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  1. Chair Slots


    Yeah, did you hear about his funeral? Apparently the reception was awful.
  2. Chair Slots


    If only Rod Hull was here to help.
  3. First thing I'd do is buy the company I work for outright then immediately burn it to the ground and have a massive 250 ft middle finger statue erected in its place.
  4. Silly money. I'd end up dead within about 2 weeks.
  5. Chair Slots

    Tgc a slot comp start date

    Haha it's your chair motherfucker
  6. Chair Slots

    Tgc a slot comp start date

    Spinata Grande Emoticoins Asgardian Stones Cheers!
  7. Chair Slots

    Decent win on Flame Busters 1£ bet

    Nice! And good to see a different slot paying than the usual suspects.
  8. Chair Slots


    Yeah Casimba are decent from my experience.
  9. Chair Slots

    Tgc a slot comp start date

    Can I join please @Rocknrolla I missed the thread before it was locked.
  10. This is just complete non-news. A site giving their players cashback? So what? Videoslots have been doing that for years. There's nothing new here. It's like they did the undercover filming, couldn't get anything that was actually scandalous but decided to make a news article out of it anyway so it wasn't a completely wasted exercise. If they were offering self excluded players incentives to return then that's a different story altogether, but this is just meh.
  11. Chair Slots


    What everyone's said
  12. Chair Slots

    The WORST £500 I Ever Won In My Life

    5x deposit max cashout?? Mate soft spot or not what you should be saying is that site can kiss your fucking soft spot and never play there again.
  13. Chair Slots

    Celtic v Valencia tip

    Mate please that signature is terrible.