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  1. Bloody injuries... Samuel was a huge 20/1 to score first, which he did... Unfortunately Ridley went off with a serious ankle injury, early in the 2nd Qtr and never returned!! On to Sunday!!
  2. The Falcons v The Panthers tonight... Nice 8.5/1 same game multi for the game Curtis Samuel and Calvin Ridley to score anytime.... I'm on.........
  3. Irv Smith...... Anythime TD 4/1 for the Vikings v Falcons... Is proper good value.. Late I know as it kicks of in 20 minutes.. But if you are quick
  4. Yeah, I'm not a fan of London TBF, but I can't see it moving. Especially as you say, they sell out every game..
  5. I don't think there will be one TBH.. They just invested in the Spurs stadium to cement a venue.. Sometimes Wembley aint available... There aren't too many stadiums that have 90,000 capacity to move it too far, which is a stumbling block I reckon.
  6. We definitely have a massive fan base @howfin.. That much, that the NFL invested £500Mill into the new Spurs Stadium and a 10 year commitment! Obviously this year has been a nightmare, but the games in London are always sold out as @Douvan says... 5 live games per week and a dedicated channel now on Sky too..... Get back into it, you'll soon be sat with the popcorn and chilli cheese nachos..
  7. Going to have a few bets on today's games.. But I have one on already that I love... Good luck Us, if you're on..
  8. Anyone looking for value tonight. Cameron Brate to score anytime is 100/30 on Skybet.. 2/1 with others.... Buccs have at least 3 WR's out tonight, so the value is there...
  9. Thanks for the input Blacko
  10. It's TNF and the Dolphins are on!! Which means a late night for me... But they're up against the man of the hour Gardner Minshew.. The NFL have gone Minshew mad!! He has style, he has charisma and he can throw a football... There are so many bets we could have as Betfair Sportsbook have the "same game multi" option!! . So we can either get a little fortunate or do our conkers! So we are having Tyler Eifert (TE Jags) 1st TD 16's or 5/2 Anythime... Also having Devante Parker at 10's (1st TD)...... Have Eifert in a double with Gesicki (TE Fins) brings up a nice 10/1 double.. I'll Be having so many MUG bets, but The Fins are on TV and that means we have to have plenty of interest.. Go Fins.........
  11. Looking at tonights game, It's easy to just say The Saints will win,..... Well they will, but that's boring! So we've been looking at the 1st TD scorer for some Mug value... Darren Waller (TE) Raiders has 8 targets last week and caught 6.. If he gets close to the Endzone early, then the 16/1 (betfair) could be huge.... As it's a live game, I always have a player from each side.. Kamara (RB) is obviously the fave and with Michael Thomas out, then Tre'quan Smith could well step in his boots.. And at 14/1 has decent value.. Aytime TD double would be Jared Cook and Darren Waller... Both TE's for each team, they do see a lot of targets. It's been a great start to the season.. I just need a win to make it more so!!! #LetsGo
  12. Oh Kenny Stills!!! He wasn't used as much or as near as much as I expected.. Just 2 targets and not able to connect with either.. I had him on 2 lines that would have shown decent profit, but not to be!!! Here was one that made it a winning start. But Kenny, Kenny, Kenny. I was routing for you man... Ah well, we go again Sunday, with the main day of week 1. We'll try and snuff out the value and post accordingly..
  13. 16,000 fans scattered around a 75,000 seater stadium... Weird, but at least they have fans at games......... NFL baby........ Lets Gooooooooooooo
  14. This is just one of the bets I've placed.. Yes I know it's all about profit and making money.. but this is the opening NFL game and I'm like a kid at Christmas.... I never bet big, but place a few different (optimistic) lines.. Makes for great viewing for me... Let's Go!