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  1. Antonin

    Everything is lost again : I'm lost!!

    Hi jay, I appreciate your kind words. This is why I've started few threads on here because I was sure that will help me and others along the way. I suggest you do to the same by starting a thread by yourself. I'm certain if you quit gambling, you will get all the women you want. Women like men who succeed in life. Now, you know what to do. Take your life in your hands by stopping gambling. You're the master of your own life, no-one can do it for you. Please, take actions now and all the good things will happen. Life's too short to be waste. One step at a time!! Let's do it now!! Going cold turkey is a awesome decision. Best of luck mate!
  2. Antonin

    All in one : My story from the start!!

    This is the day. I haven't gambled for 1 year!! I would like to take this opportunity to say it has been an amazing year full of accomplishments. On a personal level, I'm extremely proud of what I've done. I'm full of confidence and I'm 100% sure that I'll succeed in my life. As I like the challenges, I've started few months ago my own business online in order to make a living and follow my dreams. Needless to say that I'm really passionate about it. I wish you all a very best of luck. I let the door open and I shall see you again. That was me Antonin from France. Much love!! Now, I really feel like a W-I-N-N-E-R!!!! Don't worry, BE HAPPY!
  3. Antonin

    All in one : My story from the start!!

    Hi everyone, Just to let you know that as my twin sister getting married this week-end I won't be there for the milestone on sunday. But, I'll celebrate the 365 days gamble free instead!!! Hoping that you all good. Keep safe!!
  4. Antonin

    Thank you/Generosity of TGC

    What an amazing thing to read! This shows that little attentions can make big differences. I'm so pleased for you. I wish you an amazing day. Stay safe everyone! Be happy and stay positive! May god always bless you!
  5. Antonin

    All in one : My story from the start!!

    This is it! I haven't gambled for 330 days!! One more month to 360 mark!! Here 17:33 in France, the sun is shining. It's very hot to say the least!! 38 degrees Celsius over there! I hope everyone is well. I'll pop up there and there but not as much as I used to do. My hard work will build a better future for me. So far, so good! I'm very happy where I'm now. I wish you a wonderful week-end! Much Love! Antonin.
  6. Antonin

    Thanks all!

    I wish you all the best with your life mate. We shall see you again, hopefully. Peace!
  7. Antonin

    Taking on The Royal Mint

    Just working hard matey. I'm just getting no time at all to be on here anymore. I've goals and dreams to follow which I'm sure will come true. Be financial independent is one my main goal.
  8. Antonin

    Taking on The Royal Mint

    Just a quick post because I've been noticed about your post. Don't know why, I've had a feeling yesterday, bought 30 silver eagle 2020 worth €700 just before it's goes up. Put me to 115 oz!!! I just keep buying silver each month. Hope everyone is well. I'm very busy these days as I'm working so hard to build my own business online.
  9. Antonin

    All in one : My story from the start!!

    Thank you I appreciate it. That's the way to go! I know it's hard to cope with hard luck especially when you just keep losing. So taking a break is always a smart decision. I wish you luck.
  10. Antonin

    Time for a gambling break

    Thank you for keeping us informed @Player1173 Just as David said, some people are able to keep gambling fun and there's nothing wrong with that. I just wanted to say to you that I wish you a very best of luck with your life. Whatever it happen, you know what to do. Sometimes we do need to express some words to feel a little bit better even if that's on the internet. Some out there behind the screen can understand the struggles. Cheers!
  11. Antonin

    Online Roulette Probabilities

    I think you are wrong as I'm pretty sure that video is legit. I agree. It would have been more clear with a better video though.