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  1. howfin

    Best Baccarat

    Best version of Bukkake Rat I've seen so far. They also do a little dance and jiggle the goods while drawing cards and when you win. Would recommend. 10/10 on yelp
  2. howfin

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    2 million a month. It shows you how much they have generated from people doing their bollocks in via twitch alone.
  3. howfin

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    You fucked them good and hard then, right up the arse and they actually paid you out. Perhaps they are hoping you re-depo and do your bollocks in. Id imagine 3k isnt a big hit for them, considering they pay shits like train mega $$ to sit doing 48hour streams with £1000 spins
  4. howfin

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    Meh, guess it depends how desperate you are to gamble. If you've gamstopped I can see it as being a very tempting thing to do. Or if you miss bonus buys or auto spins or whatever the fuck UKGC have banned, its an easy avenue to explore, especially with all the advertisments of stake/roobet these days on Twitch/Youtube. I like the idea of crypto casinos but fuck me why take the risk if you dont have to
  5. howfin

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    Interesting, a lot of people say the same. Id imagine things would be different if you won a life changing amount. Stake is apparently 'coming to the UK soon', so it will no doubt have to get a UKGC license. Infact, their splash screen already says its regulated by the UKGC on landing on their site from a UK ip. Id probably wait for them to open their UK operations regardless if you really have to play on such a site but glad you got paid out anyway
  6. howfin

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    On the face of it, you might think, yeah, hes done the right thing and being upfront about it. But, I dont by it. Its advertising for a reason and that reason is to generate income. If he wasnt generating income he wouldnt do it surely? I dont watch him at all so Ive no idea and could be totally wrong and he may just be using his own money and taking the risk, but for sure he would get paid out as an influencer whereas the general prick wont. If you look at all the comments on that video most are agreeing with playing on those sites so it shows you that advertising works.
  7. howfin

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Absolutely fantastic guys well done to all the winners keep up the brilliant work
  8. howfin

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    If he has replied to comments with what you said he has replied with, then it shows pure greed and no regard for the general punter whatsoever. It's times like these that people show their true colours. On the other hand, it is his 'job', so one might say it makes sense for him to do it. Either way, 99% of streamers in the scene these days have no morals and we all know it.
  9. howfin

    Cheltenham 2022 meet up?

    Tbh, i wouldnt mind going to suvval for an evening on the sand but only if @Rocknrolla comes
  10. howfin

    Gerrard new Villa manager

    Van shit horse fav at bookies kekw is confirmed
  11. howfin

    Slots, are big wins a good thing?

    Probably why they processed my withdraw before hitting me with the bullshit then. Either way though, for a £100 deposit, it seems excessive. I wont mention the casino name but its a well renowned UK operated casino. Can understand if I dropped 10k as a new customer but £100? Fuck me, cant be arsed.
  12. howfin

    Slots, are big wins a good thing?

    Im fairly sure its because i was a new customer, deposited £100 and won £450 they asked for it. If I deposited and lost, it would never have been asked for. With the whales, its obviously a lot different as in the long term they know they will win huge. Whereas with the working class, they arnt going to win huge but might just cashout and keep a huge win comapred to their depost. So they inconvienance the masses as there will be a certain % that dont send the required docs due to privacy concerns
  13. howfin

    Slots, are big wins a good thing?

    My ban is over now. @Rocknrolla and @MrUKHackz banned me from stream etc for saying kekw in stream once when a bonus paid 1x. Sad times
  14. howfin

    Slots, are big wins a good thing?

    Sounds like something you'd get with picking up a burd from paisley
  15. howfin

    Slots, are big wins a good thing?

    After working in similar industries before, I highly doubt your details are used for purposes other than for their intended purpose. All the same, its very intrusive and I guess thats the nature of the beast. I just gamble in-store these days. Just the odd flutter on footy or horses cant be arsed with the whole online shite anymore due to all this submit your left bollock sample to spin