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  1. Player1173

    Are they right?

    Seems so antiquated that a scanned in handwritten betting slip is actually used in 2021. I'd be well pissed off if I lost out on a technicality like this.
  2. Player1173

    The Elephant in the room!

    I've never used a crypto casino, therefore I do not have first hand experience. However I do see the appeal of using one to get round bonus buys, especially when say Casinogrounds will put a weekly big win video up where most of the wins are from players/streamers buying the bonus to achieve huge wins...
  3. Player1173

    Jammin 1293x

    What a game this is, thought was going to be even more but I'll take it. Also had a decent Lil Devil hit a couple days ago.
  4. Player1173

    Lil Devil 1074x

    Got a problem?
  5. Player1173

    Lil Devil 1074x

    Yeah I find a 0.20 stake using fake monopoly money helps keep me under the radar.
  6. Player1173

    Lil Devil 1074x

    Havent played this for ages and thought would give it a go.Thought was going to be another insane one, but I'll take a 1000x any day of the week.
  7. Yeah the good wins will always happen of course, I'm talking about the top wins. The true top potential is only achieved by buying the bonus, therefore unless they come out and confirm it is technically possible to unlock the megawins, seems a waste or time playing them?
  8. Player1173

    Water Bill

    Depends on your usage and how many people live in your household. It's less than I pay (around £70 month on average)
  9. Until they allow bonus buys in UK again (if ever) its pointless playing any No Limit games. I'd even go as far to say it's false advertising with the likes of Mental (66,666x cap) San Quinton (150,000x) as these limits will never be hit without buying a premium bonus. I wonder if No Limit have ever acknowledged this, and it they argue it is possible to hit these max wins on a non bonus buy..? I've done literally tens thousands spins on San Quinton and got 4 scatters once.
  10. Player1173

    Best UK internet Provider

    I'm with BT and I can confirm they are massive cu*ts. They are the fastest speed in my area though, so have my hands tied somewhat. Don't want the slots or Pornhub buffering do I.
  11. Player1173

    Fuel Shortage

  12. Player1173

    Rate My Takeaway

    Really like this guy, watched a podcast he did and he has had a really tough time but come out the other side. One of the genuine ones.
  13. Player1173

    Fruit Party Base Hit

    Usual 0.20 stake, loving Pragmatics at the moment. Have a genuine chance of hitting the max win even in the base game. Fudge No Limit and their games designed for bonus buys.
  14. Player1173

    The Final Countdown 3750x

    That's a great win, although you were pretty unlucky not to connect anything decent with all those spins with the max 256 multiplier. Could have been super epic. Enjoy the win!