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  1. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Fuckin horses today led tae this
  2. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Lotta fuckin shite
  3. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Fibersand today, probably my favorite surface of them all. Put in the effort and it's a great place to find big priced winners. Instead, decided to fuck all that and I've let my boy pick today. Good luck to all Dolly Dupree @20/1 EW 1/5 1,2,3,4 Southwell Outright Betting Boots And Spurs @16/1 EW 1/5 1,2,3,4 Southwell Outright Betting Baron Run @16/1 EW 1/5 1,2,3,4 Southwell Outright Betting Total Stake €20.00 Potential Return €18,049.60
  4. Congrats on the win and sounds like a good plan, just limit your account and dont dump back.:)
  5. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Fuckit, one more for luck. Kareena Kapoor can suck my huge flowing shaft. Pure gamble on Call me Ginger 25/1 EW
  6. howfin

    Today’s selections

    The run is over for me.. time to cash out before its too late
  7. howfin

    Today’s selections

  8. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Living in Glasgow where ma staple meal is either a bag of chips or fish fingers and beans that actually looks edible
  9. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Money coming for Totally Magic 6/1 into 4s... can we keep it going
  10. howfin

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Rigged imo, but well done to all
  11. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Take me for a candlelit dinner wae ur winnings?
  12. howfin

    Today’s selections

    9pts up, how things can change.. put 3 on Totally Magic in the next, so 6 up if it losses then calling it a night
  13. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Always a good finisher so was a good selection... dont tell the wife bombed out god glad i didnt follow that gamble
  14. howfin

    Today’s selections

    Dont tell the wife, gambled on, not betting myself but jesus 25/1 this morning, 11/4 now, must go close??
  15. howfin

    Today’s selections