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    Self excluded

    Congrats David your doing awesome. Treat yourself to something nice with some of the dollar you have saved
  2. Player1173

    Dead or Alive II (32,177x) wtf?!

    What the actual fudge!! Wow!!
  3. Player1173

    Thug Life....

    Gosh darn it I really thought I had a priceless piece there! thanks for the advice though
  4. Player1173

    Thug Life....

    Looks awesome mate always nice to have a few days away, so many nice places to visit in the UK. On a completely seperate note, rather than ask this on 'Adams Corner' can you please offer an appraisal on this vintage sign:
  5. Player1173

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Oh yeah nice one, NAP So Perfect, NB Black Corton. Thanks mate
  6. Player1173

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    SATURDAY 22ND JUNE - ITV1 14:30 Heaven Forfend 20 Win 15:05 So Perfect 10 Win 15:40 Mirage Dancer 20 Win 16:20 Emblazoned 20 Win 17:00 Danzeno 10 Win 17:35 Black Corton 20 Win Good Luck Everyone! @Crunchienut can I please use these selections for the Royal Ascot comp as well
  7. Player1173

    Danger finally pays some

  8. Player1173

    WSOP Punting 2019

    Best of luck mate all the best for a decent cashout
  9. Player1173


    Friday 21 June. Day 4 Royal Ascot Selections: 2 30 Exceptional 20 win 3 05 Private Secretary 10 win 3 40 Advertise 10 win 4 20 Pretty Pollyanna 20 win 5 00 Maamora 20 win 5 35 Lethal Steps 20 win Good Luck Everyone!
  10. Player1173

    As Paul Would Say "Hold onto your Balls"

    Sounds like you have it all worked out Adam many congrats on taking the decision to go for it. We only live once afterall and its the things we dont do that we regret. Would your work in the UK be something you could always return back to one day if you so wished?
  11. Player1173


    Thursday 20 June. Day 3 Royal Ascot Selections: 2 30 Dubai Station 10 EW 3 05  Eightsome Reel 10 EW 3 40 Altair 10 EW 4 20 Stradivarius 10 5 00 Dubai Legacy 5 EW 5 35 Almania 20 Good Luck Everyone!
  12. Player1173

    Adams Corner!

    Blimey it must have some significance to hold such value.
  13. Player1173

    Adams Corner!

    A document with a misprint of some sort? An oversized postage stamp? A ticket for an historic sporting event?
  14. Player1173

    Adams Corner!

    Your the man thanks Adam. I'm not planning on selling them anytime soon but always good to know the value. Thanks again
  15. Player1173

    Adams Corner!

    Hi Adam I have these sovereigns (they are in the boxes!) They have never been taken out and are in mint conditon. Any idea on values would be great
  16. Player1173

    Irish Kid Winning Over 7000x On DOA2 (Priceless Reaction)

    He looks about 15 ha! Fair play though thats a great hit!
  17. Player1173

    Creating account in someone elses name

    Does your partner realise that you are aware of this now? If so, how have they reacted?
  18. Player1173


    Wednsday 19 June. Day 2 Royal Ascot Selections: 2:30 Final Song 10 3:05 Moonlight Spirit 10 3:40 Crystal Ocean 30 4:20 Dan's Dream 10 e/w 5:00 Cardsharp 10 e/w 5:35 Dylan De Vega 5 e/w Good Luck Everyone!
  19. Player1173


    Ha he was caught with his pants down! He's a great player, a legend of the game, no doubt at all. I just watched the video on Youtube again and its hilarious how bent he was. Stephen Lee got a 12 year ban for match fixing so Higgins is very lucky to still be playing.
  20. Player1173


    Ronnie...naturally. Neil Robertson regained some of his previous form last season so would expect him to pick up a ranking event or two. Mark Selby has something to prove after a disappointing season, and of course loosing his Nr 1 world ranking position. He is a fantastic match player and should never be discounted. Higgins of course is a machine. Either at the snooker table or at a hotel table negociating his next bribe Anyway looking forward to this season and having a few quid on as well
  21. Player1173


    Tuesday 18 June. Day 1 Royal Ascot Selections: 2.30 Hazapour 10 3:05 Arizona 10 EW 3:40 Blue Point 10 4.20 King Of Comedy 10 EW 5.00 Coeur de Lion 10 EW 5.35 Star Of Bengal 10 EW Good Luck Everyone!
  22. Player1173

    Fights like that...

    Considering Schwarz was 24-0 this was such a mis-match, suppose it shows Fury's class. I read that a load of money was put on Schwarz just before the fight, oops! I watched it on Youtube at 7.30 for free thus giving me an extra £20 to gamble today
  23. Player1173

    Bit of a weird one

    I couldnt have put Hacks response any better myself. At 10/11 years old they know better and the head teacher should be dealing with it in a far more diplomatic way. Coincidently a similar incident happened to my mates boy recently who is 10. Him and FOUR other boys were attacked by a girl in their class who is a Taekwondo wizz kid, properly marked them up as well! TBF the school did make a big deal out of it so she didnt get away with it, got the girls parents in to have a word etc.
  24. Player1173

    Nickslots Recreates Davo Slots Video

    Kudos, cannot say fairer than that!
  25. Player1173


    A little less conversation a little more action please! Cant understand why he cannot show the transaction history when so many others can...lets see.