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  1. I Sir Gnome am off to deposit the goods. Regards Sir Gnome
  2. I Sir Gnome are reading. It is national Gnome holiday and I Sir Gnome have spare times. Regards Sir Gnome
  3. Sir Gnome

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    I Sir Gnome will select the following 13.50 - Fiddlerontheroof 14.25 - Oscar Elite 15.00 - Storm Control (nap) 15.35 - Come On Teddy 14.05 - Oscars Leader (Nb) 14.40 - On the Blind Side 15.15 - Eileendover Regards Sir Gnome
  4. Sir Gnome

    BTG & KFC Free Giveaway!!

    I Sir Gnome will select Balance £16.134 X 326 All winnings to be shared amongst the highest tier members of The Gnome community. Regards Sir Gnome
  5. I Sir Gnome would like to donate all profits to the Gnome community. Mat h results West Bromwich albinos +3 Leicester shity +2 Southampton sinners +3 Regards Sir Gnome
  6. Sir Gnome


    I Sir Gnome agree with you Kim. Last year we had a spate of Gnome pretenders on the Gnome community but clearly I Sir Gnome am the original.
  7. Sir Gnome

    Today’s selections

    I Sir Gnome will have 100 gnomes on not so sleepy
  8. Sir Gnome

    Canelo v Smith Predictions

    I Sir Gnome would take both out in seconds
  9. Sir Gnome

    Millyonare Rodney

    I Sir Gnome congratulate you @Blampy on your little success
  10. Sir Gnome

    Jokes !!

    I Sir Gnome will help your sprits What does a pimp gnome use to make his money? The garden hoes.
  11. Sir Gnome

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    I Sir Gnome will select the below 1.50 Bennys King2.05 Albert's back2.25 Paisley park2.40 Sam's adventure nb3.00 Mister Malarky nap3.35 buzz
  12. Sir Gnome

    TGC Grand National Virtual Race Competition

  13. Sir Gnome

    Going out and banging

    So I Sir Gnome of TGc am on the banging rampage. Looking to set a new record of 50 in 1 evening. Am up for anything so if you want to be sprayed let me know. It's going to get rather gooey. Regards Sir Gnome
  14. Sir Gnome

    The HAPPY BIRTHDAY thread!! THE LIST!! NEW!!

    Peasents of the tgc. it's my bday. Am going to party like it's the end of the world. Wish me Sir Gnome all the luck as I go and bang the maids. Regards Sir Gnome
  15. Sir Gnome

    The truth

    Tgc I Sir Gnome just want to let the community know that I am not @Poker But in fact I am @RocknrollasDad If I Sir Gnome was aware that this person was a peice of shit I would had not joked about it. This will be my last venture. I hope you all live happily ever after. Regards Sir Gnome