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  1. Got to the point now where I can't be bothered anymore. Reading through all the threads and trolling private messages again its great to know my place in this world.
  2. And yes I am aware of the post elsewhere, thanks for posting If I log in and change my account now to the correct time zone the trolls will think something is up
  3. Let me explain in a simple way that you might understand. 1. YouTube servers are based in California, a timezone called PST 2. The YouTube account in question is obviously mine - I haven't configured anything apart from uploading my pic. I am still in the Pacific Time zone. Your attempt at trolling 'Mining Might' has failed
  4. Just so I don't have to repeat myself again. Next week £12,580 will be shared between the winner here and the nominated charity. Proof will be posted next week then I will close my account here so we can all move on. I have nothing else to say on this matter, I have fulfilled all promises I have made and I hope everyone is satisfied. At the end of the day, I'm the fool who wasted two days of her life trying to do something for this community.
  5. You have made 5,693 posts here, do you know every person you have spoken to? Don't keep stirring up stuff its boring.
  6. The charity donation will be made next week as promised. What has Hackz got to do with it? Am I paying him or the charity?
  7. Have you bothered to check your private messages?
  8. OK I'm off to watch Rolla on roulette Good luck to those who are no doubt trawling all my videos for fakery or even a hint of fraud. Knock yourself out Night all!
  9. 1. The winner somehow got the right answer using a birthday which has been contradicted on casinomeister... which he said he never used... but we know he did. His passport showed the date, I have no reason to believe it was fake Both him and Nicola have interacted on casinomesiter but claimed to not have until screenshots went up. I have been a member there for 8 years and interact with a lot of people same as here. I didn't deny ever speaking to them, just don't remember 2. The excuse of the cooling of period has only just came out 2 hours after this thread turned into an absolute mess. This is nothing new. A cool off makes no difference to withdrawals, it's something I have done for many years and have recommended many times on here to others 3. I feel your being like this Nicola so somehow you can say next week 'Ha I told you so, you all look stupid' which just seem silly and childish. If the cooling of period story is true. I can't speed up a withdrawal, maybe if I was an affiliate still I could do so. The withdrawal will done on Monday and then proof can be shown 4. The guy who won never commented very regularly at all, actually only once until the comp was posted where he made a few posts on the forum a few days before. The same can be said for nearly every winner I have seen on CasinoGrounds, nothing new 5. His guess was actually pretty close, and the fact you two are both from casinomeister makes the odds of all this happening quite fishy. There were several guesses in the £12-£13k range, seemed to be very popular 6. You have been called on on casinomiester in the past for very shady business practises. Yes with affiliates which I have now left. Have no time for that these days, parasites the lot of them 7. You could be telling the truth but im afriad you have rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way Never lied about anything, I have too much of a reputation over the 10 years on the forums. If I was fraud then you would have to question a lot of things. I tag casino operators, software developers and even CEOs in my posts of wins and complaints. 8. I need a life and a beer I'm on my second bottle of wine
  10. Nice going opening a account just to cause trouble Nothing better to do on a Saturday night?
  11. This is getting silly now. I have no connection to Spintree or Mr CGI apart from posting on this forum.
  12. Because the idea of cancelling a competition would cause uproar (aka TheBandit) The 'ringleader' withdrew his entries last week, you can go through the old locked thread and connect the dots.
  13. It was going to happen eventually, a troll or banned user winning something and causing a stir. All last week I had messages from moderators on this forum messaging me saying there was widespread cheating going on (the same people kicking up a fuss now) but I am the mug that let it carry on. Won't happen again thats for sure
  14. I didn't tell him I'm locked out my account.
  15. Very clever, but it seems you chose the wrong country in your fakery as AT&T is only available in America
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