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  1. Player1173

    Am I the only one...

    Totally agree Nicola I havent taken a bonus in years, the freedom of withdrawing anytime after a decent win is what its all about. Dont get me wrong if I received an exceptional bonus with a crazy small wagering I would do it, however they just dont seem to exist!
  2. Player1173

    The Final Countdown (4381x)

    Wow! You are the slot whisperer! Congrats
  3. Player1173

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    1:55 GOODWOOD - Willie John 2:15 HAYDOCK - Pirate King  2:30 GOODWOOD - Dubai Legacy (NAP) 2:50 HAYDOCK- Awe 3:05 YORK- Pilaster 3:25 HAYDOCK - Calyx  3:45 YORK- Acqume (NB) 4:00 HAYDOCK- Mabs Cross IRISH 2000 GUINEAS FROM THE CURRAGH - Magna Grecia Good Luck Everyone!
  4. Player1173

    540x BTG Millionaire

    Oh yes had plenty of them mate, i must be down on the game overall
  5. Player1173

    540x BTG Millionaire

    Got it to 16 spins, not a bad bonus this time round!
  6. Player1173

    Pokerstars Casino App Issues?

    Yes its sorted now.
  7. Been trying to play casino games on Pokerstars the last hour and this error message comes up when trying to open any live casino or slot game, via the app (android). Poker games work fine though. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue at the moment? Thanks.
  8. Player1173


    Thats awesome mate, enjoy the evening
  9. Player1173

    My Monthly Slot Session

    Nice run! Its funny how slots do seem to play hot in phases.
  10. Player1173

    Decent little win on Dead or Alive 2.

    Holy shit balls thats epic, 18,500x wow! Congrats
  11. Player1173

    A hand to make you scream arrrgh.

    Ouch a full house over full house on the flop doesnt happen too often. Thats poker though. I once lost a hand in an online tourney with quads vs a straight flush.
  12. Player1173

    My first live tournament

    All the best @thewweEDGEHAD
  13. Player1173

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    1:50 NEWBURY - Khaadem 2:05 NEWMARKET - Eightsome Reel (NAP) 2:25 NEWBURY - Crystal Oceon 2:40 NEWMARKET - Far Above 3:00 NEWBURY - Sinjaari (NB)  3:15 NEWMARKET - Luxor 3:40 NEWBURY- Beat The Bank Good Luck Everyone!
  14. Player1173

    Caster Semenya

    Haha yes imagine it was anything goes and Usain Bolt was allowed to pump himself with anything and everything in his prime-running the 100m in 5 seconds- who wouldnt want to see that!
  15. Player1173

    5400 x on napoleon

    Wow epic hit congrats!