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  1. 105 Wonky

    TGC Slots World Cup 2018 + Competition

    1) Sweden 2) 13 3) Spain
  2. 105 Wonky

    Pokerstars Problems

    Never self excluded from any site mate. Still having problems , gonna start looking for an alternative casino
  3. 105 Wonky

    Pokerstars Problems

    Looking that way ? moment I’ve deposited successfully will confirm. Surprised how fast they seem to be dealing with things times like these I wish I was a Rolla Affilate
  4. 105 Wonky

    Pokerstars Problems

    Latest one
  5. 105 Wonky

    Pokerstars Problems

    They just sent me that one. Looks like things will get sorted ??
  6. 105 Wonky

    Pokerstars Problems

    Thanks for the reply mate. Not once have I self excluded. Had a reply this morning saying I was verified and could continue to play. Then tried to deposit as normal and told I’m on an exclusion list. Then sent an email saying I asked for my account to be closed. Something is fishy
  7. 105 Wonky

    Pokerstars Problems

    Just wanted to get this off my chest and hopefully hear some thoughts. Ive been a verified pokerstars customer for a few years now. Completed the verification process before I even did my first deposit. Years / many deposits and some withdrawals later, suddenly told I’ve been placed on an exclusion list. Asked to verify again so I did. Was then sent an email saying I’m verified and I can continue to play. Now being told my account has been closed due to my own request? What bullshit.
  8. 105 Wonky

    New YouTube channel

    Scratch It Rich
  9. 105 Wonky

    I've Quit Gambling Yesterday!

    Stay strong ?
  10. 105 Wonky

    Mother’s Day Poker

    Same here - Username Spanglished (105 Wonky)
  11. 105 Wonky

    Mother’s Day Poker

    Just waiting for approval now , code entered
  12. 105 Wonky

    Mother’s Day Poker

    Any add on ?