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  1. ISlot

    bonus hunt

  2. ISlot

    Budget Airlines

    check with your card provider if you had insurance, most credit cards will refund your money, I had the same problem with BA, american express refunded my money
  3. ISlot

    Enough of this

    I find the best classic slot love it
  4. ISlot

    The Joys of Motoring

  5. ISlot

    Customer always right?

    shot 25ml
  6. ISlot

    Customer always right?

    most taxis around Heathrow wait for big fish
  7. ISlot


    I did hold Luna £500 invest on $2 per coin, sold it now all is like -90 down, not a good time to invest or hold investment, Luna was up one time to $4.5 then boom -90 down back to $2.5, still made like $0.50 per coin, lucky I got my money back
  8. ISlot

    Casino Bonuses

    only if they send offers via email are 25x wagering,
  9. ISlot

    Casino Bonuses

    Love Party Bonus, it works differently from others, 100% match up to £100 25x wagering first you use bonus money if you don't win anything from bonus money, you can withdraw your cash deposit, is like a free chance to win with bonus money, also WHG they send a good offer, 100% up to £200 35x wagering, first you use money than a bonus, I usually do bonus hunt on my cash money, then go £2-£3 on bonus money, or I do lil devil build with bonus money
  10. ISlot

    Customer always right?

  11. ISlot

    Customer always right?

    My local bar menu in baker street London
  12. ISlot

    BET365 Free Bet

    Pokerstars have a good deal last time I bet £5 I won £20 free bet
  13. ISlot

    BET365 Free Bet