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  1. Hello everyone, firstly, as I respect the rules of this site, I wont write specific names and wont share specific links before admins allow me to do so. We are going to launch new original peer-to-peer multiplayer card game. We have also developed our own cryptocurrency to be implemented there and later in our other card games. I will likely share the game and cryptocurrency link here, so you guys can try singleplayer for free and give us back feedbacks. We have also no problem to make some paid partnership with this site, as we believe this is the right community to share new project with. So please, through this I would like to ask some admins, if they can reach me here, so we can talk more about details etc and about their thoughts. Thank you all and wish lady luck is with all of you

    Khabib vs Gaethje

    There are odds 5,5 on Gaethje will score at least one takedown. This might sound crazy, but Justin is monster and his wrestling is very underrated. Every Khabibs opponent is preparing for takedown defense and no one was thinking about taking Khabib to the ground voluntarily. I think Gaethje can surprise and if theres good oportunity, he can try surprise even Khabib, for example if Khabib is hitted etc. Still match can have 5 rounds and everythings possible, but I find these odds as attractive. Enjoy watching the fight!

    Bitcoin casinos

    @Player1173 didnt realised I can use PayPal for that, since im not using it - but this has sense. Thank you for advice!

    Bitcoin casinos

    Hey guys, do u have some experiences with bitcoin casinos? Are they legit/trustable and is it even legal to operate bitcoin casinos without gambling license? I see plus in fact that banks and maybe your wife doesnt see payments to casino on your bank account, because in my country if bank sees you have spent some money and gamble, theyre not willing to give you a loan...

    Djokovic Disqualified from US Open

    That was a serious comedy guys. He shouldve lost something like fifteen. I dont think we wanted to hit that woman, even if we can think Djoko is the only one with accuracy to do it But theatre what the woman did when got hit by Djoko was hilarious, I cant imagine what she does in bed with her husband

    Problem gambling in UK

    Every human being is responsible for its own actions. You cannot fall from tree and say tree is "bad guy". Same like you cannot loose your life to a gamble saying gambling providers are bad ones. In my opinion good goverment can give you hand if you want to. I mean some gambler addict terrapies or something like that, but for me its bullshit to forbid something for all population only because some ppl cannot handle it. As many other wrote before, only you are responsible for what you do with your life, money, etc... Have a good day guys

    88% Rtp on a slot

    90% rtp is still cool, even if average casino with no high operating costs can still profit with 3-4% house edge. In my country (central Europe) you can find slot machines in the bars which has rtp about 70-80%, so theyre hungrier than my 3.0TFSI audi

    Are casino bonuses worthy?

    Thats a nice and usefull info, thank you!

    Are casino bonuses worthy?

    Then Im sorry, because i absolutely didnt want to make any kind of advertisement to that casino, because I felt scammed. If I broke rules by that, Im sorry. I just wanted to tell full story with concrete casino experience, thanks for understanding

    Are casino bonuses worthy?

    You kidding me man? Im just sharing my negative experience with this bonus calling it SCAM and you tell me Im making advertisement? I tryed to tell you that I was unhappy with that and wanted to know your opinions on this kind of trash bonuses, pretty obviously you didnt get that point.
  11. Cheers guys! Do you all think that casino bonuses are worthy? Last time Ive charged 100€ in Casino and got another 100€ bonus. I played slots and won about 1500€, but when I wanted to withdraw they told me I need to make cashflow in my account about 4000€ to be able to withdraw since Ive taken the bonus from them. Dont need to tell you I ended on zero trying to make 4000€ cashflow on my account. Canceling bonus wasnt possible. Now the question. Isnt it better to play just for your real money, than "signing" some shitty policies by taking their bonuses? Still its casino math and I think by taking their bonuses you are loosing freedom to do with your money whatever you want. What do you guys think?
  12. To be honest I find most of these bonuses as a SCAM. Its more comfortable for me to play with what Ive just charged and be able to cashout/do whatever I want with my money immidiately. With taking any bonus you "accept" tons of bullshit restrictions of casino, so in the end they dont want allow you to cashout your money. I had the same, but Ive charged 100€, took another 100€ bonus and then I won about 1500€. Casino told me I need to make cashflow at least 4000€ and there was no option to cancel bonus. So in the end, to make that cashflow I ended nearly to the zero. I think it was in Woo Casino. So my experience is that its better for me to play just for my money and have freedom, then "sign" some shitty policies by taking their bonuses. Its still casino math...

    Looking for some new gambling

    Thanks for welcoming. I have nothing concrete in my mind, Im just getting bored by playing nonstop the same games. I found few (for me) new games. Pai Gow Tiles, Sic Bo and Money Suit 31. Do you guys have any experiences? Btw: betting on hippos would be great, will you want it with jockeys, or without them?
  14. Hey guys,Have you ever thought about any new gambling game? I mean, we have poker, roulette, blackjack etc., but - correct me, if Im wrong - theres nothing new to come? I dont mean milions of new slot variants (which are mostly boring), but something really new. Do you know about anything new? New card game, or whole new concept for example like roulette is.Let me know, if you guys know something new, or if you agree/disagree with me, that it will be interesting if some brand new game comes.Sorry for my bad english and wish you all luck and good wins!