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  1. I am happy with my picks. Hopefully I win
  2. Hopefully I am still on time Aston Villa 2 Newcastle 0 Aberdeen 3 Motherwell 1 manchester 1 Liverpool 0 livingston 0 st Mirian 1 Bournemouth 4 Crawley town 0
  3. NeWbZs

    End of Poker Season!! (Input appreciated)

    Would be great is the games start earlier. For me playing poker until 1 o'clock (The Netherlands) just isn't possible because of work in the morning. Also lots of other games would be great!
  4. If you want to lower that number try rocknrolla's gamban code. I use it now and it works great for me.
  5. I score zero on most questions, but I score 3 on guilt and 3 on higher amounts. I am now on a 3 month stop, hopefully those 3's become zero's agian.
  6. NeWbZs

    Spurs v Juve

    Tottenham and over 2.5 goals @3.35
  7. NeWbZs


    Of course i meant the other way around.
  8. NeWbZs

    Should we ever change our numbers? (Roulette)

    Never change! I cant handle of my number would come in. I do change table's if I want to be on other numbers.
  9. Very Nice sir, dreamcatcher can be a great game!
  10. NeWbZs


    PSG to win and Both teams to score.
  11. NeWbZs

    Self Exclusion Good or Bad

    I use pokerstars as my only way to gamble, not because i like there software so much but you can ''take a break'' for 7 or 30 days. (also for longer periods). That really helps me to controll the gambling after a loss.
  12. NeWbZs

    120$ Side Bet 3430$ Win

    Very nice, sidebets sometimes pay great.
  13. NeWbZs

    What Are Peoples Favourite Slots?

    Six acrobates and DOA
  14. NeWbZs

    roulette best strategy

    I alway look for a table that is cold on 0-section. Then I bet 3/4 times big, It rarely works for me so that for sure isnt the best
  15. NeWbZs

    Man utd vs Crystal Palace

    Both to score and United to win would be my bet.
  16. Hi there everybody, My name is NeWbZs(pronounced as noobs). I love to gamble on anything, it all started with football bets and poker. I still do these bets a lot but nowadays I also do Blackjack. All my bets are low, very rarely I bet more then €100 a month. After winning €500 i started my loosing streak, lost the €500 in the 2 months after. Now I am on a break, not sure for how long but might be for 6 months or so. I really like to watch Rocknrolla's stream, it makes not gambling a lot easier.