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  1. benq99

    Let myself down

  2. yes there are a few i can name utter greedy cunts and cheating people .nice write up loveisagamble..and i dont trust any one that is to do with casino grounds the whole thing stinks of rigging and fake wins etc
  3. benq99

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    he is a bullshitter makes things up and dont trust the twat ,finding it hard now he cant get on youtube to con people
  4. benq99

    Little things that PISS you OFF

  5. benq99

    Is ROSHTEIN fake?

    nickslots is a bellend .
  6. benq99

    Sandwell Mobiles - Fraudster

    total con man.watching someone scratch cards and pay for it .fuck me what next
  7. benq99


    yes total twats.i sent them all docs and a pic of my ball sack and still wanted more ?
  8. benq99

    Stream watchers ..

    thats why i dont watch nickslots he is twat utter cunt lol ?
  9. benq99

    Laser Fruit Review

    i did 20p spin and ended winning £702.36 Biggest
  10. benq99

    Chilli challenge

    yes mate he is fake he bullshits ,i dont trust any of the casino grounds streamers
  11. benq99

    Chilli challenge

    had me in stitches,i think nick slots should eat shit as he talks it so much
  12. benq99

    Boring streamers

    nickslots is boring ,pig headed and bullshits a lot.but then again i will not watch any streamer that is part of casino grounds,as i think its all rigged look at all the runs of big wins from all at casino grounds