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  1. Peace and merry Christmas for you too..great man and good person.
  2. from an initial deposit of 10 euros... I bet 0.09 bet... a couple of shitty bonuses and at the end comes the good one. withdrawal 270 euros ... a hug
  3. just a bunch of grapes connected instead of a red Heart and it would have been 5000x..finally paíd 4 euro.ha ha
  4. good one! but those pumpkins pay little for an almost full screen
  5. super!...fresh money.. at the moment, the best clone of big basses slots
  6. Superstars ...I tried 10 euros with this one and it only returned 1. The complete rows of symbols never add up for a prize. For me... a real garbage game.
  7. Thanks mate...I'm sure English women are also as beautiful as Spanish ones hahaha
  8. Initial deposit 10 Euro. 0.20 bet . Betting time 9 minute. .cash out 320 euro.
  9. love fruit party and this spin...orange falls
  10. rest in peace...I'm sure this man had a very difficult life...he didn't know how to carry his problems behind his back...suicide is not the right option to face them.
  11. Boom! Nicel hit ..one of the BEST i see in this game
  12. the money leprechaun loves you ..take the money and spend it well
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