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  1. Checkmate

    A bit of support for a 30 year old female

    Would you mind letting us know what happened? What did they respond?
  2. Checkmate

    A bit of support for a 30 year old female

    One piece of advice I would give. If its a bit of a scummy casino they will likely try to wriggle out of it. If they come up with some wierd or wonderful excuse - don't take the first no as gospel. There is a very good chance t hat if you did have to raise a complaint to the regulator or ombudsman that they would rule in your favour, the casino could get fined and they would recommend the casino refunds you in full.
  3. Checkmate

    A bit of support for a 30 year old female

    You have a very solid case for a full refund. Even if you are sceptical of this, for 20k it would be very foolish not to explore the option. You were signed up to Gamstop or whatever, the casino don't have a leg to stand on. You NEED to explore this option and speak to a trained professional on this matter. Not exploring this would be madness.
  4. Checkmate

    Chocolates Review

    My experience on BGT slots normally ends in a 0 balance. I hope this one will be different
  5. I was hoping I would be given the sympathy win if I guessed closest as I have been a stream viewer since waaaaay back when and entered comps before :(*
  6. Checkmate

    Prize Wheel Spins July 2020

    Congratulations guys and girls! That progressive wheel spin is quite the sweat
  7. Checkmate

    Nice way to return

    I am still waiting on a super hit like that! One day .... One day
  8. Crisis Aid – Producing food boxes filled with essential items to help those who are struggling during the coronavirus outbreak.
  9. I remember you saying on stream the previous stream VOD needed a bit edited out before you were putting it back up but why is the giveaway stream also not watchable?
  10. Checkmate

    What would your perfect day be like ??

    Hit my biggest ever roulette score.
  11. OMG thats incredible. I never win anything. I have been on the worst downswing of my gambling life - this will make such a difference to me. What do I do next?