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  1. Player1173

    My TGC Prediction

    @Nostradamus think @MrUKHackz just caught you with your philosophical pants down there!
  2. Player1173

    Fit to Be Free

    Saw earlier he was calling out Ant Middleton for a boxing match. Kinda want to see that one tbh as would be hilarious to see Middleton get sparked out by 70 year old Bronson.
  3. Player1173

    Dear oh dear Mr Trump (Not the American)

    Yeah it's so wrong about Higgins escaping the lifetime ban. Watched the hotel video recently. There's a funny clip when he did return back during his first a match after his short ban with a fan heckling him about the bribe. His opponent Mark William's face is hilarious as he clearly sided with the heckler. A shame that Trump sesms to be selling out to the best buyer. Like most professional sports now it seems all about the money unfortunately. Snooker is awesome though. Went to the crucible few years ago after winning a wedge, would recommend it. Only ever managed a high break of 39 myself. They make it look ridiculously easy.
  4. Player1173

    Mystery Mission To The Moon Review

    Casinogrounds showed this clip in the latest big win streamer compilation today funny enough. Goes to show the premiums do show up sometimes I suppose.
  5. Player1173

    Mystery Mission To The Moon Review

    Like the look of this one, as with most Push Gaming slots they do have good potential.
  6. Player1173

    Funny Shit

  7. Player1173

    American mentality

    Completely makes sense and totally logical that they would prefer an intruder was shot dead, than to be a burden to the tax payer. Certainly alleviates any concern for that intruder reoffending again. Everyone's a winner. Anyone that is sympathetic towards someone breaking into someone's home can jog the fuck on.
  8. Player1173

    First L’ll Devil Heartstopper Bonus

    Scorpions can pay @Blacko , unlucky tho
  9. Player1173

    For the love of god.....

    A few years ago I remember Coral Casino - Rainbow Riches on Demo mode, every 10 spins or so it would throw in the Progressive Jackpot - would get the 'Congratulations' banner / pop up appear and everything, just like if it was actually hit for real. Was such a con to lure the more suggestable punter in to playing real funds... Obviously @MrUKHackzyou know more than the average punter so perhaps it is all more legit now if the demo vs real versions are indeed identical. @ryans_slots unlucky man, have to try and forget this one ever happened.
  10. Player1173

    Another One For The Tinkerers !

    What a hit! Nice one @philinvicta
  11. Player1173

    Max Megaways Review

    Good review Hackz, gave this a bash earlier, no big hits but a definate improvement on some of BTG's more recent releases, with some great potential. Wonder how long until the max win will be hit...
  12. Player1173

    LIVE Big Bonus Hunt!!!

    I often tune in, will say hi but don't really interact much. @RichieFC does a good job closing down the morons that do appear from time to time.
  13. Player1173

    Oleksandr Usyk vs. Anthony Joshua 2

    Was a good fight but so pleased he lost as always thought he was an arrogant bell end. Then for the cherry on the cake he goes on that rant afterwards. Again, validating that he is indeed an arrogant bell end afterall.
  14. Player1173

    Hello TGC Can I Help You?

    This one came up recently with some friends and was an interesting discussion. Maybe @Nostradamus can offer their thoughts. Welcome BTW. A completely hypothetical scenario... Imagine when you turned 18 you were offered the opportunity and superpower to never become ill in your whole life. Absolutely nothing wrong at all ever, not even a cold, no matter what your lifestyle. You wouldn't suffer any injury and would always be able to do everything you wanted physically without the worry of becoming old ie suffer back ache. However you would outwardly age as you ordinarily would. The power doesn't make you indestructible either, from say a serious accident so you would need to still be sensible. In return for this accepting this superpower, on your 70th birthday that would be your time up and you would die. Would you take the deal?
  15. Player1173

    MAX win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a hit, congrats. This game is a beast and easily in my top ten. Enjoy the win mate.