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  1. Chair Slots

    Today’s selections

    Got a couple of cheeky bets on the tennis today. Really fancy Djok for this one so looking for some value. - Federer to win the first set and lose the match - 5/1 - Djokovic to win 3-1 - 3/1
  2. Chair Slots

    Connect 4 World Champion

    I'm in @Denman I'll hit you with so many fours you'll be begging me for a five.
  3. Chair Slots

    Is this thread Locked yet?

  4. Chair Slots

    Am I missing something?

    Hackz left, JB right:
  5. Chair Slots

    Almost 5000 ...

    5000 users and not one here because of an affiliation sign-up.
  6. Chair Slots

    Gambling problem

    I assumed that because this thread had gone from 2 pages to 10 in less than 12 hours a row had kicked off. Just had a scan through and I'm very proud of you all x
  7. Chair Slots

    Gambling problem

    A wise fella once said to me after I said I want to stop gambling - "Matt, have you ever been on your knees in tears, feeling utterly helpless not knowing where to turn and feeling like there's no other way out than to end it all?" I said no, and he replied "Then you're not ready to stop gambling." Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to know that you need to take drastic action. I'm not saying you're feeling exactly like that now Miller but saying you don't want to be here tells me you're not far away. Why not treat this moment as a line in the sand? A point in time where you say to yourself you will not allow myself to drop lower than this, and treat it as a springboard to put positive changes in place and get some help. You'll be fine champ, you've just got an important decision to make in the coming days methinks. PS. Anyone who just says "just stop gambling" is a cu nt.
  8. Chair Slots

    Funny Shit

  9. Chair Slots

    my friends bonanza fail........

    My mate just sent me this. Paid a squillion x. totes legit
  10. Chair Slots

    $90,000+ Won off 4 rolls on Monopoly Live (1 mBTC = $10)

    A mBTC is a thousandth of a bitcoin so he's betting about 165 dollars.
  11. Chair Slots

    John McCririck RIP

    Wonder if he's up or down horse betting life time
  12. Chair Slots

    John McCririck RIP

    He looked like he died about 5 years ago tbf. RIP
  13. Chair Slots

    William hill shop closures

    Yeah but a lot of backs were getting rubbed with the higher FOBT stakes too but that changed. Seems like they totally forgot about online when all that was going on which is silly when you consider the limits are 100's of times higher
  14. Chair Slots

    @Rocknrolla Solid Proof Davo is a FRAUD!

    Can't see anything Jess...
  15. Chair Slots

    @Rocknrolla Solid Proof Davo is a FRAUD!

    u wot pal