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  1. Denman

    Today’s selections

    Then tonight is the perfect time to do it. Write down how awful you feel.
  2. Denman

    Today’s selections

    I have a suggestion for you Squire. Get a pen and piece of paper. Write down all those losers and how much you lost first of all. Then write down how you feel exactly. Get deep on that shit, be honest about how you feel and write it down, be blunt and straight to the point, no holding back. Then fold that piece of paper up and put it somewhere safe. Next time you find yourself wanting to chase losses and such, refer to that piece of paper before you do anything else.
  3. Denman

    Today’s selections

    Final Legacy and Precious Plum... two of my old favs!
  4. Denman

    Today’s selections

    I think you need to go back onto your Lucky 15s at the weekend only. You're getting too carried away again. There is self control within you, you have stopped yourself before and you can stop yourself again. There is only one end result with the way that you're betting and that is losing the lot. You're telling yourself that you're going to get a winner and stop, but you're lying to yourself. You're going to continue until its all gone, if not tonight another night. So the only thing you can do is to take control of the situation and stop yourself.
  5. Denman

    Today’s selections

    What do you mean?
  6. Denman

    Today’s selections

    I like Dash D'or for unknown reasons.
  7. Denman

    Today’s selections

    Can you imagine Miller with his own little protégé on here....
  8. Denman

    Today’s selections

    Giving Boasty a go.
  9. Denman

    Today’s selections

    I think Dundalk is one of the most fun meetings to bet on, simply due to how many runners you get per race. But you're getting desperate throwing bombs at it.
  10. Denman

    Today’s selections

    I actually like this one too, it needs riding with a strong degree of confidence though.
  11. Denman

    Today’s selections

    Are your messages open? As you will know my selections do not go public until the last horse is loading.
  12. Denman

    Today’s selections

    That mother fucker was popping off. No fucking idea what he was saying but hallelujah amen
  13. Denman

    Rigged Horse Race???

    Theres the possibility he has just lost his balance and propelled himself so he doesn't dismount head first. If he were doing it purposefully you would think he would go off the opposite side to avoid the horses in behind. Doesn't look good though.