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  1. Chair Slots

    Need a New Profile Pic

  2. Chair Slots

    Thankyou NETENT ❤️🚀💎

    Wonder if it has a proper bonus this time?
  3. Chair Slots

    bonus hunt

  4. Chair Slots

    I am getting fat !!

    Looking ream mate
  5. Chair Slots


    It looks like Chip is fondling Gollum’s bollocks
  6. Chair Slots


    If only murder was legal.
  7. Chair Slots


    Sorry to hear about your husband.
  8. Chair Slots

    Lester: A Man Bred to Race

    A man bred to dodge tax too.
  9. Chair Slots

    Casino Bonuses

    Yeh what Hackz pointed out is weird but also the fact they’re tying in your deposit from the start is pretty suss. That’s the old skool way of doing it and was changed by the UKGC. Usually nowadays it’s a parachute bonus where you can withdraw what’s left of your deposit plus any winnings providing you haven’t dipped into the bonus funds.
  10. Chair Slots

    Guy loses 30k in 10 mins playing blackjack

    I wouldn’t give anyone the cheese off my dick, never mind a working blackjack strategy if I had one.
  11. Chair Slots

    4th time this year......

  12. Chair Slots

    Thats a super mega ding ding ankle spin!

    You mean like Rolla last night?
  13. Chair Slots

    3D Printing

    I’m gonna print a printer, then return that printer and get my money back. In your face 3D printing manufacturers you bunch of dicks!1!1!
  14. Chair Slots


    You know a complaint thread's gonna be good when it's 17 pages long.
  15. Chair Slots

    Monday Night Casino Action!!!

    They’ve VERY generous over there at Gamblers Den