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  1. Denman

    Are Posts going missing?

    No I just replied to Nathans thread where he called me a gnome quoting the post where I laughed because people were trusting him giving him money etc.
  2. Denman

    Are Posts going missing?

    I have only made a few posts in the last month or so as I have been busy organising a move and the forum seems pretty dead but I made 3 posts yesterday and 2 of them were deleted.
  3. Denman

    Taking on The Royal Mint

    I just ask in the bank I do my business banking in. They will tend to give me upto £200 in 50ps or £2 coins. Depending on who I get served by they will occasionally just swap me a bunch of the pictured coins. I had a Kew Gardens as recent as sometime within the last year from them literally handing it to me.
  4. Denman

    Taking on The Royal Mint

    Yeah thats all I do, with the latest beatrix potter coins, half the time you end up with full bags of them from the bank
  5. Denman

    Taking on The Royal Mint

    Shit pictures, I can't find the key to the little shitty safe, that is full of £2 coins. Also in amongst that mess there are a bunch of the new £5 notes with multi repeat digits mainly 00000's etc, probably worth fuck all. Of the rarest 50ps and coins, there is 15 or so Kew Gardens in one of the bags, 10 or so dateless 20ps, 12x full olympic sets in official album with completer medallion and another 25 or so other full olympic 50p sets with no folder or completer medallion (and literally 100's of other olympic 50s not in a full set, missing footballs i think), 4 of the new 10p sets which i really like (those are the best ones they have made in my opinion). Pretty much every single one obtained over the last 10yrs or so just getting a couple of hundred quids worth of 50ps or 2 quid coins from the bank, picking out the ones I wanted and sending the others back to the bank. In total at face value at last rough estimate there is around £4000 worth of coins + 400 in £5 notes... then a bunch of other random collectors edition coins from the royal mint.
  6. Denman

    Today’s selections

    Well it is as far as I know the only race where the handicapper can use some discretion on the weights. So the weight isn't necessarily linked directly to the Official Rating. Based on the last National you would think Tiger Roll will be moving up some lbs again because aside from that Alan Potts horse and Rathvinden it was miles ahead of everything else. So maybe even though Kemboy maybe the higher rated horse somehow on paper it would have a few lbs on Tiger Roll. I would think Tiger Rolls weight for the National is already pretty much set in stone in the handicappers mind. It wouldn't really matter what it does in between now and then. But this is all just theorising.
  7. Denman

    Today’s selections

    I have no idea to be honest. Presumably maybe a lb or so higher than Tiger Roll?
  8. Denman

    Cricket The Ashes

    Theres a bit of a problem with that though. One of those 3 isn't Smith.
  9. Denman

    New to this forum

    I see. Well, how about really big magnets?
  10. Denman

    EveryMatrix UKGC License Suspended.

    It tells you on the link. They were monitoring EveryMatrix Compliance activity and basically they were failing in regards to customer interactions (eg, enforcing a level of responsible gambling). The UKGC article says that.
  11. Thats a pretty big casualty! I think I might have personally used SportingIndex previously.
  12. Denman

    New to this forum

    What do you know about magnets?
  13. Denman

    Today’s selections

    I agree Kemboy is a good horse. I had doubts about it prior to the Gold Cup last year. Wasn't convinced it would stay. Those 2 races after it proved it can. I just think Tiger Roll would have too much of an engine for most of those Gold Cup horses.