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  1. Absolutely, it was my own doing that caused this, so I do take responsibility. However if the systems were really that good, they'd have caught me out before it happened.
  2. Like I said, i'm going back round in circles. Had their reasons been a completely wrong DOB/wrong address I would've just left it and accept my losses. But it's not. I went onto their live chat and they told me that they check every player on GAMSTOP upon registration and every player has to submit identity docs when they register. Unlike some companies, their T+C also state nothing whatsoever regarding whether the player is liable for any loss due to opening another account when onto gamstop. I'l go straight to UKGC and probably reply to IBAS with the response they gave me to get their view.
  3. Just received this Please note your complaint has been reviewed by senior management and you are not eligible for a refund as the details you registered with Hollywoodbets does not match with the details you registered with GamStop. The UK GC does not deal directly with complaints and we will no longer be communicating directly with you and your account, as it is closed.Please refer your complaint case to IBAS. Going back round in circles I think
  4. I’m still waiting on a response but I managed to stumble across this paragraph in their T+C (Below) Normally I’d expect them to have confirmed my proof of identity and address by asking me to send my license or passport in to confirm my identity. So I don’t understand how they have managed to let me deposit. also, unlike most other bookmakers there is NO statement in their T+C to say what happens if someone opens another account whilst being self excluded so for them to say my deposits can’t be returned is baseless imo but not sure if I’m right saying that. Hollywoodbets will carry out name, address and age verification checks on customers on a regular basis after the account has been activated. Should the verification checks not provide sufficient proof as to the customer’s name, address and/or age, Hollywood will suspend the account and request the customer to provide adequate documentation confirming their name, address and age (refer details above). Should inadequate documentation be received within a 72-hour time period of the request, the customer’s account will be deactivated, until such time as adequate documentation is received. In this regard, a Hollywoodbets Customer Support Team will be in contact to confirm if the customer requires any assistance with reactivating their betting account or alternatively having their funds refunded.
  5. I am more than happy to share my GAMSTOP registration details privately and the actual details HB said they had on their system should anyone want them to analyse. I have gone straight to the gambling commission using the email IBAS gave me. I'm pretty sure that the . was to abbreviate the 'saint' part of my address as my phone automatically corrects it for me when i enter it in the address field (i.e St.) but I don't believe for one second that this should be a reason in itself for a system not to detect a problem gambler, as well as the name.
  6. Now I do realise that IBAS do not deal with self exclusion complaints nor do they have a reputable success rate according to trustpilot, but I still do not believe that the reasons HB states are legitimate. what does everyone make of this?
  7. This is the response IBAS have just given me... Dear Mr Mistry Thank you for your submissions yesterday. I was sorry to learn of your issue with both operators and the losses you have had. As you have been told, it is essential for you to keep your Gamstop registration up to do with your latest personal information. We would like to help further, but unfortunately IBAS has no remit to investigate responsible gambling/self exclusion or customer service issues. Hollywoodbets is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. You should make a complaint to them if you believe that they have contravened the terms of their licence. The best way to do that is by e-mail to PLEASE NOTE: The Gambling Commission does not conduct an investigation in the same way as IBAS (i.e. with a published final decision) nor does it ever make financial awards to customers. However, on some occasions the outcome of a regulatory investigation may either persuade an operator to make a payment to the complainant or provide grounds for the complainant to take the matter to court. You are clearly doing your best to address your gambling problem. I should say that The Gordon Moody Association offers a Gambling Therapy app that I know a lot of people have found helpful and relevant in trying to overcome a gambling addiction In the circumstances, I would advise you to also consider the software you can install to prevent you accessing gambling sites – for a start take a look at It is also worth approaching your bank and seeing if they have a policy (some do) that allows you to sign up and prevent them making payments on your behalf to gambling sites. If your bank doesn’t, perhaps have a look round to find one that does. See Given what has happened, this would seem particularly helpful for you. With regard to your point about financial compensation, the harsh reality is that while there are clear regulatory conditions for the steps that gambling companies must take to interact with and engage with customers to prevent problem gambling, there is no parallel condition or code of conduct that says losses sustained should normally be refunded to customers. Nor is there any legal precedent that we are aware of. We do not underestimate, for a second, the emotional and financial distress that this will have put you under, but the regulatory position is that gambling operators should do all that they can to prevent customers from gambling excessively and the Gambling Commission frequently issues fines to operators who are found to have fallen short of those expectations. It may be that the law is ready for a change, which is one of the reasons why we refer complaints similar to yours to the Gambling Commission – so that they are aware of the number and type of problems that are causing complaints and so they can factor this into their future policy making. Realistically – as the law stands – we would be inclined to say that you would be best to prepare for not receiving a return of the money that was lost and aim to look forward, rather than backwards. If the Gambling Commission does conclude that either operator breached their licence conditions in your specific case, then please do contact us again and we will see whether anything further can be done to help you. I appreciate that this is probably not what you want to hear. I also hope that, in due course, that you will somehow be able to put all this behind you. That is not going to be easy, everyone here does wish you all the best for the future.
  8. I've gone to IBAS and the UKGC about it anyway, I don't believe all of their reasons should stand. I also do not mind sending the actual email to anyone if they'd like to see the differences in info. I just don't wish to post my information on this thread.
  9. Thanks for al your input guys This incident happened 2 months ago so I’m not too concerned if I lose, but reading some posts on here made me question whether I should reopen the case, and I have gone to ibas about it. Whilst I acknowledge some fault of mine I agree that the reasons they gave are bizarre. Like I said I agree about the email but I don’t about the other 2. if a person was called Micheal but they used mike when registering an account does that mean that they can create a new account? Likewise that is how they have stated that the name I used was different.
  10. Hello, Just wanted some advice. A couple of months ago I was self excluded by GAMSTOP. When I relapsed through my mistake on my own, I registered with an account on Hollywoodbets and deposited a large sum of money (I think close to £1000). I asked for my deposit back and spoke to Hollywoodbets who said a few details conflicted with those on GAMSTOP. For the purposes of this thread I'm going to anonymise the data.This is what their email stated in March 'We have reviewed your proof of Gamstop and taking serious consideration of the facts, we respectfully advise that your request for a refund of your deposits has been declined.Please be aware that the following details registered on Gamstop is different from the details you ussed to register with Hollywoodbets : Name is XY with us and gamstop is X Address has a . on back office Email used with us X gamstop must be Y This is the reason the current self-exclusion was not picked up by the system and your account was not blocked on registration.' For your information my full legal first name is XY. After reading some posts on here I'm not sure whether to reopen this case again as I realise that at least 2 of their reasons are false. The second one is utterly bizarre. I don't consider an email address to be a marker of identity. This all happened back in March. My question is - do I have grounds to reopen this case and pursue my deposits back? Thanks