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  1. Antonin

    All in one : My story from the start!!

    Thank you I appreciate it. That's the way to go! I know it's hard to cope with hard luck especially when you just keep losing. So taking a break is always a smart decision. I wish you luck.
  2. Antonin

    Time for a gambling break

    Thank you for keeping us informed @Player1173 Just as David said, some people are able to keep gambling fun and there's nothing wrong with that. I just wanted to say to you that I wish you a very best of luck with your life. Whatever it happen, you know what to do. Sometimes we do need to express some words to feel a little bit better even if that's on the internet. Some out there behind the screen can understand the struggles. Cheers!
  3. Antonin

    Online Roulette Probabilities

    I think you are wrong as I'm pretty sure that video is legit. I agree. It would have been more clear with a better video though.
  4. Antonin

    Online Roulette Probabilities

    That's not a "fake quote" that what he really said!
  5. Antonin

    Online Roulette Probabilities

  6. Antonin

    Hello, everyone.

    Welcome on here @WaterFox
  7. Antonin

    Do not try this at home!

    Especially when that comes from China lol They probably buy these masks for 0.01$ a piece to sell them at 10 bucks or so... meaning max profits!!
  8. Antonin

    Do not try this at home!

    x100 A very decent escort girls The list shall goes on and on ...... I think we can have a great time doing this as well
  9. Antonin

    Time for a gambling break

    Do what's best for you! Keep us updated about it all. Cheers! Have a nice Sunday.
  10. Antonin

    Do not try this at home!

    Apparently @Denman recommend you a very good book de laaad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  11. Antonin

    Time for a gambling break

  12. Antonin

    Time for a gambling break

    That's right and I'm sure he'll see the light!!!