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  1. ColourMeUp

    Getting Paid by a Casino?

    I don't think the vast majority of people are against you having a deal and trying to make a few quid, yolo, do what you think is best for yourself.
  2. ColourMeUp

    Anyone still working?

    Looks like Halesworth! Stay safe
  3. ColourMeUp

    TGC Grand National Virtual Race Competition

    Congrats to everyone who won a prize, thanks to all who organised it as well, much appreciated in times like this
  4. ColourMeUp

    TGC Grand National Virtual Race Competition

    Sounds like fun, I'll give it a bash
  5. ColourMeUp


    Kind of weird how 2 members of the Mayweather died in the space of a week!? Anyone else think it's a bit strange?
  6. Happy Birthday, have a good one
  7. ColourMeUp

    David1111 Moderator!

    Congratulations to you both
  8. ColourMeUp


    Hi Pierre, have fun
  9. ColourMeUp

    Where art thou Nicola?

    More chance of the Coronavirus being a massive marketing stunt for a horror film than her showing up and providing screenshot.
  10. Huddersfield 30-34 Hull 11-15ο»Ώ Wigan 21-25 Catalans 6-10 Hull KR 20-25 St Helens 11-15
  11. ColourMeUp

    Nicola's March Giveaway Comp Scheme

    Very happy to share
  12. ColourMeUp

    Addiction, depression and stupidity.

    8 days online slots free, feels good
  13. Thats what I was going to do, proven method, but kind of takes the fun out of it!?
  14. ColourMeUp

    London, here i come!

    You're welcome, run good