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  1. Player1173

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Cheltenham 13.50 Achille 14.25 Splash of Ginge 15.00 Anteros 15.30 Falco Blitz --NAP--  Lingfield 14.45 Lord North NB 15.15 Corinthia Knight Best of luck fellow TGC'ers!
  2. Many thanks to @MrUKHackz @Rocknrolla@Crunchie @1pstaker @Jok3st3r for the comps, great stuff. Well done to all the winners
  3. Player1173

    A Roller coaster journey & That London

    Great vid, some good editing in there! GTFIT
  4. Player1173

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Wincanton 13:50 - Organdi NAP 14:25 - Solomon Grey NB 15:00 - Grand Sancy 15:35 - Wicked Willy (what a name! ) Aintree 13:30 - Shady Oaks 14:05 - The Russian Doyen 14:40 - Diomede des Mottes Best of luck fellow TGC'ers!
  5. Player1173

    Need help!

    This is an easy one: Roshtein
  6. Player1173

    Adams "Let's Start The Week Right Quiz"

    Part of a grenade?
  7. Player1173

    Adams "Let's Start The Week Right Quiz"

    Is it part of a cannon?
  8. Player1173

    Adams "Let's Start The Week Right Quiz"

    A Victorian egg timer?
  9. Player1173

    Max 2 Pound online stake

    I would say a mandatory deposit limit would be more effective than the £2 stake limit. Deposits are how you get in deep rather than the stakes that are played. If someone has poor self control and is capable of doing their nuts in, unfortunately they always will. Anyone over 16 can go into their local Co Op and spunk £500 on scratchcards if they so wished.
  10. Player1173

    Max 2 Pound online stake

    I definately see your point. You could equally say that the small percentage of 'irresponsible gamblers' are making it more difficult for the gamblers who are able to bet responsibly. The various levels of self control that are already in existance online are really dependent on the individual, rather than should be decided by government policy. The reduction in the FOBT limit was definately a good move, however for the online players' there are ways of being protected already. Deposit limits are great as this basically the route of the issue. As you correctly say you can easily spent serious amounts of money on a £2 stake and under, so will this really solve the problem for an irresponsible gambler?
  11. Player1173

    Max 2 Pound online stake

    Lets assume that the current online casinos aren't doing enough to discourage irresponsible online gambing... If a player later prooves their sources of income and demonstrates they are gambling within their means and are not being irresponsible, would this stake restriction still be implimented? Seems abit harsh as everyones situations are different. How do they define irresponsible? Fair enough if a player's source of income is say only state benefits and they are spunking the lot up the wall. This situation would be fairly clear they are acting irresponsibly. However surely if a player is happy with their current gambling pattern then they should be left to their own devices to make their own decisons? If a player needs serious help theres already many measures out there to prevent them doing their bollocks in. Just seems like a very communist way of doing things in my opinion!
  12. Player1173

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    1:20 WETHERBY - Manwell 1:35 ASCOT - Cervaro Mix NAP 1:55 WETHERBY - Aweeminit NB 2:10 ASCOT- Diego Du Charmil 2:25 DOWN ROYAL - Delta Work 2:45 ASCOT- Denmead 3:05 WETHERBY - Ballyandy 3:20 ASCOT - Larry 3:40 WETHERBY - Definitly Red Best of luck fellow TGC'ers!
  13. Player1173

    Confidence Of A Mother.

    I've always had a soft spot, suppose you could call it sentimental attachment to Adams collection of gold sovereigns. Just saying.
  14. Player1173

    Book of dead

    Very nice! Has anyone else noticed this seems alot harder to bonus the last month? Rinsed a deposit a week or so ago without anything on this
  15. Player1173

    Monopoly Live (Tilt Mode)

    Full degen mode there Nicola! Over 300 spins thats crazy. I got 4 rolls a couple weeks back and it paid 15x!!