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  1. Chair Slots

    New to this forum

  2. Chair Slots

    kims donations?

    It's pretty chocker in terms of usernames yeah.
  3. Chair Slots

    kims donations?

    Do we have another recruit to the Chair Slots dickhead pile here? Or are you already on it under a different name?
  4. Chair Slots

    kims donations?

    Atmosphere did seem a bit flat. Then again they did lose 10k so no wonder.
  5. Chair Slots

    New £2 FOBT 20p Roulette

    I know mate yeah I wrote that post 5 months ago
  6. Chair Slots

    How much I made from Roulette?, Withdrawal proof!

    My question for you is... ...actually I don’t have one. Just fuck off.
  7. Chair Slots

    Misleading advert?

    You’re right. They’re only on the middle 3 reels.
  8. Chair Slots

    What has been your most degen gambling moment

    Lost 5k on roulette in work once. That was money I needed too. Sickener.
  9. Chair Slots

    The fudge happened??

    Has the stream cut off for anyone else??
  10. Chair Slots

    Worst Bonus Buy Ever

    You can’t buy bonuses on doa2 mate. Plus with most deposit bonuses you can’t buy features as it breaches the max bet.
  11. Chair Slots

    Worst Bonus Buy Ever

    I bought a £40 Temple of treasure bonus once and won 10p.
  12. Chair Slots


  13. Which one are you? How much did you win?