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  1. Player1173

    THE KING IS Back

    Sound mate nice one
  2. Player1173

    THE KING IS Back

    Awesome get in there Miller! Got any plans on what your gona do with the winnings?
  3. Player1173

    Flame busters 450x 0.20€

    Nice one!
  4. Player1173

    My morning

    Should have kicked the cat in the general direction of the ducks instead!
  5. Player1173

    Book of ra ra ra magic

    Great hit mate
  6. Player1173

    Joint community home game!

    Well played. You hit a three outer on the river to take a nice chunk of chips off me!haha
  7. Player1173

    Joint community home game!

    A very unlucky flop for you mate, sorry about that one!
  8. Player1173

    Joint community home game!

    @Rocknrolla many thanks for the stake mate much appreciatedlets rip those Bandit fans a new one!
  9. Player1173

    Joint community home game!

    Hi Paul my username is: Player117333 on Pokerstars. I'm feeling good and gona take this bad boy down!
  10. Player1173

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Warwick 13:50 - Rocky's Treasure (NAP) 14:25 - Finawn Bawn 15:00 - Ibis Du Rheu 15:35 - Virginia Chick Kempton Park 14:05 - Charbel (NB) 14:40 - Cotswold Way 15:15 - Beggar's Wishes Good Luck Everyone!
  11. Player1173

    The best £30 ever spent from a win.

    Brilliant write up! If your book ever gets published I would definately order a (signed) copy ha. Personal highlight for me: "it warmed my gonads deeply". If thats not worthy of the Nobel prize for Literature I dont know what is!
  12. Player1173

    Napoleon 3 of a kind!

    The pay table on this game is insane, great hit mate!
  13. Player1173

    BiG bEt ToNiGhT!!!!!!!

    Haha brilliant!!
  14. Player1173

    Joint community home game!

    Awesome idea count me in
  15. Player1173

    Let's dream.. If you WIN Mega moolah jackpot...

    I have copied and pasted this in my notes incase I ever hit big, definately a good start point to get the celebrations started!