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  1. ColourMeUp

    Cancel Culture

    Lol, half the people on here are trying to cancel every Russian going. Cancel culture is ridiculous, people f up in life sometimes, move on.
  2. ColourMeUp

    I’m Finally a Millionaire! (In Luna)

    To elaborate... There is no way to repeg UST without collateralizing it. The gap is too large to make sense for someone to come in and collateralize it. If you are bidding LUNA, you are just playing exit liquidity for UST holders. Very ugly situation, Imo, if you're still in, it's time to book a loss and move on.
  3. ColourMeUp


    He needed to know if there is a pigeon in your bank account
  4. ColourMeUp


    And no doubt, at some point it will! Hearing rumours its a good time to get out.
  5. ColourMeUp


    Partly, mainly though because crypto is a largely unregulated market its full of ponzi schemes and exit scams, so eventually it all comes to a head and people do their bollocks.
  6. ColourMeUp


    That's OK then, hope they do well for ya.
  7. ColourMeUp


    The usual ; rugs, people thinking monkey pics are good investments, shitcoin ponzis. Standard stuff
  8. ColourMeUp

    Happy birthday Chrissy m ❤️🎉🎂🥳🎈

    Happy Birthday Chrissy!
  9. ColourMeUp

    Happy Easter and etc

    I had you down as looking more like poirot!
  10. ColourMeUp


    My retirement plan is to sell my unvacinated sperm to the highest bidders.
  11. ColourMeUp

    Meet Up?

    You can have 1st class tickets on the train, consider yourself lucky
  12. ColourMeUp

    London Tomorrow! <3

    Yes, bloody awful Imo
  13. ColourMeUp

    London Tomorrow! <3

    Oh 17, she should know better My boys coming up to 9, so if a pair of trainers cost £40 or £400 he'd treat them the same
  14. ColourMeUp

    London Tomorrow! <3

    They're quite different to the modern Balenciagas, but I prefer them to the newer ones. Saw Grealish wearing a similar pair recently.