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  1. Chair Slots

    No Limit Slots

    Best thing to do with these type of games is give them 50 ish spins and move on. Get stuck on them at your peril.
  2. Chair Slots

    Tinkering on Lucky lady 6 -- 40p

    Impressive tinkering!!
  3. Chair Slots

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    You mean Tom Netherlands.
  4. Chair Slots

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    How do you manage to fuck up a Holland kit? Just make it fucking orange you dickheads.
  5. Chair Slots

    Cauliflower cheese ..

    Like this basically.
  6. Chair Slots

    Cauliflower cheese ..

    I like my cauliflower cheese to be a bit grilled/ browned on the top. Looks a bit sloppy that. Plus those carrots look like they came out of a can. And yeah no meat either. Not one of your better ones for me that one fella, soz.
  7. Chair Slots

    peter kay tickets

    Excellent, that is funny to be fair. Someone posted on Facebook earlier “If Gareth Southgate was given the death penalty he’d still fucking miss it!” Tickled me.
  8. Chair Slots

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    Still deciding 9 hours later are ya?
  9. Chair Slots

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    Unfortunately I don’t waste time out of my life traveling hours to blow kisses to useless cum sponges like you, paid or unpaid I will however post you a frozen shit with my love now I have your address, thanks for that
  10. Chair Slots

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    Each time you post one of these vids everyone on here is seeing you as a slightly bigger and bigger piece of shit. I, however, saw how much of a massive piece of shit you are right from the start. Away back to CG, you muppet.
  11. Chair Slots

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    Ok, here are the facts: I’m 38. I have a job. I pay for my own Wifi. Of the relatively few wins I have posted, they are all real money. You are an affiliate beggar using this forum for your own financial gain. You have shit stains in your undies.
  12. Chair Slots

    What on Earth is this all about !!!!!!

    The guy is a maggot
  13. Chair Slots

    Been dreaming of 500x on danger for years

    Knockout win that pal
  14. Chair Slots

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    Course you did. That’s why you’re here pseudo-begging for subs.
  15. Chair Slots

    Joker Troupe 🔥

    No I’m not here for financial gain, unlike you