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  1. I am playing on lottomart UK licensed casino Pokerstars and grosvenor
  2. not sure, you can ask on Kim's forum one of his guys work for that casino... maybe they did not add Goonies coz never pays
  3. I played at that casino about 4-5 months ago I had 2 cashout and was happy I got paid, never played again when casino run from Cyprus 99% is owned by Russian
  4. ISlot

    Magic Mirror

  5. ISlot

    bet365 😂

    go get help, get a book you will feel better in the future
  6. ISlot

    bet365 😂

    if you guys have Account on this casino they moving out from UK
  7. ISlot

    The Gypsy King V's USYK - ON!

    I will go with Tyson to win but same time Fury likes to bs a lot when it comes to money
  8. ISlot

    bet365 😂

    I made a deposit £100 and played only DOA and DOA2 £0.36 and £0.45 I got my balance up to £400 I keep playing for a week on and off, last time I log in I got this message popped, I cashout and run before they ask for 1000s of doc
  9. ISlot

    Invasion Illegal Immigrants

    just like UB40
  10. ISlot


    Nationwide Introduce Crypto exchange/purchase restrictions
  11. ISlot

    bet365 😂

    by 2025 she will earn £0 UKGC will shut her down
  12. ISlot

    bet365 😂

    no need I am the customer I just move on to another casino
  13. ISlot

    Invasion Illegal Immigrants

    and blue passport not printed in UK to spend money in UK they spend all the money in Poland
  14. ISlot

    bet365 😂

    doing 5000 spins in 7 days on 18p 36p wtf is wrong with bet365
  15. ISlot

    Invasion Illegal Immigrants

    I don't think he will get 1 day in jail this guy raps a kid who got 4 years, 4 years in UK jail is 2 years,UK is very soft if this happened in Balakan this guy never see the sun again