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  1. howfin

    Why does it always rain when I take a break??

    Thats why we gamble, few hours away fae the moanin ole sods
  2. howfin

    Today’s selections

    close ur gob maggot
  3. howfin

    Today’s selections

    anyone know how to stream ? can do a small one if i knew how
  4. howfin

    Today’s selections

    dont talk to bangers pls
  5. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Kek... the king of horse racing is available 24/7 on whatsapp
  6. howfin

    Thankyou NETENT ❤️🚀💎

    i thought you had to be russian to play this game ?
  7. howfin

    Today’s selections

    sos lover been afk a few weeks didnt c dis one, hope u won ?
  8. howfin

    Enough of this

    what this community needs is a howfin stream
  9. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Well yesterday was a blowout, serves me right for betting on shite English racing. At least today we have superior racing at Musselburgh to look forward to. We have a great race to start at 15.45. A 5 runner logjam with a 2/5 fav. Hard to get away from Finn's Charm. Pleasing debut over 6f at Yarmouth. Lead the whole way but was headed in the last 100 yards and lost 2nd towards the line. Was supported that day as well, so I guess the price is justified. I mean, this race is basically a no bet but that isnt what we do here is it. The play is probably Disputed at 11/1. Adrian is 1/3 with newcomers so far this season. One of two rides for Oisin today. Also interesting that he sticks around to 1815 to saddle Business 6/1. I might take both his rides in a double ew for interest. Double EW @ 108/1.
  10. howfin

    Today’s selections

    14.00: Sharp Combo 25/1 EW 14.35: Majestic Glory 9/1 EW 1545: Thegreatshowman 20/1 EW 1630: Star of India 16/1 EW L15 EW
  11. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Complexity to beat nip 5pm iem dallas esports 11/4 nip are 1/4 so its hard to swallow but they have stand ins tonight so worth a punt
  12. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Why would you pick that piece of shit in a 4 runner ? You do know its +EV to back the outsiders in races with 4 or less runners ? For sure i think ur rite to avoid the odds on wing lord but jesus who the fuck is connor planas and holly can rim me as well Lucyan is prolly the play at 13/2
  13. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Well done love