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  1. New Regulation also on crypto wallets, not long ago I got asked for SOW
  2. for a casino to pay someone like a bandit £100k is nothing he sends 1000s of new punters to their casino, and every video he posts has 100k views if 1% join his link is 1000 new players, every gambler knows how a casino works with streamers like Bandit
  3. agree https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ai-revolution-online-slots-where-artificial-game-design-ugnius-šeškas-tlnef
  4. lol, everyone know casino pay the streamers to play on their casino, more views u get more money they pay you
  5. 2 bonuses in 5 mins both paid
  6. I have played in UK casinos for many years, I got a welcome bonus and some free 10p spins when I lost a lot, now for the past 2-3 years on crypto I get a bonus for every deposit on Crypto 100% many times 200% at 35x wagering, now I can bet $1-$2 with bonus, before use to play on £0.20 £0.50, big streamers they get paid way more like Bandit he will not play at casino for less than £100k a month
  7. I agree with you 100% this guy promised so much to leave EU, and now his crying about refugees, where is border control where are the new laws they promise, they promise a lot of £££ for NHS police the biggest BS in UK him and Boris Johnson
  8. On the 29.09.1923, Palestine became a British Mandated Territory. half of Palestine moved to UK with free citizenship just like India or Pakistan did I am not from Afghanistan, Iran, or that part of the world, but I could easy say to you I have the same rights as you do in
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