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    @Perfomante The Bogdanoff clips are pure gold, feels so much like real life!
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    Funny Shit

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    VideoSlots using a low RTP version of the slots

    No need to google, I meant did you sign up through the streamer bandits link on BIAMO which you obviously didn't!
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    VideoSlots using a low RTP version of the slots

    And you haven't had any additional documents requested? You've just been told wait? Did you use The Bandits link to sign up as he may be able to help as a player manager?
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    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    @howfin Enjoying this evenings Rollercoaster Match? I'm sure you were winning 0-2 earlier
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    VideoSlots using a low RTP version of the slots

    It’ll be live in 10 mins
  7. A 20yr old Soldier who earns a little over 20k a year has shared a loss of over $2,000,000 on Reddit from back in July of this year. This loss took under 3 hours and the player provided zero verification, he just signed up and lost the lot playing a game called Crash where he hoped for 1.01x on huge wagers up to 400k a time, the game went on a zero x streak and wiped him out, the end.
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    VideoSlots using a low RTP version of the slots

    Could you give a bit more info on what they are asking for then we can try and advise on the fastest way to get paid.
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    Click here to read the 21Casino Review!
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    Tinkering on Rise of merlin 40p ...

    The Tinker King is back!!!
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    BTG €100,000 Giveaway

    @LaTeRzuk Congrats
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    Farewell to Altior

    A flick back through the longest winning sequences of some of National Hunt racing’s greatest performers helps put Altior’s record-breaking exploits into perspective. Best Mate and Cue Card have been among the most popular horses this century, yet neither ever won more than four races in succession. Five-time King George VI Chase winner and dual Cheltenham Gold Cup hero Kauto Star surprisingly never managed more than six victories on the spin, while Desert Orchid and Moscow Flyer stalled at seven. The legendary Arkle, the greatest of them all? He would often try to concede lumps of weight in handicaps and, as a consequence, never got beyond nine. Denman, Hurricane Fly, Quevega and Un De Sceaux managed the same. Annie Power, Faugheen, Istabraq and Sprinter Sacre all got to ten; and then we get to the most prolific of them all in Buveur D’Air (11), Bula (13), Douvan (14), Sir Ken (16) and Big Buck’s (18). But the ultimate winter win machine was Altior, who won a record 19 consecutive victories and effectively allowed his adoring supporters to print their own money during a glorious four-year period where he was invincible. Had you bet £20 on him for win No 1 of the 19, then played up the winnings every time he subsequently ran, you’d have got up to a profit of almost £84,000!!! He wasn’t asked to tackle handicaps and on many occasions few dared take him on, but four of those 19 wins were achieved in the cauldron of the Cheltenham Festival. And let’s not forget he also spent most of his career running in two-mile chases, where there is no room for hesitation or error. The 11-year-old, whose retirement was announced on Monday afternoon, has set the bar almost impossibly high for those seeking to upstage him. To get past Altior, at least 40 miles will have to be galloped and a minimum of about 160 obstacles negotiated. Then, there is the opposition, plus the banana skins that lurk around every corner over jumps and, of course, just plain rotten bad luck. Off days? There is no scope for those, either. CITE
  13. MrUKHackz

    Shah Mat 2344X

    2344x on a Red Tiger game? Unheard of!!!
  14. MrUKHackz

    Today I’m at Yarmouth races

    Get the flying fudge in there!!!
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    Paul Merson on GMB today

    The Mad thing is it was Paul Merson who identified Razor Ruddock had a drink problem and helped him get clean. Addiction comes for everyone
  16. MrUKHackz

    20yr Old Soldier Loses $2M+ On Stake Casino

    He was an early investor in ETH, what 20yr old wants to quit the army which is quite a vocational job when you can be billy big balls with your other pals, sadly its all true.
  17. MrUKHackz

    Banned from Casino 😂

    I used the auto clicker on Raging Rhino and it was stopping the reels 5 and 6 before 1,2,3 and 4, scatter noises all over the place
  18. MrUKHackz

    Today I’m at Yarmouth races

    Good luck mate, get well soon
  19. MrUKHackz

    Das xBoot Review

    @ISlot You're playing the 94% RTP version mate
  20. MrUKHackz

    Toshi-Pyramyth-Multiplier Odyssey Slots

    I made rolla one years ago, you needed 3 Boscombe postcards for the feature and Ron Zacapa was the jackpot
  21. MrUKHackz

    Toshi-Pyramyth-Multiplier Odyssey Slots

    That Multiplier Odyssey looks very interesting, I might have to give it a go!
  22. MrUKHackz

    Skrill delayed payments

    I've always asked the same Q, even a decade ago when everyone was like you got Skrill dude? I'm like no I've got Paypal from the eBay days, I don't need the same thing but with charges!
  23. It's charity time ladies and gentlemen and this month we have a whopping £3400 to donate. Kidney Care UK was suggested last month by @Spagfiend Any suggestions please leave them below, the smaller and needier the better, ty.
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    Newbie here!

    Welcome to TGC, how often do you play poker and do you play online or in person?
  25. MrUKHackz

    20yr Old Soldier Loses $2M+ On Stake Casino

    He's in the Army as he wants to pursue being a soldier as his career, he got into ETH really early and was using it to gamble and as retirement wealth, now he's just trying to get his head round the fact he will never be as wealthy as @Gkell727