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  1. Pretty shitty dont watch the guy anyway but way it goes. If it wasnt him itll be someone else. Too much money to be made from this industry for morals
  2. howfin

    TGC T-Shirt Design Ideas

  3. howfin

    TGC T-Shirt Design Ideas

    Ah lads
  4. howfin

    They keep removing Bandits Videos!

    Prob some kind of automated system that removes content with X number of reports against it until a human review takes place. Most big companies have similar systems. As Mendez says if theres a group of people actively targetting his videos itll always happen and no way to avoid it unless youtube whitelist him in some way.
  5. howfin

    Saw this and thought of you Kinks

    Dont try make out its not your average day
  6. howfin

    Understanding Handicapping!

    Been looking at that program for a while now, looks pretty decent but does for sure look like itll take a while to get the hang of. Time isnt my strong point at the moment with a waine and all. Not to make excuses, of course you have to put time in to get something in return. Does seem like a really good tool for the price though. The guy makes it look easy on his videos to get results which im sure wont be the case until you understand it properly. Think id need someone to sit down with for like a week to show me how to use it properly or id just be a tosser throwing money away though lol
  7. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Encore D'Or 10/1 EW looks like a prime spare rib fuck in the 1305 at Ascot (4 places skybet). On the scale of things this jobby hasnt done too well since smoking the fuck out of Ornate at Newcastle on the AW over 5f back in January. Also pan smoked Stone of Destiny that day as well. Ornate went on to win some decent turf races this year including a hot 5f Dash at Epsom last month. Encore c*unt has disappointed to a large degree since then but does arrive here on a 1lb lower mark than his last turf win due to that. Robert Cowell has won this race 3 times since 2010 however is struggling for winners recently. Has never won at Ascot before and was utterly nobed 2 weeks ago here, but that couldnt have been the real him. Has won 11 races at 5/6f on varying surfaces. Seeing as RC has such a good record in this race you'd imagine he'd be primed for today. Worth the risk.
  8. howfin

    Understanding Handicapping!

    Tbh its a cluster fuck trying to work this shit out. For the general interested nob theres a lot you can do to improve your selections but sadly it takes a shit load of time and a lot of it is locked behind paywalls, like RP Premium which is meant to be great. The lower tier handicaps are probably the best to focus on as generally most are crocks of shite that you know everything about and it's easier to trace back performances, highs, lows, etc. Its a wonder we dont all just follow Hugh Taylor. Prolly one of the best shites out there for hc tipping. Its probably why that Mystical fuck you were wondering about @Blacko in the 20.05 crashed in price, as Hugh Taylor put that up today. Thats the problem with backing his selections, as soon as he posts the price is lost. Wouldnt have been the only reason but deffo a factor. His results speak for themself: 2018 results ROI 1.55 +345pts 2017 results ROI 1.46 +282pts 2016 results ROI 1.44 +281pts 2015 results ROI 1.34 +207pts 2014 results ROI 1.32 +199.79pts 2013 results ROI 1.32 +210pts 2012 results ROI 1.31 +222.65pts 2011 results ROI 1.28 +302.64 pts 2010 results ROI 1.23 +324.79 pts 2009 results ROI 1.26 +500.36 pts For me with no access to any premium stuff or any inside knowledge or api's or whatever, I do my best. Mainly lose as i dont look in depth enough to everything due to lacking time. I think thats the main thing that seperates people, time investment, Access to info/tools and inside information. If you dont have those 3 things itll be pretty hard to make any real ROI unless youre just like #1 tipper EU
  9. howfin

    The Barras

    Hey hey... my mates would be full monty
  10. howfin

    Horse that will shorten and possibly win

    Ul folks
  11. howfin

    Arriving late, but hello 👋

    Welcome. Shake and bake sounds good as well
  12. howfin

    Horse that will shorten and possibly win

    Im tempted to go on the 100/1 shot Good luck 2 u fickerz though too short for me
  13. howfin

    Cafetiere - Coffee

    I concur that grinding Aussy Bean is v nice
  14. howfin

    Finally a Line Of Explorers???

    Well, the result of the spin was the win you got with the 2 dudes. Dont think that would change if you had all lines. If it was meant to give a 500x payout it would have done it surely on the lines you had. Why i dont bother with these 1 line theories. Just a visual cock up the arse I think. Could be wrong of course, just my way of looking at it.