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  1. Nicola

    Jammin Jars (1851x)

    Never use bonus money as I don't want to be tied in to wagering. The great thing about VideoSlots is by the time you have requested the withdrawal and had a cup of tea the money is in the bank! Bonuses used to be good a few years ago, but these days the game restrictions and wagering is too steep.
  2. Nicola

    Jammin Jars (1851x)

    Nearly had the strawberries at one point for epicness
  3. Nicola

    Raging Rhino (808x)

    Second press after depositing £150 :o
  4. Nicola

    Mega Moolah 1k!

    Lots of small wins. This was my monthly deposit bonus so had just about met wagering when this came in.
  5. Nicola

    Mega Moolah 1k!

    Got the cashout. Thankfully live chat remove the pending withdrawal when asked. Still have to wait 3 days for it to be processed!
  6. Nicola

    Conan - Super Mega Win

    All the reels joined up and delivered this epic win!
  7. Nicola

    Mega Moolah 1k!

    Nice hit during the bonus!
  8. Nicola

    Monopoly Live (Tilt Mode)

    Still have a sore head now Looking through the deposits with a clear head, I ended 100 quid up not a grand. Fucking lucky escape! From 300 quid back to 10 grand in 5 minutes on roulette chasing tiers and zero section. Deposit limit of 100 GBP per day now with 30 day cooling off period LOL
  9. Urgh, this game. Over 5 hours tonight without 4x rolls (300+ spins) and when it comes in 22x. Total deposits 10k, full tilt mode and by some miracle cashed out 10.1k thanks to roulette tier chase just now. Never play this game or drink and gamble!! Night xx
  10. Nicola

    Some Rhino Hits

    Playing some of the classics today :)
  11. Nicola

    Jam Jars

    Congrats on the win. Haven't played Jammin Jars for a while, may give it a go tonight
  12. Nicola

    Stop and Step

    Stop and Steps videos have changed recently... bigger bets and more online sessions. His name often appears on the winner's list on White Hat sites so he does play a lot offline (that we don't see) and he has never shown his deposit/withdrawal history so it could be a case of selected editing etc. Nice guy though :)
  13. Nicola

    Reactoonz 1572x (Base Game)

    Nice little hit without gaga
  14. Nicola

    Political correctness gone mad.

    Personally, these things don't bother me but when out shopping at weekends (Westfield etc) you're seeing more and more women (who are really men) in the ladies. Makes you feel a little unsafe tbh.