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  1. howfin


    Its like asking for a girls number on tinder and they say 'ohh i cant because xxxx'...
  2. howfin


    As already said by others bit of a joke video. He could have shown his logs in less time making that video with no personal info shown at all. Perhaps he is just paranoid for no reason about showing that stuff, but generally people who create these elaborate web of 'x reason why i cant do something' cant be trusted.
  3. howfin

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    Was going to add my own comments on this but think all thats needed to be said has already been said. Fair play to Rolla for causing such a shit storm, about time someone with influence spoke up about these things. Good man.
  4. howfin

    G'day from the bottom of the world

    G'day matey welcome aboard
  5. howfin

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Epsom14:00 - Victory Command nap14:35 - Contrive15:10 - Bye Bye15:45 - Open Wide (E/W) nb16:30 - Bangkok
  6. Also fair play for such a nice giveaway another reason why this community is the best
  7. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Hard for sure but 28s does seem a decent price with Ar S with some credible AW efforts in ireland to the name. Wouldve hoped the yard change to Hobson might have helped with a change of tactics but dont know Clare all that well to be fair, looks like a very small outfit. Hard to know where you stand away from Swell now for the first time since the yard swap, could be worth a pop though in my eyes at small stakes. Its not like that race will take much winning either
  8. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Deffo follow with Awarded way overpricd. Gleeful is 13/8 fav now so yeah interesting he takes one ride but 13/8 uhh cant take that myself
  9. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Tbh agree with what youre saying but ive been stung by this fuck in the past with similar lines of thought but does seem overpriced for sure. Dont think i can bet it myself but if he strings things together deffo a great bet but think the price is 28s due to his unlikelyness to win being a 25 race maiden.Looks like most in this race struggle to improve though. Not to put you off it or anything i prolly would bet it if i wasnt stung before. Quite like Hello Girl but 5s seems a bit short even though is well treated.
  10. howfin

    Self excluded

    Good luck man as others have said its a fresh start. Hope it all pans out for you x
  11. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Wait wtf cant use the c*** word anymore thumbs down
  12. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Fucking Qabala fudger
  13. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Yes mate Qabala the peoples champ.. to the hilt today
  14. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Hermosa and Qabala square up again in the Irish 1000 guineas today. They finished 1st and 3rd in the UK guineas at the start of the month. It may be worthwhile giving Qabala another chance here as the way the race panned out last time didnt suit Qabala and circumstances could be different here. Might just be following this horse off a cliff though. 10/3. Also going to give Lilys Prince 25/1 EW a go in the cluster fuck at 1420.