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  1. Well done to all the winners, entered the 1st week, but then forgot, sorry to much going on in the UK
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    Fake streamers

    Hello all , so much talk about fake streamers and with more and more people getting into casino streaming ,it would be interesting for all to name the fake ones , then people can just make up their own mind wether to watch any of them , after somehow coming across a streamer called Foss on YouTube, I watched for literary 1min and thought this guy is taking the ....., Another is classybeef also think these are , heard loads about roshtein , I've actually watched him a few times show his accounts on screen , also he hasn't always played big stakes , so everybody will have can opinion but unless you actually know , please don't just say anyone . I'll look forward to the reply's .
  3. Aston Villa vs Newcastle United 2-1 2. Brighton vs Blackpool 2-0 3. Aberdeen vs Motherwell 1-0 4. Manchester vs Liverpool 1-0 5. Livingston vs St Mirren 2-1 6. Bournemouth vs Crawley Town 3-1
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    BTG & KFC Free Giveaway!!

    £18,742 & 432x Gl Paul
  5. @MrUKHackz the 5th one drawn , was that me ,