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    TGC Football Tipster FA CUP 2018/19

    AW D D D D AW AW Hi Kinkerbells. I would like you to urinate on me while you give me a double titty twister.
  2. Of course there is no appeal to doing that for the casinos. Which is why it would have to become apart of the Gambling Commissions legislation. In regards to the bookmakers, well my local Ladbrokes has about 5 terminals in which you use to place your bets. The local Hills has about the same amount aswell as another 4 mini-terminals on the tables on which you can place your bets. I would say that they are already going that direction.
  3. So after 8months of it first opening its doors, mainstream media has now realised that there is a simple work around once signed up.... you just change a few details and crack on, the casinos will still let you sign up, deposit and play (big question mark next to if they will let you withdraw though, probably not). Who would have thought that such a wonderful solution to the gambling problem would be so easily bypassed. I mean perhaps every study into addiction that has ever took place, showing the extents that an addict will go to, to sate that addiction might have suggested it. Perhaps common sense might have suggested it too.But wow, shock horror! The act of filling in a few details and pressing the big button saying "ban me from gambling!!" does not work (in all cases at least). At the same time the bookmakers self exclusion processes are also being criticised. A reporter self excluded in 21 shops, was later served in 16 of those very same shops. Shock horror, an industry with high staff turnover (opinion, not fact... I do not know, I just feel like it does) who's system relies on staff members recognising the faces of 10s if not 100s (not accurate figures, just a guess at how many people may actually self exclude) of people who they may never have even met before. Now in the case of Gamstop, the CEO, has around 5 years experience in Responsible Gambling and Licensing. In what industry can you be rocketed to the front of a fundamentally important project with such little experience? With the amount of funding thrown at these social wellbeing projects, one would think that they could likely have a pick of talent from the industry. That would be my belief anyway. Anyway, entirely for free, I present to both industries, the total solution for both presented problems. The UKGC needs to force licensed casinos to perform a mandatory identification verification process BEFORE any deposit is made with a MINIMUM period of around 12-24hrs. This would allow the person depositing to reconsider if they really wished to gamble, and allow the casino a period of time to properly verify that the person isn't actually a previously self excluded customer. I say the UKGC as the MGA etc aren't going to do it. The bookmaking industry needs to invest in the same technology that many casino's have. Facial recognition software. This has existed for many years now, it must surely be relatively affordable for these £1billion+ companies. It would surely be more effective in them promoting responsible gambling and enforcing their self exclusion systems compared to them relying on a minimum wage employee to remember so many different faces. Any thoughts?
  4. Denman

    The best £30 ever spent from a win.

    Yes, my friend told me all about the options available. Its not something I have wrote with a profit in mind. If anything I would expect to make a loss. The simple reality is however, is that I work in the financial industry, stories about lavish gambling and such would be detrimental to my career, so its more likely that I won't follow through with any option at present.
  5. Denman

    The best £30 ever spent from a win.

    As for the streaming, I missed that. I don't really have any inclination to stream at current. It also sounds like a pretty dull potential stream! I don't even know what I would do as I wouldn't want to stream casino play.
  6. Denman

    The best £30 ever spent from a win.

    They are all on the gambling stories forum, so should be very easy to find as it isn't the most used forum.
  7. Denman

    The best £30 ever spent from a win.

    Its a difficult decision for me. I would like to share it. My friend whom has read it thought it was really enjoyable and funny, but that it would appeal to a very niche audience and wouldn't sell (he is in publishing). I have paid for it to be proof read and edited professionally, which wasn't cheap and I have been looking at printing options, if only initially for like a few copies for myself or something, but that is equally as expensive and something that I may delay until a much later date.
  8. Denman

    TGC Book Club

    I feel like at best you would get a copy of the Beano from half of the people on here.
  9. Denman

    The best £30 ever spent from a win.

    Nay Squire, I am a young supple boy, fresh and perky.
  10. Denman

    The best £30 ever spent from a win.

    I am quite aware of my bad grammar at times. Something people here don't pick up on or kindly don't mention here! I can usually fix it in a read through, but most of what I have posted here hasn't been read through. Personally I find the best approach to reading anything is to always be masturbating aggressively while doing so, at least until the flesh is tender, sore and sheathed with calluses.
  11. Denman

    The best £30 ever spent from a win.

    Actually mine too, its definitely one of my go to stories to tell at dinner! I stayed true to the reality of the story as in that the horse won easily, it would have been more "exciting" if it were a photo finish, or more interesting if it had lost, in reality its quite an anti-climatic story. It was actually close to not making the cut in regards to the book and I considered taking a bit of an artistic license in regards to the ending, but ultimately stuck it in there as was written here.
  12. Denman

    The best £30 ever spent from a win.

    Unlikely that they are in reference to the streams. Some of the pieces I posted previously are in the book, although several of them incorporated into a longer story about a particular horse for example.
  13. Denman

    The best £30 ever spent from a win.

    In the interest of total honesty, obviously if I had wanted to continue, I totally would have.
  14. It has been a while since I have shared a story on here. I have actually took up writing a bit more as a hobby in the last 6months or so and have since completed my first book, which is a collection of gambling stories and horse racing related stories based on my experiences, it is currently being edited and all of my bad grammar being fixed. I do not think I will manage to get it published and I am not even sure if I want to at this stage as it could be detrimental to my career but we will see. One story not making the cut, is my experience with actually streaming on Twitch. That was a short lived venture, however it was entertaining for a brief period. I watched a Swedish streamer at the time semi regularly and shared a few wins with him, he would encourage me to stream as I were playing relatively high stakes which 2 years ago was more of a novelty than it is now. So one evening, long after the kids and the missus went to bed I installed the software he had told me about and went live with a few thousand quid balance. I literally only played three games at that time (Invisible Man, Game of Thrones & Fruit Warp) so it was quite nice when he hosted me and suddenly I found myself trying a host of different games from suggestions. I recall one game, some stupid fucking American Slot, Cat themed with the most annoying sounds ever. I hated it with a passion, ended up playing it for hours after hitting several good bonuses. I think I had ran my few thousand starting balance upto £4k after maybe 3 hours of slot play, finishing with some notably controlled roulette play finishing at £12k or so. A few days later joining the Swedish chaps stream, everyone said Hello to me and kept asking if I would stream again. Oh sweet fickle minor internet success, even as a 30 odd year old man at the time, it warmed my gonads deeply. I duly obliged and streamed again. Actually getting 2 hosts that evening, peaking at near 800 viewers who quickly left after listening to my monotone dreary Northern accent and incessant ramblings about how shit the casino I were playing at was. I had took the stance where not only was I not promoting or affiliated with the casino, that if anyone asked about it I would duly slag it off for the next 10 minutes. I cannot forget that this site with 700+ slots had no fucking search bar. I also had my fair share of people joining and saying I were obviously fake and playing with monopoly money. My lack of public relations training shone through brightly in such instances with me choosing to try show off my car or house via webcam than just rise above it. Yikes, what a horrible person I was being! I was enjoying the brief interactions that streaming what I was doing offered, but it also made me play entirely differently compared to how I would normally, becoming much more reserved until I had turned the stream off. So I found myself largely playing slots £10-30 stakes during streams, but as soon as I would turn the stream off I was hitting roulette doing £2-10k spins this continued for 2 weeks, eventually running my initial balance upto well over £100k, I forget how much I finished with exactly but over the next 3months I cashed out £10k a week without fail. Largely not even playing anymore after my 2 weeks streaming. I stopped for 3 reasons. Firstly my missus told me I had to, as one night I told her I was following her to bed at 11pm. 6.5hrs later at 5.30am when I creeped upto bed after streaming slots the entire time, she was not happy and told me that I needed to stop doing that, especially as I had to be up at 7am for work! I was quite agreeable due to reason #2, personally for me each and everytime someone asked for a link to the casino I were playing at, I did not like it at all, I would of course refuse, but knew they would eventually see the casino's name on my screen so it was a pointless exercise. Also tying into that I also had the perception that underage people were watching due to it being on a videogame streaming website, morally that was a massive turn off me and did not feel comfortable with it. Finally in terms of privacy I had always been extremely frugal in terms of what I would share online, something that I continue to do, for those few weeks, fuck me, I had shown people around my house and garage via webcam and told a bunch of strangers more about my career than my bloody wife knew, basically in that casual environment when continually questioned I would end up sharing more than I were comfortable with. I wasn't cut out to be a Twitch streamer for sure. Now to get to the point, the best £30 I spent? I had one chap who everytime he would join "up stakes" - Motherfucker, I am doing £20 or £50 spins on Fruit Warp. "Play this game" - repeatedly every 30 seconds for as long as it would take until I played it. Of course once I got onto his requested game, refer back to "up stakes". As soon as I saw his name I would straight away think "God the annoying prick is here". Well I believe this was only the third day I had streamed, he kept on requesting Jewel Strike. Repeatedly for a long time. I eventually obliged, of course as he had picked it almost hoping that I lost on it just so he may feel a little bad for spamming it so much. I started on £10 spins I believe, won fuck all, "up stakes, up stakes". I obliged and gave it a spin at £20, quickly hitting a 100x win. The smug twat in chat "told you it was good :))))))))". Fuck sake. A few spins later, without request I went upto £40 a spin and hit the jackpot, 250x, £10,000 win. I contacted him via private message and spoke to him later that night. Thanked him for his request and told him he could have any game off steam or even a few games he wanted from me. He chose the then newly released PUBG which I believe cost me £30. I was quite satisfied with that, I thought he might have had me and picked like 5 games. He told me he was a broke ass Romanian student and all his friends were playing it and he couldn't afford it, so he was really happy. Since that day, he has asked me maybe 100+ times to play it with him, still haven't got around to it. The last time he did so I noticed how long he had played it for. Definite value for money. I should probably ask him if he ended up failing university due to the amount of time he played that fecking game.... Few other wins while streaming were posted here;
  15. Denman

    Notts County - top half finish 200/1