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  1. Radstockben

    Stopandstep has a channel to help the UKGC

    Makes some interesting reading ? but on another note anyone actually know who he has sold up to?
  2. Radstockben


    New gc rules or what?
  3. Radstockben


    Heard a rumour bonus buys have been removed in U.K. online casinos and can’t seem to find any now?? Anyone else noticed this??
  4. Radstockben

    I can't really choose a title

    Disgusting ifnit was brushed under the carpet the streamer or if not possible at least a mod should have whispered and tried to chat to them point them in the direction of real help!!
  5. Radstockben

    New £2 FOBT 20p Roulette

    Pmsl sorry bud only just came up on hot topic of the week ???
  6. Radstockben

    New £2 FOBT 20p Roulette

    You can play this fast play so the dial just jumps instead of going up and down so can easily do 25 dial gambles in a minute
  7. Radstockben

    Casino affiliate streams are parasites. Discuss

    I could be worse I could spend my whole time on stream chats, stream forums and stream social media’s saying how much I hate streams ??? you defo live in your mums basement and didn’t get hugged enough as a child ??You take care of yourself mate I’m sure will be some streams on later for you to troll with your numerous accounts! And my whisper inbox is always open for your wise words of wisdom You have fun now lad!
  8. Radstockben

    Casino affiliate streams are parasites. Discuss

    If you hate casino streams so much don’t watch them simples multiple accounts over several different networks! What’s wrong with you get a life
  9. It came down as quick as it went up! I had someone whisper me about it a week ago and couldn’t find it so presumed it was another troll talking shit! People will/have said I’m just a fan boy and people are entitled to their opinion But personally I don’t think it was a done purposely or knowingly by josh or jamie after seeing one of them in person sitting there telling someone after they helped them get on to gamstop and helped them away from gambling and explaining to them how they should extend their gamstop and congratulating them on how well they have done! I just can’t see that this would have been done by them purposely ?
  10. What that’s on there now?
  11. Are you still at it! Havnt you got some more fake accounts to set up somewhere
  12. Yeah that’s what it is ?? not just because I like their streams and they are actually nice lads but yeah must be Stockholm syndrome ?
  13. Let’s all be honest here doesn’t matter what fruity say or do and even if this is a complete mistake and they do reply about what’s actually happened you lot will all jump on the I hate fruity band waggon anyway because they like to be toxic!! Just looking at Rollas youtube chat the other week got so bad he was gonna turn youtube off!!! And a lot of them were regulars! I’m sure josh or jamie will come out with exactly what’s happened but you lot will still all slate them because that’s how it is these days ? If it’s not them it’s davo then it was zingo!! classy beef wanted to organise something and reached out here look at the response they got here!! People could have just ignored them if they don’t like them ? Some great people here but also some very toxic!! I’m out