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  1. ColourMeUp

    PC Build Advice!

    Thanks mate, much appreciated
  2. ColourMeUp

    PC Build Advice!

  3. ColourMeUp

    PC Build Advice!

    Never built a PC myself before, but not too hard apparently, any idea if this spec is good or not? Purely for playing poker, just need it to be able to handle playing between 15-30 tables simultaneously.
  4. ColourMeUp

    A different approach to roulette

    My strategy is to assign every number to a star in the sky, then I take the average current wind speed across Eastern Afghanistan divide that by the number of Starlink satellites I can see with the naked eye and with that number I... For the rest of the equation to this 1000% win proof system please DM to arrange payment for the low low price of 2 goats and a block of mature cheddar cheese.
  5. ColourMeUp

    Why Crazy Time is Pure SCAM!

    Bit rich starting a thread with scam in the title, coming from you
  6. ColourMeUp

    Another live poker cheating scandal

    I think overall its not a good look for anyone involved as well as poker in general. I think in terms of the money it would've been better off being held in escrow until everything was scrutinised and an investigation concluded, I'm aware that LA law may make that not viable tbf. As far as Ivey etc commenting, not surprised he hasn't, typically keeps himself to himself and couldn't give 2 hoots about drama like this. Polk is an egocentric who loves to comment on anything and everything, just doing it for the views and clicks as you say.
  7. ColourMeUp

    Another live poker cheating scandal

    I play a lot of cash games, somewhere in the region of 75-100k hands/month and even at my stakes of $2/5 & $5/10, the punters that come and play don't make plays like she did. I happened to be watching it live when it happened and the thing that stood out the most to me was her body language, Imo she looked guilty af, made worse of course by her speech whilst trying to justify her play. Garret is as honest as you'll find in the poker world and I'd bet anything that if she's found innocent he'll return the money.
  8. ColourMeUp

    The Ukraine situation

    Good to see you're still on here talking sense, I've given up
  9. ColourMeUp

    Not a bad view this evening

    Have a great time mate, where are ya?
  10. ColourMeUp

    Jubilee celebrations 👑

    I hope the fudger chokes on a fish bone, will be something worth celebrating then. Post of the year
  11. ColourMeUp


    If this Russian geezer had any sense he'd of paid the money cus chances are they'd have punted it all back plus more anyway.
  12. ColourMeUp


    I nominate you for TGC's inaugural most random but correct use of a word of the year competition.
  13. ColourMeUp

    Cancel Culture

    Lol, half the people on here are trying to cancel every Russian going. Cancel culture is ridiculous, people f up in life sometimes, move on.
  14. ColourMeUp

    I’m Finally a Millionaire! (In Luna)

    To elaborate... There is no way to repeg UST without collateralizing it. The gap is too large to make sense for someone to come in and collateralize it. If you are bidding LUNA, you are just playing exit liquidity for UST holders. Very ugly situation, Imo, if you're still in, it's time to book a loss and move on.
  15. ColourMeUp

    I’m Finally a Millionaire! (In Luna)

    RIP £175