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  1. McBinkerson

    End of Poker Season!! (Input appreciated)

    Can i have a lend of 6k until the morning please honestly i will give it back its just a nigerian prince emailed me and said i won a million and i just need to send 6k over for admin fees trust me guys its real
  2. McBinkerson

    End of Poker Season!! (Input appreciated)

    Alright paul good ideas i must say i haven't really played the league this season as to b honest the structure doesn't suit me I think a 2.20 turbo rebuy would be awesome and some mixed games would also be more fun i mean each poker game has its own edges that suit all other players differently. I for one make most my money playing PL Omaha and its my best game but im also happy to play Holdem and other variants of poker at the end of the day its a poker club not a holdem club. Do what you see fit paul but that's just my 2 cents
  3. £489.20 Hope its more mate but white rabbit is a bastard at the best of times.
  4. £1385.15 good luck paul love the content