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  1. PATTY1974

    Do You Remember The First Record You Ever Bought

    First single bought was Gino by Dexys Midnight Runners. First album bought was Ghost in the Machine by The Police. Back when music was decent!
  2. PATTY1974

    Office party/ work do / drinks

    I worked in a safety restraints factory for 15 years. The Christmas parties were held in one of the local nightclubs as there were hundreds of people. It used to be like an episode of Love Island....many people hooking up for their once a year pass!! Good times had by all 🥳
  3. PATTY1974

    What are you watching Now? Fav TV & Movies...

    Re watching the box sets of Seinfeld after signing up to Amazon Prime’s free 30 day trail. Just finished watching probably my favourite series ever after getting the whole set of dvds in a charity shop...The Sopranos! Hoping Elf is on over Christmas as it wouldn’t be the same without it.
  4. PATTY1974

    Starting to get noticed??

    A mate of mine tried through Ladbrokes about ten years ago. He had to play a ridiculous amount of hands every week to qualify for sponsorship. There weren’t enough hours in the day as he worked full time too. He gave it a bash but in the end he packed it in. I think if anyone considers it as a career then you have to go all in....pardon the pun! Not easy if you have a family though.
  5. PATTY1974

    Goodbye Maggie May... Yea Or Nay!! Brexit or Exit!

    David Cameron played a blinder....knowing all this was fucked from the start! Just like when Tony Blair dropped Gordon Brown in the shit handing over the reigns to become Middle Eastern Peace Envoy!!! Pair of twats! But at least we have Gary Lineker’s sound advice...lets have another referendum! Shut up Gary and stick to your cushy life on MOTD. Should have been over months ago.
  6. PATTY1974

    Starting to get noticed??

    Could you not get a sponsor to help enter more tournaments?
  7. PATTY1974

    Shameless Celebrity Attention Seeking!

    The whole point is the man is a selfish, egotistical prick and you people who put him up on a pedestal can't see it because he played for Man U....not knocking his footballing achievements because he worked hard to become that good but does not warrant being made out to be a Saint. David Beckham does not make me donate to charity and I suspect millions of others don't either. I give to charities that mean something to me not because he shows his face.
  8. PATTY1974

    Shameless Celebrity Attention Seeking!

    A nurse who worked on the HDU while I was recovering from surgery worked in a children's hospital. They had an unannounced visit from Johnny Depp, dressed as Captain Jack from the Pirates films. No photographers to be seen or any entourage, just him spending an afternoon with some poorly kids. That's something Mr Beckham could do to help his image...selfless acts of kindness. I won't hold my breath though.
  9. PATTY1974

    Shameless Celebrity Attention Seeking!

    All part of his self promotion and as for giving up his wage from Psg, he was going to get a huge tax bill so to avoid it he gave it away....and told everyone about it! Lots of famous people donate to charity but you never hear about it because they aren't desperate for the headlines. He gets paid for his charity appearances and expects these charities to be grateful for his endorsement. Not much of an ego then!!
  10. PATTY1974

    Comedy Novelty TGC Bets for 2019

    Rolla action figure phrases Come on 1000x and NEIN! Bandit action figure phrases It'll do and Speewerama!
  11. PATTY1974

    Shameless Celebrity Attention Seeking!

    His rant about his non knighthood didn't sound like a down to earth man to me. Nor paying Mr Loophole to get him off his driving charge. The majority of people see him for what he have your opinion and we will have ours.
  12. PATTY1974

    Share movie's with the other G's in here...

    Great film about a band with a short life but made a huge impact! Hard to believe it's nearly 40 years since Ian Curtis died.
  13. I don't think I would have had the balls to have my balance get anywhere near 3k. The most I ever won was £900. Despite being urged to go for a nice round figure of a grand, I played it safe because the thought of losing because of that would have been gutting! Was sitting myself as the girl counted it out...eyes watching everywhere! I ran straight to the bank so I could relax!
  14. PATTY1974

    Shameless Celebrity Attention Seeking!

    Certainly no role model. Recent speeding charge was a prime example of using his name and money to avoid his punishment. People might have thought more of him if he had taken it like a man and maybe set an example that no one is above the law. Alex Fergus saw him for who he was and got shot! I could go on but some people just can't see it.