai - 15 win 17:35 - falling shadow - 15 win 18:10 - words worth- 15 win
  7. Tom pritchard

    Royal Ascot annual competition

    14:30 - elvenia- 7.5 E/W 15:05 - sacred bridge - 7.5 E/W 15:40 - ajero - 15 win 16:20 - tenebrism - 10 win 17:00 - minwah - 5 E/W 17:35 - dark moon rising - 10 E/W 18:10 - tippy toes - 15 win
  8. Tom pritchard

    Royal Ascot annual competition

    Please tell me you put something on the ridler, hopefully you did at 50/1 mate
  9. Tom pritchard

    Royal Ascot annual competition

    14:30 - the Antarctica- 10 win 15:05 - flying dolphin - 7.5 E/W 15:40 - sea silk road - 20 win 16:20 - kyprios - 10 win 17:00 - my little tip - 7.5 E/W 17:35 - reach for the moon - 10 win 18:10 - vafortino - 10 E/W
  10. Tom pritchard

    Royal Ascot annual competition

    Bad day at the office for me today and that's why I don't bet on the horses , well played stressfree good luck in the next round bud
  11. Tom pritchard

    Royal Ascot annual competition

    I should of put some bets on yesterday I would of actually made some profit with the 8/1 and 14/1 that came in . Today's picks 14:30 - love reigns - 15 win 15:05 - nahanni - 15 win 15:40 - Bay bridge - 15 win 16:20 - mother earth - 15 win 17:00 - escobar - 7.5 E/W 17:35 - far shot - 7.5 E/W 18:10 - improvised - 10 win Good luck everyone
  12. Tom pritchard

    Royal Ascot annual competition

    I'm in 14:30 - baaeed - 20 win 15:05 - bradsell - 10 win 15:40 - golden pal - 10 win 16:20 - maljoom - 15 win 17:00 - coltrane - 15 win 17:35 - certain lad - 10 E/W 18:10 - Stowell - 10 win
  13. Tom pritchard

    Max win buffalo King megaways

    Signed upto hot7 casino today deposited £25. Was playing buffalo King megaways on 50p stake the bonus dropped in and with a few spins left of the bonus it threw buffalo's and wilds everywhere and paid max win I honestly couldn't believe it. Tried to make a withdrawal apparently they are having issues with withdrawals to card so it has to be via wire transfer and won't be processed until Monday, I'm really hoping this isn't the Start of months worth of issues I've had this problem before. Before I made a deposit I uploaded my passport and a bank statement with all information on it and that is proof of address
  14. Tom pritchard

    BTG €100,000 Giveaway

    Not sure if this counts? It’s not the biggest win but it’s over a 100x Queen of riches tom Pritchard x win - 121.50 Screen shot below Time - 10:46 sky Vegas
  15. Tom pritchard

    Thunderstruck Wild Lightning Review

    how much do you get per stream. Looking forward to your £5mil bonus hunt and ending with abit of roulette