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  1. howfin

    Fuel Shortage

    Stfu grandad
  2. howfin

    Fuel Shortage

    Dunny call me son old man
  3. howfin

    Spam texts

    I think this forum needs a Scottish mod
  4. howfin

    Fuel Shortage

    @RB91 talkz shite as usual
  5. howfin

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    How the fuck is this thread still goin
  6. howfin

    1 MAX BET

    Everyone knows 40p is the only stake you win on
  7. howfin

    Spam texts

    Is it true your leg size divided by the square root of hitting something on danger = 1 inch ?
  8. howfin

    Insulate Britain Protests?

    What a load of shite
  9. howfin

    AJ vs Usyk

    Agreed Aj is gonna knock fuck outta him All in as advised above
  10. howfin

    Amazing hit on Immersive roulette

    Wow fantastic mate absoluetley unbelieveable unreal hit gtfit !!!
  11. howfin

    Spam texts

    When u sign to rock n rolla forum u get spam texts for slidin door installations brutal mate feel ur pain close ur account asap
  12. howfin

    Any plumbers on here

    @Gkell727 no offense but prob u = fag ngl
  13. howfin

    Today I’m at Yarmouth races

    Nae pics didny happen
  14. howfin

    Any plumbers on here

    Am a plumberbal dae it fur 600 pound whatsapp me at 0800 stfu pls
  15. howfin

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    Die plese haha