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  1. Chair Slots

    Where the Fudge was I? Easy edition!

    Near Castleton by any chance?
  2. Chair Slots

    HorseBurger1989 Rant thread

    Off you fuck again sonny jim
  3. Chair Slots

    Slots4fun Giveaway

  4. To be fair he’s a terrible con man if he only got £17k.
  5. So what would he do someone would take him up on the offer and he’s make up some story which would end up with them needing to transfer him money?
  6. Was this the guy offering spare VIP tickets to the races for free?
  7. Looks like he spent most of it on pies.
  8. Chair Slots

    Pickmywinners + £20 cash comp today

    For a pasty and a bottle of water?!
  9. Chair Slots

    Pickmywinners + £20 cash comp today

  10. Chair Slots


    1 hand on Dragon Tiger anyone..?
  11. Chair Slots

    slotty vegas

    They found it down the back of a sofa?
  12. Chair Slots

    slotty vegas

    It’s no longer available in the UK, but I think they’re still around in other countries so streamers from outside the UK should be able to play there legitimately.
  13. Chair Slots

    Burns Night

    Just because this thread is about Haggis doesn't mean you have to type in a Scottish accent.
  14. Chair Slots

    Burns Night

    She certainly does have nice tatties
  15. Chair Slots

    Burns Night