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  1. ISlot

    Bonanza 330x

    what bonus lol 20x
  2. ISlot

    Bonanza revisited

    bonanza is hot
  3. ISlot

    Bonanza revisited

    lol in first 150 spins
  4. ISlot

    Bonanza revisited

    nice one, I try to get another bonus on £4 no luck, I am feeling Diamond Mine will give me a good win today lol
  5. ISlot

    Bonanza 330x

  6. ISlot

    New Gambling Regulations - UK

    Land-based casinos face regulatory action 30 March 2021 FIVE casinos have faced enforcement action following Gambling Commission assessments of their businesses. All of the casinos were found to have failed to follow social responsibility and anti-money laundering rules set by the Commission and therefore the Commission put their operating licences under review. Clockfair Limited and Shaftesbury Casino Limited will both pay a £260,000 regulatory settlement, Les Croupiers Casino Limited will pay a £202,500 regulatory settlement, Double Diamond Gaming Limited will pay a £247,000 regulatory settlement, and A&S Leisure Group Limited will receive a warning and pay a £377,340 fine.
  7. ISlot

    Urgent Help with MR Q casino

    next time you use your girlfriend account transfer first to paypal then pay with you own paypal or skrill,
  8. ISlot

    New Gambling Regulations - UK

  9. ISlot

    New Gambling Regulations - UK

    got my Sow check by party casino not bad, not everyone gets £100 limit, more you earn more limit you get
  10. UK is Tax Haven way will he move to Ireland, maybe he don't know who tax works in UK
  11. ISlot

    888casino closed down my account??

    just get provisional licence it cost you £34 quit, you can do it online you get it in one week
  12. ISlot


    Rosh and chip they making new coin called ROSHMONKZ coin
  13. ISlot

    fees to deposit?

  14. ISlot

    fees to deposit?

    UK not on EU by new UK rules since oct 2020 they can charger
  15. ISlot

    fees to deposit?

    some stupid casino still charge as fee 2.5%