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  1. Dave Morrison

    Fake accounts on casino websites

    Cool! What about another questions? I am so interesting in this.
  2. Dave Morrison

    Fake accounts on casino websites

    Hello to everyone! More and more often I see reviews from fake users in online casinos. Here are some examples: https://www.askgamblers.com/forum/profile/162953-daretzki/ https://casino.guru/profile/45128/sarakelly2 I’d like to know your opinion. What do you think, are these bots or real people? And how do I recognise fake users? What websites with casino reviews do you trust?
  3. Dave Morrison

    Gambling Addiction: Reasons and Solutions

    I only have researched the popular and useful topic for members of this forum and written a good article about it. Advertising has nothing to do with it.
  4. Dave Morrison

    Gambling Addiction: Reasons and Solutions

    I am waiting for your approval about one week Can you let me know, how much time do I have to wait for your answer?
  5. Dave Morrison

    Gambling Addiction: Reasons and Solutions

    Great info! Do you like my article?
  6. Dave Morrison

    Gambling Addiction: Reasons and Solutions

    I have collected information about with gambling problems. You can find out more and get their contacts in my article:
  7. Dave Morrison

    Gambling Addiction: Reasons and Solutions

    Great! Thank you!
  8. Dave Morrison

    Gambling Addiction: Reasons and Solutions

    Sure. Please let me know how can I do it? @Jok3st3r
  9. You cannot disagree that gambling is a fun and exciting activity. For many people, it has become a significant part of their lifestyle. Some of them are looking for a new way of entertaining and testing their luck. Others want to earn some money, placing bets and winning rewards. Some more experienced players unite these features and make gambling their hobby. However, like any other thrilling pastime, gambling can be addictive. And when the addiction is detected, one should take actions immediately in order not to let it ruin lives. I have researched this topic and would like to share some info about it. Reasons for Developing Gambling Addiction It is hard to tell the definite set of reasons why people get addicted to anything. Sometimes the outside factors can stimulate the addiction. But mostly the personal psychological features make the person responsive to the gambling influence. Inner motives. They can include the desire to be a leader and showcase the dominance above other players. Another case is the need to feel satisfaction and joy when in real life, the person experiences only failures and disappointments. Personal issues. Low self-esteem and disposition to depression can become factors for developing a gambling addiction. Family reasons. Childhood fears and complexes can lead to choosing a gambling path. Economic factor. Instead of developing a successful career to be financially independent, the person wants to get money fast and effortlessly. Pandemic and lockdown issues. People are forced to stay at home for a long time without decent social contacts. Others get fired and start looking for solutions. This may lead to excessive playing. Other causes. The overall availability of gambling facilities, legal status in many countries, constant gambling advertising in mass media. Gambling Addiction Consequences Debts. Spouse and family issues. Loss of friends. Health problems. Stress and mental instability. Suicidal thoughts. Are You Okay? Gambling Addiction Checklist If you have collected more than 5 points from this list, it is the urgent need to take actions in fighting your gambling addiction. Uncontrollable desire to gamble; Chronic sleep issues; Anxiety and irritability, when you cannot play; Depression when not playing; Gradually growing gambling obsession; Keeping playing despite the physical, psychological, financial issues; Growing debts, spending all earnings and savings on gambling; Criminal ways of getting money for playing (stealing, scamming, etc.); Pangs of remorse and regrets after playing; Strong belief in winning even after escalating number of loses; Losing self-control while gambling; Constant setbacks after quitting; Growing health issues because of stress; Desire to make more bets and win more and more. Get Your Life Back: 5 Steps for Treating Addiction Study your problem. Define the reasons and sources of temptations. Seek for gambling addiction therapy. Ask the special medical and psychological centres for help. Find support. Join support groups like Gambling Anonymous fellows etc. Manage your debts. Get professional advice or charity help. Stop playing. Add yourself to the GamStop gambling self-exclusion scheme. I have collected information about with gambling problems. You can find out more and get their contacts in my article.
  10. Dave Morrison

    Scam stopped

    Thank you! Really interesting channel and guy!
  11. Dave Morrison

    Scam stopped

    video not available Can you write the name of the channel or drop the link to the channel please Very interesting!
  12. Dave Morrison


    Hah one of my favorite apps! There are tik tok accounts that make videos only with Reface! Like this humor!
  13. Dave Morrison


    Unfortunately, my colleagues at work got sick, I have been on self-isolation at home for a week now. I'm afraid to go out, I do everything online. I already know that I will ask Santa Claus for the New Year!
  14. Dave Morrison

    UK Land Casinos Discussion

    A land-based casino this year the crisis hit, unfortunately and many people were knocked down, including me. On the other hand, online casinos are flourishing!
  15. Dave Morrison

    Ask Gamblers

    OMG, I had such an experience a few years ago!