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  1. kevinbray

    Paddy Power Query *RESOLVED*

    Yes, thats a good point, thank you! Good Day Guys!
  2. kevinbray

    Paddy Power Query *RESOLVED*

    Okey, thank you for your help!
  3. kevinbray

    Paddy Power Query *RESOLVED*

    Yes, probably i missed that fact but i really appreciate it! It make sense now! Awesome!
  4. kevinbray

    Paddy Power Query *RESOLVED*

    Okey, it make sense now! Thank you for that! What about this one?
  5. kevinbray

    Paddy Power Query *RESOLVED*

    Football,ice hockey, rugby, basketball. All should be marked as winnings! but they did all like losers!
  6. kevinbray

    Paddy Power Query *RESOLVED*

    Yes it sounds unreal but it happened 5 times within 2 days! Example below. My choice was Queensland Cowboys and they win, please to see below! I have proof for all games like football, basketball, ice hockey, rugby. All are marked as lost!
  7. kevinbray

    Paddy Power Query *RESOLVED*

    Hello Guys, I started my journey with online betting just a few days ago and i decided to start with small money. I won my first 3 bets and after that i got fraud. I won another 5 times but all games they marked as lost and they took my money! This is unbelievable how they can do something like that! I called them but the lady said they cant take this responsibility and all is via live chat. The problem is the live chat is not working ! How can i get my money back? What can i do? I have all in the history transaction! Thanks.