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  1. I wonder how a certain someone in Colorado feels about it all.
  2. Well that explains why Twitter isn't loading for me. RIP.
  3. Denman


    PS. Enjoy your roast Sunday dinners after seeing that image.
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    So scientists are saying the outbreak could be linked to fruit bat soup. I was curious as to what exactly fruit bat soup is. Apparently the image below is what a nice fruit bat soup looks like. Is there anything these fuckers won't eat?1 I bet they even eat the coffee ones in a bag of Revels, fecking savages.
  5. Come now, someones already analysed my gobbledegook poem on here about a three toed sloth and found deep meaning in it. Don't you start.
  6. Fucking hell Miller. Ask your carer.
  7. It is with extreme disgust that I write this letter and say what will doubtlessly be considered gin-swilling by some of my peers. Nonetheless, it must be stated that by preventing people from seeing that the real problem is the complexity of a changing national and world economy, Mrs. Cheryl T's myrmidons can promote mediocrity over merit. As is customary for a letter of this sort, I will now offer up paper and ink anent the phylogeny of Cheryl's subversive, contumacious anecdotes in order to make the point that we find among narrow and uneducated minds the belief that individual worth is defined by race, ethnicity, religion, or national origin. This belief is due to a basic confusion that can be cleared up simply by stating that Cheryl has recently stated that she answers to no one. Such statements, like her earlier writings and pronouncements, are a contemptible insult to all decent and feeling people. Rats in a maze can't pause in amazement to assess, let alone change, the incentives that keep them running. That doesn't mean that humans aren't allowed to wonder why Cheryl accuses me of being disreputable whenever I state that I get emotional when I think of certain people I've met who are so humble and have so little yet who nevertheless manage to protect this planet for future generations. All right, I'll admit that I have a sharp tongue and sometimes write with a bit of a poison pen, but the fact remains that Cheryl's servitors actually believe the bunkum they're always mouthing. That's because these types of money-grubbing philosophunculists are idealistic, have no sense of history or human nature, and they think that what they're doing will somehow improve the world by the next full moon. In reality, of course, Cheryl once wrote a document whose sole purpose was to argue that she is a woman of morality, achievements, and noble qualities, one who often sacrifices her own reputation or safety in order to pursue that which is right and those things that truly matter. This document was an endless sequence of intentional distortions, cynical manipulations of language, and outright lies. It served no purpose other to get people thinking about how Cheryl feels no guilt for any of the harm she's caused. Unless there's a cosmic exception for an almighty Cheryl T, this proves that Cheryl recently stated that she has the trappings of deity. She said that with a straight face, without even cracking a smile or suppressing a giggle. She said it as if she meant it. That's scary because she claims to have the perfect solution to all our problems. Alas, Cheryl's solution involves scapegoating easy, unpopular targets, thereby diverting responsibility from more culpable parties. What bothers me about that is that were he alive today, Hideki Tojo would be her most trustworthy ally. I can see Tojo joining forces with Cheryl to help her provoke violence and religious extremism. If you march with rabid warlords and make common cause with rabid warlords then you're just as bad as rabid warlords. If you don't believe that such logic holds up, then perhaps you've forgotten that Cheryl's temerarious recommendations are meticulously designed to keep the population unaware, uneducated, dumbed down, and focused on stupefying activities like video games. The intention is to prevent people from noticing that Cheryl has been organizing a troika of froward hoddypeaks, revolting slaves to fashion, and overbearing cadgers with the sole purpose of letting down ladders that the brown-nosing, disgraceful, and sinister scramble to climb. Cheryl's allocutions serve as a stepping stone to world government. And who will compose that world government? A ruling class consisting of bad-tempered loblollies and dishonest troublemakers. Cheryl wants to terrorize the public. This desire is implanted in a part of her brain that's immune to reason or argument. Consequently, there's no chance that we can get her to see that there isn't so much as a molecule of evidence that everyone who scrambles aboard the Cheryl T bandwagon is guaranteed a smooth ride. The only reason that Cheryl claims otherwise is that there are a number of complex psychological and social reasons as to why she wants to take away what few freedoms we have left. I submit that everyone should stop and mull that assertion. Then, people will understand why Cheryl thinks that ebola, AIDS, mad-cow disease, and the hantavirus were intentionally bioengineered by stroppy whiners for the purpose of population reduction. On that front, her evidence is flimsy; her assertions are non sequiturs; and, most irritating of all, she flat-out denies that her commentaries are entirely meaningless. That is, they usually begin by saying something about how Mohockism resonates with the body's natural alpha waves, and then they continue on with a random assortment of tacked-on phrases until they finally slam into a period. Cheryl's commentaries would be a lot clearer if Cheryl simply came out and said that this is not a question of ultracrepidarianism or sectarianism. Rather, it is a question about how if we do not act now, unconscionable ochlocrats will own our country. If you and I do not speak up now, predatory marauders will inculcate the hermeneutics of suspicion in otherwise open-minded people. Not only will our nation pay a terrible price for that, but Cheryl says that her faith in jingoism gives her an uncanny ability to detect astral energy and cosmic vibrations. Yet she also wants to reduce meaningful political discussions to “my team versus your team” identity-based politics. Am I the only one who sees the irony there? I ask because I've observed at least one of her fanboys wasting hours and hours of our time in fruitless conferences and meetings. This is totally indicative of the unprofessional, ungracious, and unacceptable behavior that is so endemic to Cheryl's gestapo. I was thinking about how Cheryl's flimflams will influence the legislative process so that public policy reflects the interests of the privileged few and not the needs of the general population in the near future. And then it hit me. Many people have witnessed Cheryl interfere with a person's work performance, bodily security, physical movement, and privacy rights. Cheryl generally insists that her witnesses are mistaken and blames her querimonious viewpoints on irascible duffers. It's like she has no-fault insurance against personal responsibility. What's more, Cheryl's confreres proclaim that Cheryl's decisions are based on reason. I say to them, “Prove it”—not that they'll be able to, of course, but because Cheryl has been going around saying that an open party with unlimited access to alcohol can't possibly outgrow the host's ability to manage the crowd. That's a bit of a furphy. The truth is that Cheryl had previously claimed that she had no intention to eviscerate every bit of social progress of the past century. Of course, shortly thereafter, that's exactly what she did. Next, she denied that she would leach integrity and honor from our souls. We all know what happened then. Now, Cheryl would have us believe she'd never ever empty garbage pails full of the vilest slanders and defamations on the clean garments of honorable people. Will she? Go figure. My view is that Cheryl assumes that she should be a given a direct pipeline to the national treasury. The flip side of that assumption is that her termagant sottises can be viewed as the principal threat to our personal freedoms. What's my problem, then? Allow me to present it in the form of a question: Why can't she value a diversity of approaches without needing to rank them as better and worse? Before you answer, let me point out that in her quest to promote intolerance and paranoia she has left no destructive scheme unutilized. Cheryl can go on saying that university professors must conform their theses and conclusions to her incorrigible, lecherous prejudices if they want to publish papers and advance their careers but the rest of us have serious problems to deal with that preclude our indulging in such irrational dreams just now. Her scummy epithets serve always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. They agitate the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindle the animosity of one part against another, and foment occasionally riot and insurrection. As if those characteristics weren't bad enough, Cheryl's epithets also prevent the community from hearing that if we fail in our task of challenging the soft bigotry of low expectations, then she will undermine liberty in the name of liberty. While it is reasonable to expect that acerbic good-for-nothings gobble up Cheryl's brazen self-fulfilling prophecies like golden morsels of sesquipedalianism, it remains that Cheryl claims to have donated a lot of money to charity over the past few years. I suspect that the nullibicity of those donations would become apparent if one were to audit Cheryl's books—unless, of course, “charity” includes Cheryl-run organizations that put temperamental ragamuffinesses on the federal payroll. In that case, I'd say that many of the people I've talked to have said that Cheryl and her forces should all be put up against a wall and given traitors' justice. Without commenting on that specifically I'd merely like to point out that Cheryl extricates herself from difficulty by intrigue, by chicanery, by dissimulation, by trimming, by an untruth, by an injustice. Other shambolic franions loathe Cheryl. That said, they deserve her because they've never been able to reconcile their pious claims of upholding virtuous, patriotic, ordered liberty with their lust for scarring little children's self-image. Our duty should be to carry out the famous French admonition, écrasez l'infâme!, against her stances. To lay waste to the environment is alien to this duty. That's why I want you to know that her fellow travelers have repeatedly been caught offering stones instead of bread to the emotional and spiritual hungers of the world. I had expected better from Cheryl and her vaunted entourage, but then again, I sometimes ask myself whether the struggle to express my views is worth all of the potential consequences. And I consistently answer by saying that if one could get a Ph.D. in Aspheterism, she would be the first in line to have one. I fully intend to find new pathways out of the traps that Cheryl has laid for us. I will spare no labor in doing this and reckon no labor lost that brings me toward this mark. Even so, Cheryl inarguably embarrassed herself by ceremoniously announcing that the rule of law should give way to the rule of brutality and bribery. Cheryl is now in full retreat, shifting from clear prose to mumbled nonsense. I claim she doesn't want anyone to know that her utterances are rife with contradictions and difficulties; they're utterly uncivilized, meet no objective criteria, and are unsuited for a supposedly educated population. And as if that weren't enough, it's difficult to know exactly why ethically bankrupt egoism has burst forth so powerfully in the past few years. Perhaps it's because it's easy enough to hate Cheryl any day of the week on general principles. But now I'll tell you about some very specific things that Cheryl is up to, things that ought to make a real Cheryl-hater out of you. First off, if she doesn't like it here, then perhaps she should go elsewhere. Fracturing family unity would bring unprecedented devastation and loss of life. No political, economic, or military objective could justify this outcome. But that doesn't stop Cheryl from defaming, delegitimizing, and destroying her traducers or from suppressing all evidence that she is a woman utterly without honor, without principles, without a shred of genuine patriotism. That's why I say that if you looked up “sadistic” in the dictionary, you'd probably see Cheryl's picture. Two quick comments: 1) Cheryl's klatch of unenlightened, ludibrious dolts is an army of evil, and 2) rather than attempting to work out her disagreements with others, she commonly turns to her friends tapinosis and meiosis, calling her opponents “confrontational, cuckoo philologasters”, “smarmy, uppity rotters”, or even “nitpicky, insolent ear-benders”. I find that rather sad, primarily because Cheryl insists that only one or two members of her entire platoon of obnoxious stool pigeons are foolhardy, postmodernist vendors of parasitism. Only one or two members? This is, to put it charitably, an understatement of the facts. It would be far more accurate to say that it's really not bloody-mindedness that compels me to take personal action and raise a stink about Cheryl and her iracund microaggressions. It's my sense of responsibility to you, the reader. I am reminded of the quote, “The local laundromat must be busy with her adherents' washing soiled pants and wet sheets from the distress of being told that someone in the world does not subscribe to their belief that the laws of nature don't apply to her.” This comment is not as aggressive as it seems because if I had my druthers, Cheryl would never have had the opportunity to needle and wheedle costive zobs into her Prætorian Guard. As it stands, Cheryl claims that the Scriptures are responsible for her culturally insensitive thoughts and fancies. This eisegetical fantasy is not only stingy, but it fails to consider that Cheryl should stop bombarding us with her politically incorrect glaikery. In this context, the opposite of political incorrectness is not political correctness but rather an objective quest for knowledge. As we all know, most conceited slumlords lack any knowledge about how we all know, in the world that surrounds us, that there are terrorists and home invaders and drug cartels and carjackers and knockout gamers and rapers and haters and spleenful sideshow barkers who scheme to goad intransigent mattoids into hurling epithets at Cheryl's competitors. What is often easy to forget, however, is that I know some discourteous agitators who actually believe that the world is crying out to labor beneath Cheryl's firm but benevolent heel. Incredible? Those same people have told me that children should get into cars with strangers who wave lots of yummy candy at them. With such people roaming about, it should come as no surprise to you that Cheryl and her sympathizers are a cancer on our society. They will therefore do what cancer always does: kill the host. What's noteworthy about that observation is that Cheryl insists that her suggestions will spread enlightenment to the masses, nurture democracy, reestablish the bonds of community, bring us closer to God, and generally work to the betterment of Man and society. Naturally, she gives no evidence whatsoever to support that parti pris. Perhaps that's because our national media is controlled by amoral cretins. That's why you probably haven't heard that the acid test for Cheryl's “kinder, gentler” new effusions should be, “Do they still pose a threat to the survival of democracy?” If the answer is yes then we can conclude that if you can make any sense out Cheryl's self-deceiving mind games then you must have gotten higher marks in school than I did. I personally want to see all of us working together to secure livelihoods and a better world for all generations. Yes, this is an idealistic approach to actualizing our restorative goals. Nevertheless, you should realize that if Cheryl can give us all a succinct and infallible argument proving that cell-phone towers are in fact covert mind-control devices that use scalar waves to beam images into people's brains while they sleep, I will personally deliver her Nobel Prize for Pertinacious Rhetoric. In the meantime, some people aver that Cheryl's perceptions of a vast conspiracy lead her to inappropriate assessments of even the most innocent interactions with unprofessional curmudgeons. Others maintain that our formerly brave populace now lives in fear under the yoke of a savage Cheryl T. In the interest of clearing up the confusion I'll make the following observation: Cheryl might drive us into a state of apoplexy as soon as our backs are turned. What are we to do then? Place blinders over our eyes and hope we don't see the horrible outcome? While the unintelligent masses will scoff at what I've written in this letter, preferring insults to reason, I ask only that those of you who view yourselves as reasonable individuals at the very least try to prove to yourselves that what I have presented is irrefutably false. If you cannot, then you must cede me my point that Mrs. Cheryl T has as little regard for our nation's laws as most celebrity couples have for their wedding vows.
  8. You literally thought a poem about a three toed sloth, a thorny devil and water had deep meaning as I used "doth" and "thee" a few times. Its okay, you're in good company on this site, there is a big community of window licking shit for brains here.
  9. No it doesn't it is literally a load of gibberish that I wrote in 30seconds. Are you smoking crack?
  10. Denman


    No journey is without hazards and hurdles for us to cross. It is not the stumbles and falls that define us, but how we recover from them and move on.
  11. In the jungle, doth the three toed sloth, doth the three toed sloth worry about thee doth the three toed sloth feel concern, doth the three toed sloth embark upon thee In the desert, doth the thorny devil doth the thorny devil worry about thee doth the thorny devil feel corcern doth the thorny devil embark upon thee For a simple drop of water is life Our brain is constructed from water We are life, we are an enigma doth the three toed sloth worry about thee
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    Today’s selections

    How shit are Tranmere. 5-0 at half time. Even Dalot, Jones and Lingard scored. Bloody hell.
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    My man. Did they bring the good shit out at the hippy commune today or what? Just kidding of course, you're a good man.
  14. Has anyone considered that perhaps Denman isn't a Frederic Kanoute? Maybe just maybe after the 5th nonsensical temper tantrum, people can just believe that Bangers is an unstable manbaby? I am not the only person on here whom he has aimed his meltdowns at. Remember the time he went off on one about casino's after he lost his pennies and he started calling rocknrolla a "parasite", I do. The guy is a Grade A Bitch, if he were a dog we would take him up the field and put a slug through his head, but on here he gets mollycoddled by the old man club in secret little messaging groups, reinforcing his shitty behaviour, playing into his juvenile victim mentality. Am I truly the bad guy? I don't think so.