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  1. Nicola

    Hopefully helps someone

    Brave post and welcome to the forum. I'm sure you receive plenty of support here.
  2. Nicola

    Few lil hits last few days or so

    Nice wins! Must say I'm not a fan of the new Wild Frames slot, never seems to pay anything massive
  3. Nicola

    slotty vegas

    They handed back their UK licence to avoid answering questions from the UKGC. The main one being 'Where did the the new owners get the money from to buy it'
  4. Nicola

    Danger High Voltage 1428x

    Reel 5 was disappointing! 1428x
  5. Nicola

    Supercasino data breach

    Thank god they kept the SoW data separate, that would have been an issue!
  6. Nicola

    Rolla, reach out to Bandit

    I often see Bandit ranting on Twitter about the trolls attacking his wife and kid but I never see the actual tweets aimed at him. Can he delete them? Sometimes I wonder if it's a lot of bollocks to start with.
  7. Great news, should have happened a long time ago though Wonder if you will still be able to play the lottery with credit cards, Camelot get away with everything!
  8. Nicola

    Midaur closing

    Yeah, the affiliate bandwagon is suffering in 2020 When I left last summer, the signs were all there that the 'glory days' were over. Affiliate managers leaving, affiliate programs closing and increased pressure to flog shoddy casinos / offers. Unconfirmed, but MTSecureTrade are pulling out of the UK with only three brands continuing - Guts, Kaboo and Rizk. Rolla, High Roller, Ikibu (already dead) and Casino Calzone to make an announcement soon.
  9. Nicola

    Nektan are finished

    ChipMonkz will still promote Spinzcasino though Nektan were the biggest pile of shite ever, opening 10-15 casinos a month with the worst bonus rules, 4x capped winnings and 72hr+ withdrawals.
  10. Nicola

    America and Iran :/

    So... in the space of three hours we have an attack on US bases, a passenger plane crashes killing 170 and multiple large earthquakes near a nuclear test site - all in the same country. And there was me slotting away all night on Dead or Alive
  11. Nicola


    LOL!! When the man says 'Stop doing that' I'm thinking what else is going on in the room
  12. Nicola

    Free giveaway

    Sounds like a good night
  13. Nicola

    Thank you and goodbye

    Wise decision and all the best @bigbucks1983in 2020!
  14. Nicola

    All the gear

    I run 40 minutes a day through Hyde Park when I'm in London or go for a half-hour swim when I'm in Malta. Who needs to pay for exercise
  15. Nicola


    It's on the iOS app, so can't link the thread directly but search 'casino streamers' and a lot comes up over the years. Gets a bit nasty sometimes, especially when it involves the family of streamers.