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  1. Player1173

    TGCs World Famous Pumpkin Comp 🎃

    Took alot of effort but heres my entry for this year
  2. Player1173


    We're doing all the Halloween decs etc at home, but not the trick or treating. Not sure if this has been 'banned' officially. To be on the safe side I'll be keeping my Freddy Krueger mask by the front door to scare the shit out of anyone who may decide to knock!
  3. Player1173

    Khabib vs Gaethje

    Looking forward to this one, Khabib is the favourite going in, but hardly surprising with his record. It's been said Gathje could be his biggest threat yet. Anyone else going to be watching and having a bet?
  4. Player1173

    Khabib vs Gaethje

    Yeah I've heard many speak highly of his wrestling so your right he may decide to try and take it to the ground, those odds are favorable to be fair.
  5. Player1173

    Khabib vs Gaethje

    Good luck with the bets mate
  6. Player1173

    Khabib vs Gaethje

    Yeah I agree, cannot see any other outcome really.
  7. Player1173

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    CHELTENHAM 14:05 Allmankind 14:40 Pileon 15:15 Neville's Cross 15:50 Perfect Candidate (NB) DONCASTER 13:45 Helmont (NAP) 14:20 Came From The Dark 14:55 Megallan NEWBURY 15:35 Laneqash 16:10 Wuchen Glen GLA
  8. Player1173

    How much would it take? ... And what would you do?

    Haha well theres always time for a blow out or two before the life of fishing and flash cars takes over! Never been to Vegas but definately will one day.
  9. Player1173

    How much would it take? ... And what would you do?

    I've always said to myself I would have done alright in life financially if I can own my own fishing lake. Would bloody love it! Would take a mill for me to leave my day job, would have to keep busy though but good to never have a boss again, apart from the wife of course!
  10. Wow that's crazy, would like to hear a few more of these instances where a punter has really come up trumps, especially from a from a small deposit. Like you say if the player doesn't share their story, these little gems just go untold.
  11. Player1173

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Saturday 17th October Ascot 13:20 - Stradivarius NAP 13:55 - Happy Power (e/w) 14:30 - Frankly Darling (e/w) 15:05 - Sir Busker (e/w) 15:40 - Japan (NB) 16:15 – Ropey Guest GLA!
  12. Player1173

    Bonanza 1800x

    "I'm sure you are feeling like He-Man about to shove your 4 pointed scepter up Skeletor's arse" if there is an award for comment of the week, there it is!
  13. Player1173

    Millionaire 2400x. 😲😲😲😲

    That's amazing mate, what a run! One question though, are you the real Charles Ingram (cough cough) haha
  14. Player1173

    Chocolates 1360X

    Very nice hit
  15. Player1173

    Bonanza 1800x

    Epic mate! Enjoy the cash and cool off for abit.
  16. Player1173

    Bitcoin casinos

    @PAMP4LINI mate fudge all them dodgy Bitcoin sites. If you want to keep your bank statement clean of gambling transactions just use your PayPal balance.
  17. Player1173

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Saturday 10th October 2020 NEWMARKET 13:45 Lone Eagle 14:20 Maximal NB 14:55 Thunder Moon 15:35 Coltrane YORK 13:30 Classic Lord 14:00 Legal Attack 14:35 Llaraab NAP 15:10 Roulston Scar
  18. Player1173

    Genie Jackpots Megaways 918x Stake!

    Nice hit!
  19. That's a serious wedge, great stuff to the TGC massive!
  20. Player1173

    Sweet Hot and Sour Chicken Noodles !!

    Mate that looks great and I would definately go at that plate like a dog with two.....but no Sunday roast? I'd be in a foul fudging mood if Missus cooked anything else on a sunday, only acceptable exception being a BBQ of course.
  21. Player1173

    TGC Giveaways

    @MrUKHackz would you mind checking if I'm in please?
  22. Player1173

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Saturday 3rd October 2020 ASCOT 13:55 - Aljady 14:30 - Away He Goes NB 15:05 - River Nymph 15:40 - Raucous NEWMARKET 13:40 - Hot Scoop NAP 14:10 - Be More 14:45 - Nazeef REDCAR 15:25 - Shark Two One
  23. Player1173

    60p Tinkering on Multifly .....

    Nice mate!
  24. Player1173

    Reactoonz 2 Review

    Gave this a small go earlier, one mini feature seemed to build up for ages only to pay like 20x. I'll persevere though and crack in a decent win on it eventually!