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  1. ISlot

    Tilt for you rolla?

    chances to get that multi max is very hard and you can gamble one spin to max , one think I like on blueprint they start add lost profit like on UK slots
  2. ISlot

    Tilt for you rolla?

    that megaway gambling is a killer I did 5 bonus buys for $35all lost on megaways, if you don't touche megaways is easy to get spin and multi-max max max, best I got max spin max multi 25000k megaways
  3. if they refuse KYC, in the long run, they lose, every casino UK crypto is after gamblers' money, Agree every casino is the same , if you Win in UK casino they will target you as a problem gambler and close your account
  4. In some Crypto casinos is very easy to do KYC, whatever you send they not going to check if is real or not, they hire some companies to do their KYC so they can shut up licensed police I got verified in 1min last night I just uploaded doc next think you are verified
  5. ISlot

    Captain Venture

  6. ISlot

    dead or alive

  7. ISlot


    bandit Jimbo Criag they going to get jailed by UKGC Police
  8. ISlot

    Slots Highlights ✌️ No:2
  9. ISlot

    UKGC vs Crypto casinos 😂

    is not easy to block crypto, only if they start refusing to buy crypto
  10. I have played for over a year now and never had a payment problem on any crypto casino, on BC casino I cashout over $50k now, I am fully verified on 2 casinos, Regards to BC google it without vpn see yourself, and you get redirected to the UK BC casino, VPN every casino let you play they may ask for KYC but that is an easy part
  11. ISlot

    Highlights ✌️

    sad so many spins only 150x 100% on ban list,
  12. they are the same ppl as crypto BC, I forgot to turn vpn got redirected to BC UK, and they doing the same thing Stake did, not sure f they copy Stake or they own by stake