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  1. Chair Slots

    4:35 Ripon

  2. Chair Slots

    TGC Youtube Channel

    Absolutely buzzing with all the content so far, keep it up!
  3. Chair Slots


    How much is it then ffs
  4. Chair Slots

    Big Videoslots complaint

    I just don't play live tables. Too risky.
  5. Chair Slots

    Big Videoslots complaint

    That'll be the RTP reduction in action lol
  6. Chair Slots

    Me and Myself??!?

    Realistically I won't be tuning in but best of luck and that.
  7. Chair Slots

    Today’s selections

    On that topic I think this is the best fancy dress costume I have ever seen in my life.
  8. Chair Slots

    degen gets stood on again

    Ahh great result!! (First dibs on the $200)
  9. Chair Slots


  10. Chair Slots

    Strange Roulette Behaviour

    Nothing really unusual about that. It's just a combination of numbers, no more unusual than the billions of other combinations
  11. Chair Slots


  12. Chair Slots

    I'd like to welcome a new member

    He;s so funny our Blacko isn't he. Playing hide and seek with us. What a card!
  13. Chair Slots

    The First Black Hole Picture Has Finally Been Revealed

    I think someone has just dangled a caramel donut really close in front of a camera so it's not in focus.