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  1. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Maybe a go on the horses today. It's hard to not like Jumira Bridge in the first at Chelmsford but who wants to take 13/8. I might give Kupa River 16/1 EW a small whirl. Was fairly well beaten by Jumira fudger but did have excuses that day and run before that was much better, being beaten only a length into 4th. While his profile overall suggests consistency is not his key, should be perform anywhere near that penultimate start its easy to see tihs fuck should be close to a place at the very least. Perhaps the first start on polytrack today may aid in sparking the prick up a bit.
  2. howfin


    How is anyone 'going in' on him? Asking advice is fine and he received it from other members. I'll be honest and say Ive not read all his posts as to be honest I just cant be arsed. But he turned the advice he got from what i did read into glorifying gambling, borrowing and posting wins on roulette shortly after. Im no psychologist but if people want to just react with 'get the fuck in there' emote and pretend what he is doing isnt an issue then that is worse than what has been said in this thread. GKell of course bluently pointed that out but sometimes people need a fucking wake up call.
  3. howfin


    Aye you're right of course, its not nice to read when hes so open about it, makes him seem like a right arsehole. I would have banned him if i was a mod a while ago. Not because i think hes a dickhead or whatever, but simply because he needs to stay away from gambling exposure completly in my eye.
  4. howfin


    It's a hard thing to read, but essentially this is what addiction is. Lying, cheating, scamming, borrowing, doing whatever you can to fund that next high. He might come acros as a dickhead as its writen here in black and looks bad on paper, but the guy simply needs help. I dont think posting on here or being exposed to any gambling content will help. He needs a clean break, but yeah, only he can decide his own fate.
  5. howfin


    Theres a joint out by that shite hole Tallaght that does rehab servicea like this Rutland Center
  6. howfin


    310 thousand? lol
  7. howfin


    Awh right, didny read much af it to be honest but fair enough. Seems fairly pointless to say anything else then if things are that bad. Not to be cold hearted or what not but yeah lol. Hope you seek out the professional help you obviously need.
  8. howfin


    Below quote taken from your other thread about blowing your wages "@Miller26 @Kev40 @spursman Thanks for sharing your experiences guys . It is your kind of members make TGC what it is .I can clearly see how you genuinely feel for me and also dont want me to loose my money eventhough I am a total stranger to you guys . I am touched by the responses I get here and thanks to all the top members here , you guys are gems . I dont know whether i can quit completely but I am sure I will stay with my limit of 100 euros fortnightly as I will have no access to anything more . If I fail again even after that I will ban myself from all the gambling and will go to rehab for sure. " The fact you are deposting 200 euros, implies you have your card back and you are wagering above your set 100 euros/2weeks. I think now is a good time to ban yourself as you said you would if you failed. You have obviously failed and need help. The wins are great but unless u take action now, you'll be in the hole, if not already.
  9. howfin

    San Quentin xWays Review

    He wouldnt have to move to Malta to do that. He can just use his fake casino funds/accounts to do it from the UK. A mystery poster recently caught Paul using fake funds/providers as Paul refused to meet him in the bookies with 20 grand in his pocket. Once you cant pass that test its all over.
  10. howfin

    The UK Market

    I know what you are saying about the winning part and yes you would in most cases be paid out by a licensed operator in the UK, however, lets face it, winning is the worst thing that can happen and simply serves in prolonging any given persons addiction. If someone is putting in more than they can afford each month then its only a matter of time being winnings are dumped back. Winning on an unregulated place is probably the best thing that can happen as you will very quickly learn your winnings will not be paid and that is the big wake up a lot of people need to move on.
  11. howfin

    The UK Market

    No one does, but you do need to look at the bigger picture. I mean, just look at the forum here recently, people complaining about operators SOW'ing them while gambling on benefits. If you really are pissed off that you cant spend money gambling then to me as a bystander than thats a problem. This is the norm across the UK and has been forever. People gamble with money they shouldnt be gambling with or gamble too much of their wages. Its inevitable with gambling and theres no way to protect people except with tightening limitations for everyone. Either they do nothing and people complain about lax protection or they do something and people complain about things being too tight. It's a no win situation but Im personally on board with the changes we have seen recently. Yes and no right. I mean, perhaps that sort of thing is part of the process of recovery from addiction. Perhaps you have to go down that route and realise you wont get paid out by unregulated operators. Im no psychologist, but inevitably, there is no difference to dropping your bank balance on a licensed UK operator vs an unregulated one. If you are doing either, you have a problem, and restrictions arnt the problem there.
  12. howfin

    The UK Market

    My view is that the checks are a good thing. Let's face it, the vast majority of people spend way too much on gambling. Im not going to ask you what your salary is but £800/month seems excessive. Obviously, without knowing circumstances, that view could be very wrong. Its beside the point anyway. Most people can and will spend too much gambling. This stops a lot of people from doing their bollocks in so that to me can only be a good thing.
  13. howfin

    Reel King Megaways :)

    Great video i really enjoyed watching this 10/10 on yelp
  14. In my view its stupid to say im not playing x game because the bonus never pays. Same for the 'missgnomer' of any given slot having "potential" or not. All slots are designed to do one thing and one thing only, take your money. That is exactly what is going to happen 99.99999% of the time you ever play any given slot. Of course the likes of BTG with their megaways have ruined the slot scene with games that can pay up to 60-70,000x and plastered all their games as life changing slots with huge potential, the fact is, you will probably never in your life hit one of those bonuses. Lets face it, for most people, getting 1,000x is an achievement in itself. And how often does any given person hit 1,000x? Once a year if youre lucky and play a stupid amount? The same shit applies to slots with max payouts of 2,100x or whatever. You'll never hit that top end payout. I do understand the point though, if you're going to spunk your money, why not spunk it where i have a tiny chance of hitting a life changer, instead of a tiny chance of hitting a 2,100x. Its a tough one and generally will divide the scene into either playing megaways trash only or being more open to playing anything. With this specific game though, you do have to take a step back and think about it logically. The bonus isnt going to drop screens of fish with frankies everywhere that often. Most bonuses will end up being between 0-50x. Thus, the most bonuses opened will be trash. Thats with any game, not just this one. It for sure is smartly designed though. Most people probably dont even look for the max payout before playing and just think its fun and on the bare face of it, a 50x multiplyer with 10 spins sounds like it could pay huge, but as we know, that is not the case. The bottom line is, no slot is going to pay you huge, you are always going to lose, doesnt matter if its classed as having potential or not, you wont win that life changer, you wont hit that elusive monster, fuck the slots and fuck the fobts.
  15. 1. Aston Villa vs Newcastle United 1-2 2. Brighton vs Blackpool 2-1 3. Aberdeen vs Motherwell 2-1 4. Manchester vs Liverpool 3-2 5. Livingston vs St Mirren 2-2 6. Bournemouth vs Crawley Town 2-2