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  1. Fraud rate in crypto is insane... not only it's being used for fraudulent activities but 50% to 70% of the new initial coin offerings are fraud !! https://bitcoincasinowiz.com/blog/cryptocurrency-statistics/ Good to see authorities are taking actions.. I personally only use bitcoin for gambling / investing and stay away from any meme or shit currencies like squid game coin (that survived just 2 weeks as I remember) Currently the markets are in suffering due to the high inflation and so is BTC, so it's worth evaluating the opportunity to buy.
  2. The meaning of life is a different concept for everyone. All you have to do is to make things that make you happy and enjoy every moment of your life.
  3. wow, nice, and congrats for the good net position!
  4. Haha , I like the snake at the end... Open this picture next time you are gambling :)))) And congrats on the winnings!
  5. It appears when I was a kid I managed to dislocate mine on several occasions. I've done it so many times that by the end I was able to fix it by myself. I remember none of this but at least that's what my mother told me.
  6. Cheers pal! It's been lucky night indeed. I fucking lost it at the reaction video. Spend them with joy!
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