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  1. maradonaz

    Tinkering on Fruit Warp --20p stake --

    well done mate! more money to play another day!
  2. Hello .. friends .. I have withdrawn 410 euros of this profit ... an initial deposit of 20 .. good luck to all..
  3. maradonaz

    Fuck slots

    I can understand how you feel my friend ... these purchases of chilli, pirate kingdom and fruit party were stolen from me in August ... after a time for recovery without betting, now what I do is go back to My rule of betting always low is the way to go ... Good luck.
  4. maradonaz

    Tinkering on Drive and Captain Venture small stakes

    Good job!! I play Driver sometimes and It not pay frecuently
  5. maradonaz

    Ozzy Osborne..good bonus..352x

    Hello friends, after a stop to recover a little ... of life ... and money, this afternoon I decided to enter again ... it seems that I have had a good reception in my casino. I deposit 50 euros .. with a 25 euro bonus that had to be played 20 times .. after converting into extra chilli (base game) .. my balance was 100 ... I try ozzy and in a bonus bet of 0.40 he gave me this . two high symbols and one low symbol were wild..that's why. now I'm waiting 220 withdrawal.
  6. maradonaz

    Chocolates Review

    I just read it..good job my friend.Thank you
  7. maradonaz

    Star Clusters

    Awesome mate!!! 20€spins lol
  8. maradonaz

    PROFIT and STOP 4 days per week 4 weeks £100 start.

    hello friend ... can you tell me if playing 20 numbers half (10x bet) and if fails ...then double.... at some point we will have a profit and fold ... is it a good system? I think Its the BEST way to play roulette
  9. maradonaz

    Pc help

    The monitor of the second configuration is smaller.
  10. maradonaz

    Pc help

    I think that the first configuration you post is more powerful than the second pc. the first one has i5 cpu and 500 ssd hd, the second pc mounts the ryzen 3 processor which is equivalent to i3 cpu ... the second configuration mounts a smaller ssd hard drive capacity and another mechanical hdd 1 tb that is obsolete. the graphics card is the my opinion.
  11. maradonaz

    Millionaire 2400x. 😲😲😲😲

    Yeahhhhh...awesome hit.. congratulations mate!!
  12. maradonaz

    Genie Jackpots Megaways 918x Stake!

    A great Víctory! ..... Its Money to spend in weekend. Ole!!!
  13. maradonaz

    Aztec Gold hit.. 4000+

    Great !! I wish you more like this...enjoy the money mate.
  14. maradonaz

    DOA2 61930X 0,45bet of the best hits i've seen in this slot..take and fly!! I don't get tired of watching the video