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  1. ISlot

    Funny Shit

  2. ISlot

    Stake casino in UK

    hahah no crying
  3. ISlot

    Stake casino in UK

    when did you start making rules in here?
  4. ISlot

    Stake casino in UK

    I am not saying Stake is the same company as WTH but both run on White Label like 100s of other casinos, I check before and ask how much it cost to get set up on White Label (Franchise) they sad $20k to $50k per month, but they will set up everything games payment live chat, etc
  5. ISlot

    Stake casino in UK label casino providers&utm_campaign=849549543&utm_adgroup=43993794376&utm_creative=520912051906&utm_position=&gclid=Cj0KCQiAnuGNBhCPARIsACbnLzp9qIUyTmAIRbezoVcvlB4zo3DEzf8cfl9cbN3RTeM27WADKHQb3NoaAmJ6EALw_wcB
  6. ISlot

    Stake casino in UK

    I never sad they are related, they run on the same program, Licence UKGC both casinos I don't see any difference, is just another franchised Casino by White Label anyone can buy White Label Franchised for $20k to $50k
  7. ISlot

    Stake casino in UK

    they run on the same think no difference to me
  8. ISlot

    Stake casino in UK

    well they run under WHT nothing different from another White Hat Gaming
  9. ISlot

    Has Videoslots gone downhill?

    most casinos went downhill, they are some casinos that don't make much of a problem paying players congrats on your win
  10. ISlot

    Any free casinos?

    his talking about this song
  11. ISlot


    oh, how can providers do money laundering? they don't deal with money, casinos deal with money? Greentube Alderney they just a casino company, not greentube provider
  12. ISlot


    what happen to 21casino they remove greentube