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  1. maradonaz

    Stack Em 1249x

    Superb..its difficult get trhree scatters in this one...good job.
  2. maradonaz


    Great..enjoy the money!
  3. maradonaz

    Immersive roulette big hitt

    well done mate...the last 1030 pound roll hurt like a sword in the back.
  4. maradonaz

    Tinkering on Bonus Fruits £1

    Good one!... i like jungle Falls ..a Game of inspired
  5. maradonaz

    40p Stake Wanted Dead or a Wild

    Nice hit!
  6. maradonaz

    3037x Stack'Em

    I congratulate you for those good winnings mate... in my country at the moment the purchase of bonuses is allowed...sometimes I have managed to increase the bonus money that the casino gives away and I buy bonuses to try to convert it to real money. I'm just telling you that this game of the mouse (stack em) swallowed... 300 euros in purchase of bonuses at 25 euros and did not return a shit... I had never seen anything so brutal gutting balance...
  7. maradonaz

    3037x Stack'Em

    Great bonus hit!
  8. maradonaz

    Newbie Hello

    welcome to the forum mate! Everything that our friend Solario333 has said is true... and I would also add the important advice... - when you have a decent balance after a good hit... collect the money and start doing other activities... it's the only way to win the casino temporarily. (you would still have money left to play if you had withdrawn in time when you had the comma in the balance) - Never chase your deposit or reach a balance limit because you will surely lose more money. Regards from Spain Good luck...
  9. maradonaz

    God loves a trier ..............Apparently!

    Although sometimes I publish my victories... I am not alluded to by your comment... because I also have a thread about losses that I have posted on the forum... in any case, everyone knows that in the end we gamblers lose more than We won, why publish everything... Your bets on horses are very high... I'm not at that level... I bet for fun... not to ruin myself. better lower a little the money you spend on bets. a hug
  10. maradonaz

    Tinkering on Dead or a Wild

    Nice! I Hope you enjoy the money.
  11. maradonaz

    Danger High Voltage - £2 Stake HV Bonus

    Great mexican fajita bonus hit !
  12. maradonaz

    Tinkering on Knight Rider

    Good one! Knigth Rider in Spain was "el coche fantástico" ...hahaha
  13. Initial depósit 30 euro... 6 euro played at 0.40 bet and coming this ... Withdrawal 300 euro..a Hug.
  14. maradonaz

    Tinkering on legacy of Egypt 90p

    Great win! ..a good for this week!
  15. maradonaz

    The deal Pokerstars

    Superb! Enjoy the money.