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  1. Player1173

    Epic Win from Opal Fruits. Over 1000x on 20p

    Awesome hit nice one
  2. Player1173

    Happy Birthday Miller

    Happy Birthday Miller have a good one mate
  3. Player1173

    Raging Rhino Megaways Review

    Good review Hacks. I came to the same conclusion as you really that I would prefer to play the original version. Had a few bonus's on this but not one decent win or even a single retrigger. Even other high variances like BTG like a retrigger every so often, seems non existant on this one, and to need 3 scatters to retrigger vs 2 on the original is quite poor imo.
  4. Player1173

    Bit of fun comp

    61 feet
  5. Player1173

    Self excluded

    Awesome mate thats a great milestone
  6. Player1173

    15 Pink Fudgers - 790x

    Reactoonz been very kind to me last week or so, all withdrawn.
  7. Its frightning just how profitable these machines have been for the bookies for many years. The bubble had to burst at somepoint. Just hope the employees all get a decent redundancy payout.
  8. Player1173

    Dubois v Gorman

    Its all over dubois bossed it
  9. Player1173

    Dubois v Gorman

    Gorman being dominated cant get his jab in
  10. Player1173

    Opal Fruits - Mega Win

    Great hit loves a retrigger this one!
  11. Player1173

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Well done to all the winners. Sad news about Beat The Bank of course
  12. Player1173

    Does anyone....

    Never even been on BIAM, are people on there really begging for help off Bandit? Know that there are some totally shameless people out there. If this is the case I hope these people don't filter onto here!
  13. Player1173

    Hedgehogging With Hackz!

  14. Player1173

    Hedgehogging With Hackz!

    Thought for one moment you were going to scoop it up in the net love it when random occurances like that happen. I was fishing once and a mole burrowed up literally next to where I was sitting, never seen a wild one close up until then.
  15. Player1173

    450 x Genie Jackpots Megaways

    Thanks Paul yes was happy with this one