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  1. ISlot

    Good bye UKGC lol

    yes they are some stupid casinos they let anyone play,they high risk to play on it,maybe never get payout of you win
  2. ISlot

    Good bye UKGC lol

    I have 2 addres UK and EU so I pay bills both addres
  3. ISlot

    Good bye UKGC lol

    cant join from uk if u dont have EU proof of addres,Malta licence are protected deposit same as UKGC with lese BS,this forum is not only for UK players,remove the link I have no intrest for it,he ask I send to him
  4. ISlot

    Good bye UKGC lol
  5. ISlot

    Good bye UKGC lol

    I cant play on UKGC they start all limit BS I just open Europe account on sister casino of videoslot they malta licence,I will not send all my privat doc for stupid limit,feel like no more fredom playing on UKGC casino,simple they ask lot of BS,
  6. ISlot

    Good bye UKGC lol

    Good bye UKGC welcome Malta Licence
  7. one more game on 4 slots
  8. ISlot

    £100 limit for us ALL????????????

    they change my limit 2day no idea what is going on or what is my limit £1k £2k or £3k lol looks like I cant deposit more and £1k at same time
  9. ISlot

    Free money... got 5 £1 spins

    I forgot all about it got £29 I will give try book of dead on 3 line
  10. ISlot

    Why most of the people play slots ?

    well share are personal data with other company what other company do with it? who do they share with it,I dont care what gam stop do,me personal I will never use it,well maybe for you is standart not for me,
  11. ISlot

    Why most of the people play slots ?

    where do you think they make there money from? for me personal I prefeer to block on bank all gambling payout then give option to gam stop or game care make money on my name
  12. ISlot

    Why most of the people play slots ?

    sorry in UK they are about 1.5 milion gmablers they spend about 15bilion 1% they have gambling problem.
  13. ISlot

    Tombstone & Rise of Maya

    my lucky week time to stop before I start hit big losses I keept £300 on casino from last cashout start bet £2 for first £100 if i lose first £100 go back to £0.60 and Tombstone bonus land it Move to Rise of Maya on £2 for easy 20x bonus land then this happen on £2 bet cashout and off till next week
  14. ISlot

    Fuck slots

    some smok they spend £11 a pack a day 365 days £4k a year or £333pm and they only win Doctor appoiment £333pm on slot you could easy doube it,even if you lose it you dont need to see doctor for it
  15. ISlot

    Give me your business ideas!

    you dont need to pay 1000s for app,you have lots of company they chargere you pm by using their app system, you can get student to do it for littl payout, you can also do it you all up to you to take risk who well you will make investment return, if i was me investing I will go for pay per pm or student fee app making,till I start get profit,then reinvest for better app web page so it you have lot option like this page on link