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  1. Triggered101

    Thank You goodbye

    I'm confused. Has she donated the 6k to charity or is that also a load of bollocks? Fair play Stone. I'd be pretty pissed. What started as a free competition has cost you a weeks wages
  2. Hudds 26 - 30 Hull 6 - 10 Wigan 21 - 25 Leeds 16 -20 Hull KR 16 - 20 Castleford 6 - 10
  3. Triggered101


    1. 1 - 2 2. 1 - 2 3. 0 - 2 4. 1 - 3 5. 0 - 2
  4. Triggered101

    YouTube uploading dates

    Be good if they indicated their intentions to be fair
  5. Triggered101

    YouTube uploading dates

    Anyone else get a message like that?
  6. Triggered101

    YouTube uploading dates

    Only just seen some randomer must have been trying to rope me into cheating in that competition they must have been banned so no idea who it is
  7. Triggered101

    Manchester Derby

    Andy post a link so I can find it, never used that place before. Alot is being shut down over here so I dont want to open another thread to ask.
  8. Triggered101

    Self exclusion

    So today I wake up with 5 emails. Sportingbet, Party casino, Bwin, Coral casino and Coral sports. All sending me an email reporting a request to exclude myself. Firstly I self excluded on Gamstop maybe November/December, does it take so long for this to kick in? Could I really have played on these casinos until this morning? I had no idea I was a member of these, but that's how bad i was at my low point, just throwing money at everything
  9. Triggered101

    March give away

    Also from what I've seen she plays minimum stake when posting her big wins, but all the hunt bonuses are upto £3
  10. Triggered101

    March give away

    So what have I missed? Threads closed, conspiracy theories etc what a whirlwind it's been. What i dont understand is how Nicola has spend a lot of money building all those bonuses, to the give 50% to a charity and 50% to the winner? Is she absolutely wedged or somthing? Seems crazy to spend all that then give it all away? Apologies if these points have been covered elsewhere but I'm playing catch up
  11. Triggered101

    March Giveaway - Live Chat

    I'm just curious. With the amount of bonuses and stake of each, was this a good amount or very poor? I'm thinking the latter Good to see somebody scooped the lot, would be a shame to share 6k between 70 people. @Nicolawhat's your channel? Is there a few on here with channels excluding rolls?
  12. Triggered101

    Nicola's March Giveaway Comp Scheme

    I would be more than happy to share. I would feel abit dirty to be honest if I took thousands from @Nicolafor doing nothing.
  13. Triggered101

    Nicola's March Giveaway Comp Scheme

    I just mean obviously this has been made, how many closed chats are going about the same thing? Just doesn't sit right with me for some reason
  14. Triggered101

    Nicola's March Giveaway Comp Scheme

    I have no idea what's going on. Is there more groups hiding in the chats looking to exploit what @Nicolaput forward as a great prize? The last thing I would expect is groups conjuring up ways to win.
  15. Triggered101

    Nicola's March Giveaway Comp Scheme

    This section started with good intentions, but now it seems the idea is to stop others winning with guesses to block others winning?