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  1. Nicola

    Wild Desire!

    Lined up for once
  2. Nicola

    Reactoonz 1163x

    First thing I did when I got home was switch on the PC and load VideoSlots. A week without gambling, I had the itch
  3. Nicola

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    Ive been away in Malta a week without Internet so only getting back to this latest streamer thing. Lots to catch up on All comments have been removed from his videos now, but the ones I saw this morning said the Bonanza videos had different reel sets (so likely play money). Every Bonanza video has also been removed too
  4. Nicola

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    Whats going on with Dazza G? Saw some posts and a video of play money now he has removed all his Bonanza videos. Who can you trust these days
  5. Nicola

    Reactoonz 1163x

    Nice to see Garga again 1163x
  6. Nicola

    WTF !!! Five scatters DOA2

    Nice one! Quick way of getting 2500x
  7. Nicola

    Royal Masquerade - Decent Win (1 Line)

    Nice hit!
  8. Nicola

    Has TheBandit been fined £500,000?

    I think something is wrong, I'm starting to like Denmans posts
  9. Nicola

    Has TheBandit been fined £500,000?

    Denman's Bookmakers has a good ring to it. Would fit in well on the Great British high street.
  10. Nicola

    Has TheBandit been fined £500,000?

    Sorry h0tsh0t87 but I haven't seen a section for posting losing screenshots. Maybe you can suggest to Paul or Hackz to add a section for when Creature from the Black Lagoon pays zero or every time I get the Skull on Danger Without working for an affiliate company, I would never have gathered the knowledge I have from players, compulsive gamblers etc.
  11. Nicola

    Has TheBandit been fined £500,000?

    You make me laugh sometimes Denman. The company I work for pay the Advertising Standard Authority every 6 months to do a full audit on all of our company sites. In two years, only one issue was reported and fixed within 24 hours of being found. I love the UK, and have no plans to go back to Malta anytime soon. If I suddenly moved back to Malta then you would start complaining I only did it to pay less tax
  12. Nicola

    Has TheBandit been fined £500,000?

    Another Bandit/affiliate thread oh goody *If* that photo is real and not a Photoshop mock-up then clearly it fails the regulations set out by the Advertising Standard Authority and the Committee of Advertising Practice in the UK. Terms and conditions must be shown, link to begambleaware and clearly signed over 18 only. I've never heard of Soccer Million but looking by the web site there is nothing there. No company number, charity number or terms and conditions. Even now I'm not sure what it is
  13. Nicola

    Just One of Those Days

    Hope things with your dad work out OK Blacko I don't drive, but have often sat on the bus thinking the driver has serious issues!