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  1. Player1173

    American mentality

    Completely makes sense and totally logical that they would prefer an intruder was shot dead, than to be a burden to the tax payer. Certainly alleviates any concern for that intruder reoffending again. Everyone's a winner. Anyone that is sympathetic towards someone breaking into someone's home can jog the fuck on.
  2. Player1173

    First L’ll Devil Heartstopper Bonus

    Scorpions can pay @Blacko , unlucky tho
  3. Player1173

    For the love of god.....

    A few years ago I remember Coral Casino - Rainbow Riches on Demo mode, every 10 spins or so it would throw in the Progressive Jackpot - would get the 'Congratulations' banner / pop up appear and everything, just like if it was actually hit for real. Was such a con to lure the more suggestable punter in to playing real funds... Obviously @MrUKHackzyou know more than the average punter so perhaps it is all more legit now if the demo vs real versions are indeed identical. @ryans_slots unlucky man, have to try and forget this one ever happened.
  4. Player1173

    Another One For The Tinkerers !

    What a hit! Nice one @philinvicta
  5. Player1173

    Max Megaways Review

    Good review Hackz, gave this a bash earlier, no big hits but a definate improvement on some of BTG's more recent releases, with some great potential. Wonder how long until the max win will be hit...
  6. Player1173

    LIVE Big Bonus Hunt!!!

    I often tune in, will say hi but don't really interact much. @RichieFC does a good job closing down the morons that do appear from time to time.
  7. Player1173

    Oleksandr Usyk vs. Anthony Joshua 2

    Was a good fight but so pleased he lost as always thought he was an arrogant bell end. Then for the cherry on the cake he goes on that rant afterwards. Again, validating that he is indeed an arrogant bell end afterall.
  8. Player1173

    Hello TGC Can I Help You?

    This one came up recently with some friends and was an interesting discussion. Maybe @Nostradamus can offer their thoughts. Welcome BTW. A completely hypothetical scenario... Imagine when you turned 18 you were offered the opportunity and superpower to never become ill in your whole life. Absolutely nothing wrong at all ever, not even a cold, no matter what your lifestyle. You wouldn't suffer any injury and would always be able to do everything you wanted physically without the worry of becoming old ie suffer back ache. However you would outwardly age as you ordinarily would. The power doesn't make you indestructible either, from say a serious accident so you would need to still be sensible. In return for this accepting this superpower, on your 70th birthday that would be your time up and you would die. Would you take the deal?
  9. Player1173

    MAX win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a hit, congrats. This game is a beast and easily in my top ten. Enjoy the win mate.
  10. Player1173

    The End is Coming for UK Gambling???

    It's appalling that these pricks are even allowed to come within 100 miles of a child to start brainwashing them that all this is 'normal and acceptable' I don't disagree that there is hidden agenda with it all. If these twats are being granted permission to go into schools to sprout off this nonsense, then someone in government is giving this the greenlight to suit a wider narrative. I have two daughters (8 and 6) so they are abit young currently to be aware of this, however it does concern me just how far this will all go, as it does sadly seem to have really accelerated in the last couple of years.
  11. Player1173

    The End is Coming for UK Gambling???

    Haha it's funny that its someone's job to actually pixelate it.
  12. Player1173

    The End is Coming for UK Gambling???

    World is going mad with its restrictions and censorship in general. It won't be long until there is a 'gender neutral' doorman along the alcohol aisle in Tesco stopping customers wanting to purchase a few beers next. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. It they are a degenerate gambler, then use Gamstop, or request a gambling block from their bank. Simple. People wil always find a way to gamble if they really want to - it's impossible to wrap them in cotton wool and force them stop. Why should the rest of us that like a punt suffer and have it spoiled by imposing restrictions and invasive source of wealth requests etc, just because a minority percentage do not have any self control or discipline? To anyone that endorses more and more layers of protection to protect those that are too reckless to take any responsibility for their own actions, I say fuck them all.
  13. Player1173

    The Weather

  14. Player1173

    Casino Bonuses

    The only bonus I ever take is from Coral who every so often send me a promo with a 1x wager, which basically is a given that it will always be achieved. All other bonus offers can fudge off. If I win, I'm withdrawing it instantly.
  15. Player1173

    Competition -- Dante York meeting May 11-13

    Very generous @Solario333 I'll sit this one out though.