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  1. ISlot

    Dinopolis Slot

  2. ISlot

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    Blacko should I go for 32k lol
  3. ISlot

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    I don't post my high stake win 20p stake is just chill. having fun
  4. ISlot

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    in London is more like gang crime they kill each other or smash big-name shops, also London is a big city you see more crime on a council estate, you don't see crime in central London much, all you can see police smashing bikers with their cars , gangs they don't like central London to many CCTV
  5. ISlot

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    1990/1992 I lived in Colchester and loved it, 1993 moved to London, London is expensive but ppl also make double what they make in the north, going out in pubs in London £ 200 you spend like nothing, with £200 I can buy my beer and sit home play slot I have more fun
  6. ISlot

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    northeast is still not bad like Kings Lynn they have some good farmhouses, northwest too many crimes no one wants to go there,
  7. ISlot

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    90s you can get good flat for 200k 300k now same flat 6-8m
  8. ISlot

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    in the north, lots of houses for £1 quit on an action you can buy all street for 50 quit, but no one was to be there, big money is in London not north
  9. ISlot

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    now is not bad 20 years ago was house prices now are off the roof for 1 bad flat just over a 1m
  10. ISlot

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    wtf , playing with barbie dolls
  11. ISlot

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    look at this kid making videos on youtube and he loves to make money from Affiliation
  12. ISlot

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    look mf I live in London SW3 Manresa Road send me a message on private I pay you to come and tell me to my face, you keyboard worrier, show now how big your balls are
  13. ISlot

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    absolutely 0 not affiliated with any casino just abet fun, Chair is making things up as he wishes, he needs urgent help
  14. ISlot

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    yee trying to beat chip with affiliate, and what are you going to do about it now just eat more , keep eating coz you like it